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I purchased the plugin on 10th October and had certain issues that I mentioned in my email to your customer support email Adress ( But I have not yet received the answer for the same.

As our email consist our webpage link, we cannot paste it here. So could you please have a look and get back to us at your earliest. thanks Kumar


7 days no support or reply. This Is really terrible for the payed plugin.


We already replied to your email. Please check.

I am using the Lite version to test.. How do I remove the h2 centres heading “Product Description” in the accordian. SO that it only shows the descption detail. thanks


That’s a default WooCommerce thing. You can hide it using css.

Hi used to replace this piece of code with the one below it, but this is a problem when it comes to updating, so i was wondering if you could advise me on how to override it, maybe in functions?

public function add_remove_tabs(){ remove_action( ‘woocommerce_after_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_output_product_data_tabs’, 10 ); add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_single_product_summary’, array( $this, ‘wooatm_output_tabs’), 10 ); }

is changed to:

public function add_remove_tabs(){
    remove_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_output_product_data_tabs', 10 );
    add_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', array( $this, 'wooatm_output_tabs'), 60 );


Currently it’s not modifiable from functions. We are working on an update where we provide the necessary hooks to change things on plugin without modifying the plugin.

Hello, love your plugin but really need an icon to go before tab title on each tab title. Is this possible? Thank you


Currently it’s not possible with modifying the plugin. If you want we can help you with that.

Hello, I’m trying the free version of the plugin before purchasing the premium one and I found an issue that I don’t know if it’s fixed in the pro version. I’m using the accordions in the single product page and when I expand one accordion tab it collapse the one which is already expanded.

I can’t have more than one accordion tab expanded at a time and it makes the screen jump and scroll because of the automatic collapse. It’s very uncomfortable for the user.

Is it posible to not collapse any tab automatically?? If you can fix this to me I will buy the pro version of the plugin.



Yes you can make expand multiple accordions tab. You have to make just a small change in the file custom.js which is located inside assets/js path.

In that you can see the code like this

    firstChildExpand: true,
    slideSpeed: 500,

Just change it to

    firstChildExpand: true,
    slideSpeed: 500,
    multiExpand: true,

It should work for you. Let us know if you still get any issue there.

it works perfectly. Thank you for your help!!

Please leave a review so that it would keep us motivated to keep the plugin updated with time :)

PRE-SALES QUESION: Is posible show all accordion closed by default on mobile ? Thanks


Sorry but that option is currently not available with this version of plugin. We will try to implement that feature n our next release of the plugin.

Hello, I have a pre sales question.. I have not tested the free version because I’m not ready to implement.

On your demo, the Description accordion is OPEN by default (on mobile) and I would like to make all Accordions closed by default on mobile… because for me the descriptions are primarily for SEO as my products are easily understood via the product photo and Short Description..

Can you please tell me if there’s an option to force close by default, or if you can provide me the custom css or functions.php code to achieve this, once i purchase?

I really hope you maintain this plugin, i cant believe themes do not implement this function in the themes by default, its extremely user friendly..



Thanks for your interest on our plugin. Yes you can close all the accordions disable. You have to just make some normal change in the code and you are done.

If you have downloaded our free plugin then just edit these lines in js file which is located inside assets folder

$('#accordion-container').accordion({ firstChildExpand: true, slideSpeed: 500, });

Just change it to

$('#accordion-container').accordion({ firstChildExpand: false, slideSpeed: 500, });

It will make close all the accordions on page load. Hope that would help you. Let us know if you are still getting any issue.

Thank you, is there a way to customize this without editing your plugin files? I don’t want to lose changes… also, when are you going to update the plugin? It’s been over 1 year, are there really nothing to change, I got a lot of plugins from Codecanyon that dont work or are poorly written, I need this plugin but I’m concerned that you did not update it for over 1 year.

Currently it’s not possible out of the box but yes. We can add the feature to do this. Regarding the update, It is working perfectly fine with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce and we already have a list of things that we are currently working on.

This plugin doesn’t work form me. It seems conflict with others;

Unfortunately, I can’t disable other plugins, Please advise.


Sorry for the issue. But can you create a temporary login for us and send those credentials to so that we can check the issue.

PRE-SALE Question

Hi there, on your screenshots I didn’t see the option to display tabs on desktop and accordions on mobile?

