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I have been looking for this plugin for the last few week. One improvement would be if you can add an upload option from the CSV file.



Hey Adam,

Thank for your care about my plugin. But, can you explain detail your suggestion to me via Author contact form here: and we can discuss about it.

Regards! Thememars

Hi, Thanks, that you work on this, seems to be a great plugin. But I would upgrade it big time, if you can. Could you add a great feature? so I would buy it.

It would be like a Rebuy-from-supplier button, that could be used to repurchase items from the supplier, just by a click of a button with variable templates and spintax.

Select/add the needed products to an “internal card” and have them repurchased from the supplier by a pre defined template and Amount of Products and what products.

Like: Dear Mr. Supplier, I would like to purchase the following items:

4x chair(s) 2x table(s) 1x steeltable

Looking forward for the delivery….

Thanks Best regards.. Seller

This would be amazing and bring the plugin to a much bigger level ;)

Hi _o,

Thanks for your suggestion. We can discuss about it for let me know more details via Author contact form here:

Thanks! ThemeMars

This plugin looks great, exactly what I was looking for. It is compatible with newest versions of WP and Woocommerce? Have any known problem with other plugin?

Thank you

Hi Zargabah,

I had tested this plugin in latest version of WP(4.5.3) and Woocommerce(2.6.2), it work fine, and this not have any problem with other plugin so far. So you can buy and try it :)

Thanks, ThemeMars

Hello! I need to know if I can import through csv my stock for variable products, because my erp export this data.

Hi! This plugin can help you import stock of variable via excel file. But at the moment, this plugin only support import by excel files exported by this plugin. You can see more details of this feature in the “Item details” tab at features: 5, 6 and 7. So if you need import by other way, you can suggest for me by item support here:

Thank for your interest,


Hi I would like to automate a variation stock report each day. Maybe cron creation of the csv? Do you think I could use this product to do that?


At the moment, our plugin can report stock of variation to excel file, but this must be do manual (mean do not automatic). But if you want feature support export variation automatic, you can send to me your suggestion here: Then, I’ll review your suggestion and improve our plugin.

Thank for your interest,


Hello, we are interested in purchasing the product. We need the ability to import via excel with the category option as well. We cannot see how excel import would not have options to select category. Please let us know if you can add this feature? thanks

For more clarity our process is the following: 1. we set all the product categories in woocommerce. 2. we export an excel sheet template that will have the categories listed in the dropdown. 3. we send excel sheet to person that enters the new products into the excel sheet. each product they select the category. Here we need to have the ability to select a single category and multiple categories(multi select). 4. we then import the sheet with the new products with the selected categories.

Hi, so sorry to make you waiting, but while make your suggest feature, we have make some other features. But now, as your details info for your suggest feature, we has review and so sorry, we can not add this feature to our plugin. Because, at the first time you suggest to us, you confirm to us you do not need select multiple categories in excel file. And about the feature make template to add products with categories select in excel file: our plugin help edit stock of product, and do not have add products feature and make template feature. Once again, so sorry. You can look for other plugin, hope you found it. Regards, ThemeMars.

Hi, I think you are confused. We dont need multi select categories in excel sheet. Just ability to enter products in a excel template sheet that was output by your plugin that shows the categories in a dropdown same as in this image Can you add category dropdown with the excel template in this way in image of Stock Status (instock, out of stock)?

Hello, where is the demo version page to try?

I have seen screenshots and movie.

I miss:

- column with price for changing price + export.

- sorting products by SKU or product name

- select box for detail sorting by categories (structure)

- function for expand variations forever


At the moment we do not have a demo site because some reason. About things you list: This plugin just focus to manage, edit and report stock. So we will not make edit price. Sorting by SKU and Product name is avaliable. You can see at feature 3 in “Item detail” tab. We made filter by select box of Category, and will release in next update. Expand variations forever: this feature look useful, we will add this to next update.

Regards, ThemeMars.

does the stock automatically update when a order is place? Or would you have to update that manually


The stock will update automatically when a order is place.

Thank for your interest, ThemeMars


Tamz Purchased

Hello, just bought this, can you add a feature to edit the price of the product and variant as well please?

Hi Tamz,

Thank for your purchase. We will add this feature in next update.

Regards, ThemeMars.

Hi Tamz,

Update and import price are avaliable now, you can try it.

Regards, ThemeMars

Looks interesting!

Hi st1s,

Thank for your interest :)


Hi, curious if this plugin will work with the Woothemes Product Vendor plugin? For example on the Stock page, sort by Vendor. And have the Vendor show as a column on export. Thanks, great looking plugin.

Hi designr1,

Thank for your suggestion.

We will review this suggestion, and we so happy if you buy our plugin when it worked with Woothemes Product Vendor plugin.

Regards, ThemeMars

will this work with WooCommerce Warehouses, can you do stock control for multiple warehouses like can you ad a dropdown for what stock warehouse you are adjusting?

Hi REVERY, Thank for your interest.

At the moment we do not have plugin WooCommerce Warehouses, so we can not make our plugin compatibility with this plugin.

Regards, ThemeMars

This comment is currently being reviewed.


A few pre-purchase questions….

1) Is this plugin compatible with WPML?

2) Does the import/export feature work on variations?

Many thanks.

Hi FitMedia,

Thank for your interest. Bellow is the answers for your questions:

1) At the moment our plugin is not compatible with WPML.

2) Our plugin support export/modify/import for variations product.

Regards, ThemeMars

Hello People, nice plug-in!

We try to activate te plug-in both it didn’t work:

Plugin: ThemeMars Woo Stock Manage (Edit & Report) can not active because: The Woocommerce is not active Or the version of wordpress or woocommerce are not compatible with this plugin. Wordpress version requirement: >= 4.4. Woocommerce plugin version requirement: >= 3.0.0. Please check compatibility version and reactive the ThemeMars Woo Stock Manage (Edit & Report).

We have wordpress 4.4, we have woocommerce 3.0.01

Can you help me? :-)


The cause maybe the folder you install woocommerce is not correct, ex: ‘woocommerce-3.0.1’, you must change it to ‘woocommerce’ to make our plugin can active. If you have another question or still cannot active the plugin, please contact us via the support email:

Thank for your purchared, ThemeMars

Hello Thememars,

I send you a mail! Please help me :-)