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Can this be customized so i can have measurements shown in mm and inches, so customer can select the preferred measurement unit please.


Using this plugin, could multiple size rows ” Small, Medium, Large…” be setup in one product? With a selector in the first column of each row, say to select color, then show a total of the selected sizes …thank you!

does this plugin support Currency Convertion?
If I have this table, but I sell to USA, Europe and United Kingdom,
Is it possible to see the prices in usd, eur, gbp – with a click of a button so to speak?

Is there a way to make sure that the measurements which fall in between two measurements on the CSV table could the output be the lower value not the higher value?

hi! is it possible x=quantity Y= 1color print/2color print/3color print etc…?


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Where can i find the option for both, color and trim?

Cant get it to work. Sorry that I wasted my money


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This plugin works well for categories however are there any updates so I can add a table price to an individual product, otherwise I will end up having 1 category for every product on the store?

Does the plugin communicate with the plugin TM Extra Product Options? For some reasom the TM plugin only updates the original price, and not the price which is calculated with this table prices plugin. Also the bottom price (Total Price) does not seem to update the price according to the table price. Is there a way to find out?


I have the same question as Myadd

Is this plugin still supported?

This plugin appears not to work and no support ?? Cowboys ??

Seems on variable products you can click the add to cart button without selecting values in the two fields to give you a price. I know you fixed this on a simple product after reading the comments back. Can this be fixed?

Hi everyone, I bought this plugin around 3 months ago and for the life of me cannot get the csv file to assign to my attributes ONLY my categories?? Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hope someone can help, because this plugin is exactly what I need…

Thanks in advance guys!



I bought the plugin and i have a problem… After a client introduces the sizes width x length and then selects the options created with tm extra global product options the price won’t update with the option(s).

Can you help me ? Thank you.

Hello I am just about to buy this plugin but before i do does it work with: Latest Wordpress and Woocommerce.

Is it possible to have 2 categories of variations or to add product options ? If so which is the plugin compatible with woo table based pricing ?

I have exactly the same question as claudia litjens hereunder. How was this solved?? “Also the bottom price (Total Price) does not seem to update the price according to the table price. Is there a way to find out?”

Is it possible to update for WordPress and woocommerce with actual versions or to pay for it to make it Function .