My Woo Multi Currency WordPress Plugin

My Woo Multi Currency WordPress Plugin

MyWoo Multi Currency is very flexible with many option for front-end display. You can setup and customize it in minute.


  • Pricing Regions Unlimited number of regions with the countries and currency that you need to your country-targeted pricing strategy.
  • Product PricingYou can set product prices manually or leave them be calculated automatically by the exchange rate.
  • Multiple Currencies Unlimited number of regions with the countries and currency that you need to your country-targeted pricing strategy.
  • Custom Currency Symbol You can customize price and define default how it seems on site
  • Exchange Rates You can set your own exchange rate.
  • Checkout Refresh If users change the country on checkout page the price will change automatically.
  • Payment Gateways It works with multi-currency payment gateways like, 2Checkout, PayPal Standard and PayPal Website Payments Pro.
  • Discount Plugins Support It’s natively support WooCommerce Pricing Discounts plugins.
  • Widget Switcher The widgets allows to add easily country switcher to your site.
  • Currency Bar Switcher The Currency Bar Switcher allows you to add easily to your pages. You can customize it easily.
  • Built-in Integrations It’s supports WooCommerce plugins ( Subscriptions, Product Bundles, Products Add-ons, Bookings, Composite Products and etc.).
  • Compatible with WPML The Plugin is 100% compatible with WPML Plugin. You can easily use them together.
  • Geolocation integrated MyWoo Multi Currency uses the WooCommerce Geolocation function to display price and currency based on customer country.
  • Support Shortcodes MyWoo Multi Currency is support shortcodes. [ mywoomc_country_selector other_countries_text=”My text” ]



Version: 2.1.0 (4 January 2019) Current Stable

  • Added Font-Family on General option
  • Added widget customize font-size function
  • Fixed Widget Classic Switcher
  • Fixed Modern Switcher
  • Added title color for Currency Bar
  • Added Font size for Currency Bar
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version: 2.0.0 (5 September 2018)

  • Adding Currency Bar Switcher
  • Adding widget support for modern style
  • Cache support fixing
  • Fixed and full compatible with WooCommerce 3.0+
  • Full WPML compatible
  • Optimized Add Regions options
  • Optimized Widget Classic Switcher Section
  • Adding custom flag sizes (16px, 24px, 32px, 48px)
  • Style option for Mondern Widget switcher (Style 1 – tiny size / Style 2 – medium size)
  • Currency Bar Options section and optmizing
  • CBS (Currency Bar Switcher) title customize
  • CBS background color option
  • CBS position option
  • CBS text color option
  • CBS main color option
  • CBS enable/disable on Checkout Page
  • CBS enable/disable on CART Page
  • CBS enable/disable on CART Page
  • CBS enable/disable on other page
  • Adding support WooCommerce Product Add-ons
  • Adding support Simple product
  • Adding support Grouped product
  • Adding support External/Affiliate product
  • Adding support Variable product
  • Adding support WooCommerce Product Bundles
  • Adding support WooCommerce Bookings
  • Adding support WooCommerce Composite Products
  • Adding support WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Optimized for WordPress 4.9+
  • Added Online Documentation and easy support
  • Multiple Payment Gateways Supports
  • WC Discount Plugins Support
  • WC Geolocate integration and Caching support
  • Shortcode optimizing
/*** Version: 1.0 (7 March 2016) - depreciated  ***/
-Price Based on Billing Country 
-Price Based on Shipping Country
-Multi Currency Support
-Caching support
-Enable test mode
-Custom test country
-Adding Region section
-Define Currency for regions
-Adding manual exchange rate
-Adding wiget support for classic style
-Adding widget customize CSS option
-Adding flag support
-Adding shortcodes