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Thank you for you last reply and letting me know that you cannot change the option to make the variations hidden globally. This unfortunately means its useless for my site as I have 100’s of variations so its not practical for us.

I therefore would respectfully request a refund please as we simply cannot use it .


Hi, very good plugin, but when i hide the main product the color filters working incorrect? can we do anything to solve this?

Hi! Is it possible to show products by o 1 atribute? What i mean, i have a clothes with color and size, i want to show product in catalog only by colors. Size shoulnd’t be shown in catalot/ shop.

Is it possible?

variation display based on your admin variation configuration. if you create variation using only size attribute then it’s display only size attribute variation. if you create using color and size than both attribute variation display on catalog pages

If i have 2 atribute variation, is it possible to block displaying by size? I want to show only multiple colors

no it is not possible

Hi! I just bought your plugin, I achieved to display only the variations I want and that’s cool. But I have a major issue: None of the products display the good links to the products, it displays that way:

That leads to my homepage since WP does not understand it. (I have reset the permalinks but no changes)

Can you help me please?

All the best, Simon

are you using any plugin for permalink?

Indeed, I use Sublanguage, a traduction plugin that change the permalinks. After tweaking it a bit, your plugin works perfectly! Thanks :)

Hi, I talked too fast..

I have several issues with your plugin, major one is its erratic behavior:

I can choose to display and hide each & other variation but if I export my products through the export woocommerce option, it makes all the products to return to hidden.. Whatever I write on the csv, during import all the visibility options will return to hidden too.

Since I can’t go that way and we can’t set globally the variations in the backend I’m in the exact same case than the user Empireart. I have to request a refund for that plugin, we can’t use the way it is

Hi. I have installed and activated the product. When I go to the product edit page I cannot see any of the options listed for this plugin anywhere? (It’s as if the plugin is not working at all?)

Note: I am running a multisite.


please send your site detail on so we can check issue and solve it