Discussion on Woo Quote a product

Discussion on Woo Quote a product

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hello?? can you answer my questions finally please?

hello this is the 3rd time writing..

I have a huge problem: 1. I see 2 buttons “add to cart” & “Request” /shop etc. and I need it to only show which one is selected for the product -> "request" only on request products.

2. I need the strings to translate the plugin into german.

Pls respond now Kind Regards Dave

Hi there, i need:

- to hide “add to cart” on /shop—whenever “add to quote” is on (i need this to be true everywhere)

please help.

hi there, how do I set the shortcode for the “quote cart” / what is the shortcode for it? / can I redirect the client to go towards the QUOTE Cart after adding 1 item to it?

kind regards dave

Hi does your plugin record variations into the cart as well as multiple variations (so someone might chose say a size and a colour).

Also would it work with a plugin like this one with pricing variations also

Thank you


Thank you for contacting us,

We have passed your request to our concern team, will get back to you shortly.

Thanks, websiteXpress

Hi will you release a new update


Thank you for contacting us,

We have passed your request to our concern team, will get back to you shortly.

Thanks, websiteXpress

Hi man, this plugin working into the new version WP 5.4.2 ?? Thanks

Hi somarcio

Thanks for reaching us,

We have passed your request to our concern team,

We will get back to you on this asap.

Thanks, websiteXpress

Hello, i have a pre-sale question, its possible to have option “Duplicate Quote” so all the previous items selected, will be added to the cart, then the user can modify, then submit ?


We hope you are well and safe..!

Sorry for this inconvenience, due to this Covid-19 Situation, our team was not able to provide you regular support.

But, now we are back and we have started resolving all your queries.

We have passed your query to our concern team and we will get back to you with the valuable response.

Thank you for understanding

Regards, websiteXpress

Hello tayssirch,

Thanks for your enquiry, currently we donot have such functionality to duplicate the quote or similarly update in the cart items too.


Hi, i ‘d like to know 2 things: 1. how to enable the “request a quote” to an entire category, instead of doing it one product each time, i don’t find anything neither in settings nor in categories 2. it seems it doesn’t work, go to this page: and try to add the product to the request list, when it’s done and you go to the list it says that is empty… why?

Hi cpulcinelli,

Thank you for contacting us.

We have passed your query to our concern team and they will look into your query and provide you an update on that.

Thanks, websiteXpress

Hello, cpulcinelli,

Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the late response.

We do not have such a feature to enable the “request a quote” on the entire category. We will look into this feature and think around to integrate it into our plugin feature.

Sorry, as currently while accessing the page, we didn’t find our plugin and feature active, so we could not check the functionality. Can you enable the plugin and let us know. We will surely look into it. Also if possible, can you provide us the back office details to check for the configurations set.

Kindly provide us the details on


Hello, I am using this product, but I found that there are 20 data in my quote list, I can’t see them, please tell me why?

Hi, sharongzang,

Thanks for reaching us,

We are extremely sorry that you are facing an issue.

To identify the exact issue we will need to investigate the Error log, it may be possible that some plugin may conflict with our plugin.

So, if possible can you please provide your servers Error log and also your website backend details.

Also kindly share your current system configuration like Wordpress and PHP version etc.

Please share all the details securely at “”

Regards, websoteXpress

Hello, in the form can you select Acceptance and Privacy for European obligation? . Thanks

Hello jose123456,

Thank you for contacting us. Currently in the form we do not have the provision to select Acceptance and Privacy check box. We will provide the default option in our next upcomming version of the plugin.



I have some pre-sales questions.

I’m using Flatsome theme and I need to be able to have products to sell, that clients can normally add the products to cart and make the checkout/payment.

And at the same time have products without price where clients can request a quote. Regarding this quote, I need a quote list, something similar to a cart, where clients can add severall products, edit the products quantity and options as the majority of products are variable products, and from a unique form request quote for all those products.

Also the Add to Quote option shall only be visible in the products that do not have price, it shall not appear on the products for sale.

Is this possible with your plugin?


Hello businessvip,

Thank you for contacting us. Our plugin is capable to add the products for quote, you can allow multiple products to be quoted for the users, there is no restriction to it.

But as you have mentioned, there will be some products, that will not have any price, but in this case there needs to be some of the price to be mentioned for the product, so that the user’s can know the base price and then they can mention in the message body in how much they need the product. In the back office, the admin has the provision to change the product price for the quoted product, admin can change the price as per the message received in the mail.

The quote list is similar to a cart view, where user can add multiple products. It has a different page similar to cart page with a form request. For more clarifications, you can check the screenshots attached with the item listed.

For the quote button not to be displayed for the sale product, depends upon the settings done in the ‘quote settings’ screen. For more clarification, kindly check the screenshots.

