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Does this work with the newest version of wordpress and woocommerce?

Hi devineone.

Yes. if you find any issues I will fix it.


Hiya, Just purchased. When i add shortcode to page it doesnt display anything apart from title. I have tried disabled all plugins and still same.

ok i sent them over for you, you should have them by now

just tried this on a blank site with no plugins and still doesnt work I will unfortunately have to find another plugin now as cannot waiting any longer. Please can you therefore process my refund

Hi stmiscmail.

Demo works fine so I need to check if it is plugin issue or user error. I’ve answered on your mail. No need to write on multiple places regarding same topic.


need advice with the plugin, trying to create the product Source on the screen does not show me select products, they are now created with their prices and categories that may be happening.

Hi rmyantil.

Send me message using form here from the account from which the purchase was made.


Hi All… does anyone now how I can make the background of my slider on this page transparent?

Thank you,

Hi doralevich.

Send it using form here


Did you receive the information? Shouldn’t there be some CSS that will allow me to do? Thank you.

Hi doralevich.

I’ve replied to your mail.


It would be nice if it was possible to de-select (or create an entry to “None”) the last item on the drop down menus when setting up filters. Right now, the only way seem to be to start all over, or?

1) Correct. Thanks!

3) Yes, Woocommerce is 100% translated to my language, so is the theme. Something is fishy.

2) Apparently there is something fishy since this works perfectly without the plugin.

4) I will send you my findings.




Is it possible to have two rows of products in the slider?

Hi nextoronto.

No it is not possible.


Hi, what’s the CSS code to output smaller text on title and price? Also would like the code to reduce margin between product title and price. They look a little too off to me.

See –

You mentioned use the CSS box in each slider…

See –

Well to start of, my support expired without me able to ask the question before. To top it off, you don’t have a short documentation to begin with, and lastly I believe there are some of us are not even familiar with CSS too. So I believe I am entitled to an example code that you can post here in comment, at least to help other users.

Looking forward to your consideration and thank you in advance! Cheers…

Hi DiditzZz.

1. There is documentation if you download complete package and not WP installation files only.

2. For example: body .woos_layout1 .woos_title a{ font-size: 22px; }



proofnz Purchased

Hi there – little challenge – SSL and Google Fonts? It seems to be putting the http version of the fonts through the plugin?

Hi proofnz and thank you for your purchase.

Send me FTP and WP credentials.


hi! can I use these plugin for different websites with only one license ?

Hi gsuarezduek.