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I have bought the plugin one month ago. Had two questions on some issues I had but it seems that nobody bothered to answer. Is this plugin still supported, does even work? Because for me it does not work at all when I upload a csv file to any attribute/s in my variable product/s. I always get this error, because of this my website is never finished it supposed to be finished 2 months ago. I don’t understand why sell a plugin that don’t work.

Please, abskevin ( @abskevin ) Did you find the answer with this problem?:


I’m having issues uploading a price table to a variable product. I’ve followed your instructions:

1. Create attributes. 2. Create variable product. 3. Create variations, set price to $0. 4. Upload CSV file, assign it to variation.

Here is a screenshot of the error I’m getting: http://i.imgur.com/gx45SeS.png

Any ideas as to what is going on? Thanks!”

The module does not work, please enter instructions in the screens, how to run it. or I lost money?

This plugin does not work properly. I tested it on 2 temples: flatsome and avada. Here is a list of errors: 1. after entering the dimensions of the system is crazy, the price changes every 2 seconds after 5-10 seconds shows the correct price. 2. If you enter dimensions outside the table range, the system indicates an imaginary price. it is not blocking possibility of buying. 3. If you enter a price outside of the range, the system does not show information that eg maximal height for the width x is y or maximum width is X etc.. 4. Can not turn off this stupid tooltip “mm x” 5. my range of dimensions is every 100 mm. If you enter eg 1001×1000 (1100×1000) the system gives me after 10 second bad price And if you enter 1001×1001 (1100×1100) the system gives me after 10 seconds a good price

This plugin has such potential, unfortunately it is wasted by the author. Please codecannon for removing this bad software, then there will be a chance that someone else will do it a lot better because there is a need for it. Can I get a refund or fix my plug-in?

Hi, I’m interested in buying but I would like to know if this plugin can do this thing: I have products where the price is to be calculated according to the length in cm that the customer decides. Can this table do the calculation? (Price per linear meter multiplied by the cm that decides the customer) Thanks

an example: canvas that costs 10 € per linear meter. A roll of product is 25 meters linear. The customer decides how many rolls to buy. For example, 3 rolls and then the total (10 € x 25×3 = 750 €) has to be calculated, Thanks


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IT IS HELPS YOU ALL – when you upload a CSV table, ensure you upload it against a category – not an attribute you have created. Therefore you must create a new unique category per product.

Although still add attributes to the product!

This is the only was that I managed to get this product to work and I have successfully also managed to get the version 2.0 for Woocommerce 3.0+ working like this also.

Best wishes, Craig

How will you be able to use woocommerce search filter if the product does not have a set price

does not work!!