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Hi there. Are you still fully supporting this plugin and is it WC 3.0+ compatible? Like the person who posted just above, I am also using the “Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce” plugin. Did you manage to sort their problem?

Look like a great plugin. Thanks


Please create a ticket for the issue what you have by going through this link

Hello. I sent a ticket. Can you please check you received it? There was no message which said the message had been sent to you, when I clicked send, so maybe you did not get it?


We still have not got tickets from you. Please create ticket for the issue what you have so that we can check the issue.


We are using the woo themes brands plugin. Can we set tabs that are specific fo brands?



Sorry to say but that option is not available with our plugin.

Does this plugin still work? On your demo site, all the example tabs are exactly the same and the plugin doesn’t seem to do anything!

Also, does the plugin work with WooCommerce version 3?


Can you check the site now?

Yes the plugin works on woocoommerce 3.0.

I don’t want the page to load and have all the accordions open at the same time. I want the user to be able to open them all if they want. How can I do this?


Please create a ticket for the issue what you have.

is it wpml compatible?


Yes the plugin is WPML compatible.

Just wanted to share my appreciation for your wonderful plugin.

Since you’ve added the option for a global tab, this is hands down the best Tabs plugin out there. And most importantly, unlike others, it runs light without taking much time to load. Others add way too much features or use a heavy way to accomplish.

Please keep it as wonderful and light as it is, no need for a bunch of unnecessary features. :) Great job!


Thanks for such great words. Can you please give us review for this plugin? It really keeps us motivated and helps us to introduce many more custom features in the plugin.


zzpowla Purchased

Hello, I’ve activated the plugin, but it is showing my original tabs, and your new tabs. How do i just attach the plugin functionality to the woo commerce tabs that are already on the product page styled? If I am unable to do so, how should i go about removing the original tabs.

Hello, Can you create a ticket for the issue what you have. You can create a ticket here


Yes we are working on the update of the plugin and demo for the plugin.

Hello, pre-purchase question. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have all tabs open or expanded, similar to Amazon style. Let me know or if it’s possible w/customization. Thank you!

Thank you. Is this available with out-of-the box functionality, or would I need a programmer to edit template files to all this to happen? Please expand on your comment, thank you!


Yes , we have all tabs open functionality. If you still have any issues then please reply us.

Thank you. Is there anywere I can see this? Your demo is just showing vertical alignment on all options. Do you have an admin demo? Thank you!

In your comments you mention that you are working on a new demo, I need to see how the accordions work. When will this be ready?


bisch23 Purchased

Hello magnigenie, plugin purchased and works. Thanks. I have one question: how can I display my custom accordion tabs next to the product (under short description) rather than under the product? For the regular woocommerce tabs I know how it works:

remove_action( ‘woocommerce_after_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_output_product_data_tabs’, 10 ); add_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_output_product_data_tabs’, 60 );

How would it work with your accordion tabs?


Please create a ticket for the issue what you have and we will check into it. You can create the ticket here

Hello – I have used php to get rid of the product description – how do I move the accordions to where the product description is? Thanks!

Yes – I mean I am literally just starting it but I’ve been trying to solve this problem for genuinely weeks so I’ve made no progress on the rest of the site haha:

You’ll see what I mean on that example page.

... I am trying to match my other site which another developed did:

You can see what I am trying to achieve there.

... Incidentally I asked for a refund because this is exactly what I am trying to achieve – you sent another email to me asking what I needed and this was it. I didn’t reply to that one yet as I am determined to get it working.

Hi! I’ve been reading and can’t find an answer… I’d love to have the accordions under the short description; they currently appear under the product and the “add to cart”... is there a way to do this?



Please create a support ticket for the issue what you have. You can create ticket here

Hi I have your Lite version and like it, except it seems to change some code and takes out my space between paragraphs in my tab description. Any ideas how to prevent this?


rogzim Purchased

Hello, do you have a shortcode that will allow me to call your tab inside WPBakery Page Builder ? Thanks


Currently there is no option to show accordions and tabs through shortcode. We will try to add this feature in our upcoming version. Thanks for the suggestion.