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Nice Plugin!


Thanks :)

Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Beautiful code! Good sales!

Your script, works amazing with mine.

Wp Comprehensive And Smart Image Resizer

Sorry. Wrong plugin. my comment was meant for your other product,

Hi! Is there a way for the images to fill the entire box that encases them? (looks like the Smart Image resizer above might do that?) also ..

In a multi user setting, can this be initially set up for users to then just simply upload products from woocommerce and arrange into collections to post without having to code or configure the display? Thanks!


Actually, To set the image on various browser as well as on various device according to height – width ratio is quite challenging task.

As per your requirement I can provide you the CSS code to fill the image in full box but what happens if your image is quite big then it will display only some portion of image and if your image is small then box then it will be disturbed due to fill mode.

Not sure Smart Image resizer will work for you or not because I have not used it.

For your second query multi user setting, Can you please elaborate it a little more? so I can get exact idea about that.

You can mail me on if you have any further question.

Purchased. I want to create category/sub categories collections like I am confused how to do this ?


Thanks for the link. I have checked but not exactly getting how you want from the reference site.

Can you please provide me the screenshot? so I can get better idea about that.

To display collection ‘Category Wise’, you have to pass shortcode parameter.

1) Grid – [wpcl_collection category=1,2]

2) Slider – [wpcl_collection_slider category=1,2]

You have to pass respective category id in that.

You can refer plugin documentation also for more details

If you have any query in this then you can mail me on

Great job! GLWC

Thanks :)

I bought the wpweb woocommerce collections plugin a few days ago. It has nice features – however it does not work for Variable products. And they are idiots who have no idea.

I would buy yours but unfortunately it does not seem to integrate with the products page ? Or am I wrong.

I need a collections product that allows the customers to create collections via a button on the product page. Just like wpweb has, but without their bugs.

In other words, just like eBay has.


Actually let me be more specific ….


I bought the wpweb woocommerce collections plugin a few days ago. It has nice features – however it does not work for Variable products. It has a bug where the Collection button does not show at all and only appears when the user selects the size and colour or whatever is in the lists. This is ridiculous because the consumer never even knows the option to add to collections exist if they cannot see the button. And they are idiots who have no idea how to provide support or communicate with paid users of their plugin, rude and arrogant, nor do they know what end users require, just what they as programmers want to deliver.

What I would like to know please is will your plugin work fine with variable products, in other words,

a) can I add to collections just visit a product without having to select all criteria first

b) can a logged in user have their own private collection list

c) can the site Editor view all customer collections just by selecting collections and seeing the various collection sets created by registered customers and also see who that collection belongs to.

d) can a register customer create multiple collections. Like the eBay collections process.



Thanks for reaching out to us.

Yes, I know about the wpweb woocommerce collections plugin. It has nice feature to create the collections.

Actually my plugin and it’s plugin has totally different concept. WPWeb plugin provide the feature to users to create the collections and they can add, edit and share it while my plugin is just like a group of products. Admin can create the collection from the back end and plugin will display like a collection. When user clicks on a collection, plugin will display all products from respective collection. In simple we can display all related products to gather.

If you have still any query then you can ask me without any worry.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb


Sherryz Purchased

Fantastic plugin, How do I show the collection on a product page? Also, on the individual product, I cannot associate them to Collections but I can do it from collection.


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Glad to know that you liked plugin :)

Plugin is created with shortcode so you can display them where ever you want.

Please refer plugin documentation so you will be more clear.

I think you had mail me also and I have replied your query in mail.

Please let me know if there is anything. Happy to help you :)

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Hi Infornweb – I am currently using another collections plugin which had all the features I needed however it works and looks quite poor. I am hoping your plugin works a little better.

Just a quick question, i can see a short blurb (description) for a few of the collections on your examples however that information is not displayed on the collection page itself. Am I missing something?

Hi Infornweb – currently using WPWeb WooCommerce Collections but i am having a lot of problems with it at the moment.

Are you able to respond regarding the description part of my question above? It looks like we can write a short description that is displayed on certain shortcodes but as the description available on the specific collection page itself? It would be nice to write a bit about the collection which is displayed above the products if that makes sense.


Thanks for plugin name.

Actually WPWeb WooCommerce Collections and my plugin both are very different.

In my plugin only admin can create the product collection while in WPWeb WooCommerce Collections guest also can create a collection and other functionality also.

For your query,

Ques 1) It looks like we can write a short description that is displayed on certain shortcodes but as the description available on the specific collection page itself?

Ans – Right now it does not have this functionality but I can update plugin with this feature for you.

Please let me know if you have any query in this.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Hi, great plugin.

Is this available for CPT?




Thanks for taking interest in Woo Product Collection.

Right now plugin only works with WooCommerce.

If you want I can customize the plugin for you.

Can you please tell me how exactly you want? You can mail me on also.

Thanks and Regards, InfornWeb

Ok, thanks for your quick and kind answer. I will evaluate this.