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Nice idea! Good job!

Thanks :)


Can this display the variation options instead of listing out all the products separate? Similar to this when you hover over a product you can see what sizes are available S, M, L, XL etc

no, you can’t display variation options as per your requirement using this plugin

Is this something that you would consider adding to your plugin? I have been searching for this exact feature the last 2 months and there are currently NO plugins that offers this feature. And based on my search, A LOT of people are looking for the same.

Plugin is working great for existing products and variations.

However, I can no longer save new variations for new products. It just doesn’t save the variations on the product edit page. After reopening the saved edit page all variations are lost.

Support is very welcome! Thanks in advance.

I don’t want to send my site ftp and admin detail in PM because it gives access to my entire business. URL is

okay no problem, we will check in provided woocommerce version and let you know


We have checked in 2.6.4 and plugin working fine in woocommerce 2.6.4 version.

Hello i interested in this plugin, but reading info and live review, i also can not understand how is it work. Can you explain or make live review more clear? Thanks


Using this plugin you can display variations of variable product as product on shop page,category and search page.


9a08003e-4eac-4993-b3b6-e791a37bdc44 – 9 Oct 2016

Hello. It did not work correct, i can not find anywhere for setting too. Please help.

Wrong? 1) It desplay under slider in homepage (i name put them in fashion catalog) Slider -> Best seller/On sale -> Catalog fashion—> Catalog electric…

2) Can not find them in catalog fashion even orignal one

3) When i search, i just see orignal one, don’t see any variation of variable show up

4) Name in desplay, just name, did not come with variable info like your live review.



Did you configure properly, please enable product setting properly?

Please send your site admin detail on so we can check issue

Hello. Can you help me delete my sms right now? I contact you via support, but the sms come to comment. Please delete for me, there has my purchased code.

Not sure what you want to delete? because we did not send any sms

Have you see my comment? There is my purchase code: 9a08003e-4eac-4993-b3b6-e791a37bdc44 – 9 Oct 2016

yes checked your purchase code and also solved your site issue, please checked and let us know if any issue still there