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Presale: I can setup diffrent price suffix strings to each product? (product a = 1 $ “per month” , product b = 1 $ “per year”??)

Hi, yes you can set up the necessary suffix for each product in the sale price, you can see in the demo some examples. Also, there is a documentation that explain how to. We ‘ll update soon for the regular price.

We just released an update with the below changes:

1) New – Regular Price Suffix by custom fields

Now you can set up different price suffix strings to each product for the Regular Price and for the Sale Price,

Included documentation,

Regards, Stathis

We just released an update with the below changes:

1) New – Option to remove Strike Line from Regular Price

The “Remove Strike” check button used only if you don’t want to have a strike line in the Regular price when a Sale price exist.

This extra option help to display the Regular price if you are a Wholesaler, so instead of “regular price” and “sale price” being displayed, you would like it to display “unit price” and “pack price” .

Included documentation,

Thanks to Sean,

Regards, Stathis

You may display the price per user ?. It is to say … if you are wholesaler the price is $

Hi, can you please give me more details to better understanding?

do you mean to display the Currency ($,€,) per user?

Regards, Stathis


Sorry, but I think I bought the wrong plugin. I want to style the price of a Variable Woocommerce product. By using your plugin I don’t see any price at my variable product and it seems this plugin is not suited for variable products.

Can you please help out?

Best Mark

Hi, we’ll take a look if it possible to add the feature, i call you back, Regards

Updated. We have added styles to all price options.

Sorry. I was too quick in buying this plugin as things are already solved another way. Is it possible to cancel the already ordered item?

Many thanks.

Hi, you must ask Envato for refund, Regards

Hi! I’m looking for a wp plugin that could make smaller all decimals of prices, I see some price examples at your pics that have smaller decimals but as I read is all about style, is this plugin change decimals price size? And also Iwant to know if it works in Genesis wordpress framwork. If it works I’m really interested. Thanks!


all prices has small decimals, you can apply the font you like, so you can customize the style.

The plugin works as a woocommerce extension, if the woocommerce plugin works then the price styler works.

If you need customization we glad to help you,


Great job!

Thank you very much!!!

Pre Sale: Hi! I’d like to know if this plugin let me show what customer could save in $ or €, not only in %.

For example: - Regular Price: $1000 - Discount Price: $800 - You save: $200



the plugin creates a prefix and suffix to show any discount % or savings $ value manually,

in our demo, the products imported with the wpallimport plugin from a xml feed, if the feed include the tag discount you can input the value automatically, the tag may have any value ( discount % or savings $),

Name: sales_price_suffix
Value: Save 70%, or any value from the tag

if you have an affiliate site where promote products by xml feeds, all the values imported by ready made custom fields automatically,

in your example you can show:

reg price: $1000 – 20% sale price: $800 – you save $200


  1. reg price: $1000 – 20%
  2. sale price: $800 – you save $200

Hi, the demo isn’t working for me, could you check it please? Many thanks.


every custom field in wordpress appears in the drop down when it exist once,

for the first time, you must edit manually the custom fields (not from drop down), click “Add New Custom Field”, input the name and the value, click “Add Custom Field”


Got it now, it’s called “Enter new”.

Thanks again, cheers. :)

Exactly :)

hello.amazing plugin.thank you.a few pre-purchase question: 1-my price is 12750 IRR. how does it shown by this plugin? 2-is it ok with RTL wordpress and stylesheet?? 3-can i use custome font for numbers?


Thanks for your interest,

The plugin works as a WooCommerce extension, if the WooCommerce plugin works in your site, then the price styles works.

You have almost 300 Google fonts to choose.

If you need any customization, we’ll glad to help.


Hi, I recently bought your plugin and am just wondering if I’m doing something wrong here?

The variable products price display is not displaying the range of prices when i have Sale prices, just the highest price (with its Sale price).

I disabled the plugin and it worked perfectly again, enabled the plugin and it stopped working again.

So for example, instead of the prices saying £150-£100 (with a strikethrough), then £140-£90, it is actually displaying £150 (with a strikethrough) then £140. I hope that makes sense?

Any help appreciated, Thanks.


the support team make some tests and i will inform you soon,

what version of the plugin have installed?


    hello.three issues of which two are shown by following picture :grin:
  • 1-my prices are in,i need to treat with its thousand’s separator just like decimal point.(e.g when my price is 5470,its ‘5’ should be shown bigger and more stylish than ‘470’.
  • 2-the price of variable attribute in variable products are shown in home page.
  • 3-in single product page i cannot see the effects of plugin on price.
  • please have a look at this image: (the red price is variable)


    Can you please send us a private email with your website?


    i sent an email containing my website address via your profile


    i sent you a reply,