If, still you have any queries, kindly feel free to inform us, we will be there to suggest you and help you.


how we can check it in live demo ?

Hello Charbel,

Thank you for contacting us. Currently, we do not have any live demo set up for the plugin functionality to be reviewed, but you can check the screenshots attached, which can help you to identify the workflow.

If you have any concern related to the workflow, feel free to contact us back.

Regards, websiteXpress

Can I use this on a WP site without eCommerce? I don’t want to have a “Shop” as such but want to be able to have products that people can be interested in and checkbox to “add to quote” and then the checked items can be included in an enquiry email form.

Hello lewisi3grp,

Thank you for contacting us, but we are sorry to inform you that our plugin does not work with out WooCommerce. Our plugin is the ADD On functionality to Quote the products.

For your required functionality, we suggest you to hire a developer to make the functionality as per your requirement.

You can contact us if you require the functionality to be build.

You can contact us at with your full detailed requirements.

Once again, thank you for contacting us.

Regards, websiteXpress

could you send an installable wordpress file to me

Hello Quinton123,

We directly cannot provide the plugin files, you will need to look into your account and check for the downloads. You will find the purchased plugin files to download.

Below is the URL for the reference provided by the codecanyon.

If you have any query related to our product, feel free to contact us.

If you find our plugin useful, kindly rate us.

Regards, WebsiteXpress



Sorry for late reply .. We have added our comment in all your thread above .. Please let me know anything we can help ..


Thank you for your reply, it is a promising plugin !

Can you add a “thank you” message when a form is submitted ? For the moment, we don’t know is the form is succefully submitted or not !

Thank you

When the form is been submitted the message is been displayed but for a small fraction of time and again it get’s reloaded. We have given alternate solution for this, we have provided a thank-you page to be set for the requested quote from the “Quote Settings”. You can find the Quote Settings under WooCommerce settings screen. We have provided the short-code to be added to the page and accordingly the whole submitted form with details will be displayed.

If still you have any query then let us know.

I was very exited for this plugin. But once installed. Its full of errors. i have been over 5 hours modifying de plugin fixing the errors but once i fix one. Another one shows up. Please help me fix all this errors.

Sorry for the late response, we feel sorry that you been gone into such issue. Surely we will look into this. For more clarification, can you provide us the Server PHP version, WooCommerce version and wordpress version too, that you have setup your install on.

Hello In the backofiice, when I try to search a quote :

Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function get_woo_quote_total_by_status(), 0 passed in /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-content/plugins/woo_quote_a_product/admin/partials/woo-quote-list.php on line 278 and exactly 1 expected in /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-content/plugins/woo_quote_a_product/includes/woo_quote_a_product-admin-functions.php:314 Stack trace: #0 /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-content/plugins/woo_quote_a_product/admin/partials/woo-quote-list.php(278): get_woo_quote_total_by_status() #1 /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-content/plugins/woo_quote_a_product/admin/class-woo_quote_a_product-admin.php(390): include(’/home/clients/e…’) #2 /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): Woo_quote_a_product_Admin->woo_quote_order_list_callback(’’) #3 /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-includes/class-w in /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-content/plugins/woo_quote_a_product/includes/woo_quote_a_product-admin-functions.php on line 314

Thank you

Sorry for the late response. We will surely check into this. We have tested our plugin with all the previous version of Wordpress and WooCommerce, accept the latest ones. We will check for the compatibility with the PHP7 too.

For more clarification, can you provide us the Server PHP version, WooCommerce version and wordpress version too, that you have setup your install on.


Wordpress Version 4.9.8 Woocommerce Version 3.5.1

The problem occur with PHP version 7.1, but with PHP version 7.0 there is only a warning :

Warning: Missing argument 1 for get_woo_quote_total_by_status(), called in /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-content/plugins/woo_quote_a_product/admin/partials/woo-quote-list.php on line 278 and defined in /home/clients/e263e638edfc471cb1176298e71b1f70/concepteur/wp-content/plugins/woo_quote_a_product/includes/woo_quote_a_product-admin-functions.php on line 314

Thank you

Thank you for providing the details, we have taken all the relevant changes for PHP7 and PHP7.1 and WordPress version 4.9.8, we will be updating the plugin soon with-in 3-4 days and will be available to you soon.


I wan to user it with a plugin as this one :

Is there any shortcode to add “Add to quote” button to product listing ?

Thank you

Sorry, we do not have any shortcode for populating the “Add to quote” button. Our plugin handles all the default listings and detail page created by the WooCommerce.

If any help needed for the customisation, you can contact us on “”


Is possible to use another form like : formidable 7 or CF7 ... ?

Thank you

No, its not possible to use any other form plugin like formidable 7 or CF7. Our plugin is not developed in such way, we will keep your suggestion for other plugin compatibility for the front-end form.


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