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This is a great plugin, good luck with sales :)

I have a question, does this support Local Pickup Plus?

Thanks Galaly, It doesn’t support Local Pickup Plus, it’s a standalone plugin… May be in a 2.0 release…

Ok thank you :)


It doesn’t show the map when local pickup is selected :(

Any idea ?

fixed, sorry!

btw you should include the plugin on thank you page, once the order is sent.

Hi Bazy thanks to be my first buyer ! I will work asap on a release including an option to insert the map on thank you page. You will be notified, cheers

Hi fliste, I have questions:

1) How many directions (or stores) can I place in the map to pick one manually, in case the client wants another direction instead of the automatically picked by the geolocalizer?

2) Can I put different shipping taxes for each direction placed on the map?

Thank you

Hi ombravo,

1/ Actually you can place just one place in the map. And the direction shown starts only from current user location. I’m going to work asap on these points.

2/ Yon can not assign shipping taxes to places, cause the shipping method used is WC native local_pickup method, so it uses taxes of the method.

You are welcome ;)

hello … I bought the plugin, I could install fine. but when I click to “Woo LocalPickup Directions must be configured on this page.” says, “You do not have any Sufficient permissions to access this page.” I have the latest update of wp. What can happen ?. Thank you.


1/ Do you have the last update of WooCommerce ? (current is 2.2.8)

2 /Are you logged as administrator ? (not shop manager or such a role ?)

3/ did you try to sign out and re-log in ?

4 / Is the “Capabilities” plugin installed on your website ? (can have usage restrictions caused by this plugin)

5/ try to disable others plugins…

Hope it helps, cheers

hi, the problem was solved. was the upgrade WooCommerce. thanks!

ok great !

Hi Fliste,

I have a quick presale quesiton. Will this plugin work on a multi vendor site? Thanks!

Hi Jindrak, Sorry to be late… I was in vacation for christmas time…

Which plugin do you use ?

My plugin was created for one pickup location.

If the vendors do have multi pickup places, the plugin won’t assume the different places.

However I was working recently on multivendors site including 5 pickup location. Customers can choose the pickup location on a custom google map + a select tag on the checkout page.

Tell me more about your project, maybe I can find a solution.

Cheers, Fliste

Can I use it for showing the direction as a gps when the client is driving to one pickup location?

Hi Pamselobubi,

I’m thinking to include this functionality in a next release. The inconvenient is that it wastes battery on mobile device.

I will keep you informed

Hi my friend,

I just bought the plugin and I didn`t see the map at any page. This is the website: http://tmt.esites.pro/

I already gonfigured everything according the instructions. The link to the map didn`t come at the email and didn`t appear anywhere else.

Thank you.

Hi Diegpl,

I just try to order an item : it seems that you have not activated the “Local pickup” shipping method (just “free shipping” is available) The map, page and additional informations in transactional emails will fire only if this shipping method is selected by user.

Furthermore, be careful to get last WordPress and last WooCommerce release (the plugin will not work with WooCommerce 2.1.x)

You can send me admin logins if you want I help you to debug,


Ok solved, actually no real problems : be careful about shipping settings ;)

Tip : Some themes or some developers add a code snippet to hide other shipping method when “free shipping” si enabled. So in this case, “free shipping” was enabled from $0, so the “local pickup” was not displayed to frontend user.


Hi Fliste We are launching a ‘delivery on demand’ service. I guess this is the opposite of ‘local pickup’. Our service uses almost 100% mobile interface. Could your plugin be configured to: 1. Autocomplete delivery address woocommerce field (using phone GPS and Google Maps API)? 2. Display deliver address on a Google Map? This should look something like the app for sprig.com

Then I want to ask if you undertake development projects. We want to build a woocommerce shipping add-in for wumdrop.com that is our delivery partner. So an order would trigger a delivery request to the wumdrop API, confirm driver on his way with details & a map of progress (something like Uber).

Hi 9needs, Thanks for your interest about this plugin.

Actually the plugin does not cover your needs.

1. As you say, it just works with the “local pickup” shipping method, so it needs to be modified to fit your project. Billing or shipping addresses do not matter in this version : the Google Map just shows you the direction from your current position to pickup store or place.

2. The Google maps actually displays the pickup place within a map marke, and address is shown in infowindow by clicking the marker.

But a custom adaptation to fit your app is possible ( it will be a kind of reverse actually).

I’m always glad to undertake development projects, so you can send me an direct email via Codecanyon if you want to explain me the project in detail, like functionalities, state of the project and all what I need to estimate the work.


Hello, before purchasing the plugin, I wonder if it is possible to add the map on single page product before the client buying it.

thank you very much

Hi Javier_Sanz,

Of course you can,

Just include the following code in you page or template:

<p><span id="status"><span class="status_before" /><span class="status_after" /></span></p><div id="wrap-map" class="wlpg-check-direction" /><div id="directions-panel" />

You can remove #directions-panel div if you don’t need to display detailed directions.


Hello, I have the plugin installed on my marketplace and its in the setting, it is asking for the gps latitude and longitude for my location but I would like it to be for my vendors shops so people can find them to buy their products if they would like to pick it up locally. What would I put in the coordinates area? I don’t want everyone to come to me.

I believe its a shop plugin. I have gotten the theme from here: http://themeforest.net/item/makery-marketplace-wordpress-theme/9609178

Hello again, being that it is not built for my theme, can I get a refund?

Hello, sorry I can not do nothing as author, ask Codecanyon staff … Cheers

Hello Fliste, does your plugin get the customers GPS-data and store them in the database? I am also working on delivering products to the customers location. Thanks in advance!

Hello dSigner,

Actually it does not store anything in database. The customer just see a (google) map showing the direction between himself and the local pick-up place. The customer position is based on html5 geolocation API, so it is an instant position, not an usual position (ie home, or office…)

This plugin can not be used (for the moment) for delivering products based on customer location, because its purpose is the opposite (customer to pickup place, not deliver to customer)

However I’m going to work on a next release which will include this feature.

Hope it helps,

Hi, will thie work in a multivendor setting? I am thinking to use this plugin so that users can find the locztion of their favorite stores. Like maybe sort stores according to area then look for the map of a particular store… thanks.

I am using the yith multivendor plugin

Hi streetlifebahrain,

Actually the plugin does not support yith multivendor plugin. It just works with WC local_pickup method.

Best regards

Please can i see a live demo??

1211d153-ce0d-4c6c-8ad0-ec7ac13d8008 hello having issues map not showing do i have to create api webhook, does this show on virtuel product

Simple and awesome