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MeRaoul Purchased

No demo? I see that is very similar to the existing aliexpress importer from here.

Hello, thanks for your comment, I want to ‘Import WooAliexpress’ is a plugin that does the full import product since aliexpress (include even variations) which not available based on what I saw in the plugin you mentioned! so I see the usefulness of your comment… for the demo will be available soon thank you.

On your demo doesn’t work varations…

Hello, I do not know how you tested but I confirm that the plugin works perfectly with variations and multilangues, here is a product import yesterday in the demo that contains the variations (Color): If you need help or to understand the operation of the plugin I would be at your disposal, please contact me by mail

Like MeRaoul mentioned there is already a really similar option like this, and they already have variations with an add-on. I would love to see how your plugin develops, one main point that would make me swith to you (I already own the other plugin) would be to purchase directly from your plugin like Oberlo does for Shopify.

Do you think this will be possible?

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales ;)

Very nice work! Congrats!

will wait for demo first to see

Hi, The demo is now available, you can see from the article detailsThe demo is now available you can see from the item details

hi demo url still dead

Sorry demo link is now working

Hi. Can I use your plugin without joining the aliexpress affiliate program? thanks

to use Wooaliexpress Importer plugin you should have an affiliate account, But i can modify it to suit your needs, for more information thank you to contact me by mail


kokotea Purchased

Great plugin. making some custom fields in each product like [product URL] , [seller URL] will ease the whole dropshipping process much more. I’m looking forward to see them in the next update.

Hello, thanks for your message, the requested fields are already taken into account and there is in the plugin, I’m going to the details in the update of the documentation. Thank you

very great job, nicely done ! i wish you big sales

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Hi, How to change the price


scapa Author

Hi, you can automatically apply a price using Price Rules and auto sync : please check documentation for more details :