Since I only want an accordion on mobile phones and keep the tabs on desktop and pads, I was wondering if I can easily adjust the switch from accordion to tabs somewhere in the settings, manually in CSS, or with the help of a piece of code you provide?

If yes and you can guarantee money back if not, I’ll purchase it asap. And multiple times for clients in the future as well.

Thank you for your time!


Okay we noted all the points. We will definitely try to add those feature in our next version of the plugin.


In the meantime, can you please tell me the code or location where I can change the breakpoint to 61.999em?


Yes you can change that from css file. Just open the file wooatm-tabs.css from the path wooatm/assets/css. Then go to the line number 136. There you can see it is written like @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) . Just change the 768px and enter the pixel what you want to use as the break point.

Let us know if that does not work for you.

Hello I’m reading the comments between you and alexpinkish about relocating the tabs/accordion and you mention you plan to update your plugin to allow this… has this been done?

I want to move the tabs/accordion under the product summary, but using your free version, once move them they turn in to tabs again.

Please let me know

Thank you


The update is almost ready and will be released in few days.


I need to default all tabs to “closed” you have left details with others on how to do this with the free version but when I check the same code isn’t in the custom.js file


Please share your site url and login details. We will add the necessary codes where it would make all the tabs to closed.

Hi, I have had to change a few css files due to an external error removing the icons, can i put the css files in my child theme? and what path do i need?


Can you share your site url on so that we can check and let you know how you can fix that.

Will this plugin work on pages that are not product pages?

No, It would only work on product pages.

Can you customize the plugin for me to work on pages?

Yes sure, please email us on and we will discuss further.

Can’t find a way to add a global tab

It should be mention on your page. For me your plugin is useless without it, How can I get a refund?

Please, update/remove your review and you can apply for a refund.

please add in your item review tab in bold letters the fact the plugin in not global, so no one will have to lose is time to look for it

I just bought this plugin. Unfortunately I get this message during installation: “No valid plugin found.” What should I do?


You need to unzip the zip file you downloaded and then use the zipp file you see inside it.

Hi there. A suggestion/question about the accordion layout:

I’m hiding 2 tabs on my site, one is the standard ‘Additional Information’ and a custom one with pop-up content.

The tabs layout easily allows to hide individual tabs thanks to the unique class of each tab.

But the accordion layout doesn’t seem to use unique classes, just item 1, 2, 3, etc… which is very inconvenient when you want to hide tabs whilst using different ones on other products. I’ll have to include each individual page in the css to hide a specific accordion tab without affecting those with the same order number on other pages.

Could you guys assign a unique class to each tab category in the future? For example all Additional Information tabs are actab_325, Description tabs are actab_326, etc… or somthing?

Hope I’m not being too vague… :)


Thanks for the great suggestion. Yes we have noted down the point and we are going to include this feature in our next update of the plugin.


I installed the update and noticed it’s not added yet. No doubt, it’s something which will be mentioned by future customers as well.

Hope it wasn’t an empty promise?


Yes definitely your suggestion will be added in the next release.

will this plugin support that the accordion is closed on mobile, but the first tab is expanded on desktop at the same time?

actually if have set: WoocCommerce Tabs Design: Horizontal Tabs Keep accordions like when page loads: Keep All Closed.

what is happening, is that in fact accordions is closed when the page loads on Mobile, but also Tabs are “closed” and the content of the first tab isn’t showing on desktop. I have to click on one of the tabs, for it to show the content. is this normal? maybe there’s an option i’m missing. thanks!


Can you send us your site url with login details at so that we can check the issue and let you know.

Hello, Great plugin ! I was wondering how to change the tab titles styles. For exemple i would like tu use style H3 of my theme. Could you please indicate how to procced ? Thank you !

I mean that i would like to change the font style of the tbs titles. (fore exemple use style H3 of my theme, or at least customize the font or remove the bold).

Okay then you have to write your own custom css for that

Okay then you have to write your own custom css for that


webs2017 Purchased

I am using this plugin together with “Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce” plugin, which adds custom tabs. Before I activated this plugin, the tabs went: Description, Additional Info, Custom tabs, Reviews. I activated this plugin, and the order changed, so that the custom tabs go first. In the settings, I set Description before the Custom tab, but there is no change in the front-end. Please advise.


Can you send us your site url with login details at so that we can check the issue and let you know.