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Hi, Are the installation instructions included in the package?

Hi, documentation is included along with a visual tool as seen in the screenshots that will allow you to generate the code that you would insert into your pages.

Hope that helps.

Great work ! Very interesting !

Thanks mate :)

can you add a function to send email or save to database, if yes what cost. thanks

Hi, contact us through our items support page. It is the best way to discuss and workout a solution within your budget.

Hello, I’ve sent two item supports, and you reply none of it

Hi, replied all your emails, yet each time you respond with why is nobody replying. The issue is with your mail server sadly and not with us :(

If I’m using this on my safari browser on the iPhone is there an option to click a link and transfer directions from Safari browser to Google maps application on the iPhone? Secondly does Woald have the open to auto detect “My Location” Triangulate current location for Departure instead of manually entering it?

Hi, regarding the external link you want to open on the map, this is not possible however we do support finding the users current location. You have to click the location icon found in the far right of the departure textbox.

Hope that helps.

Hi, Just purchased this and playing around with it, before I implement to my website. However I noticed that it will not work unless I provide lat and lng coordinates. I only have addresses which changes everyday, I do not use longitude and latitude coordinates. Is there a way to turn this off so it works fine with “Address” only?

"toPlaces": [
                    "address": "51 Elms Dr, Newmarket, Ontario", (this will come from the database)
        "lat": 43.653226, (I do not have this)
        "lng": -79.38318429999998, (I do not have this)
        "name": "51 Elms Dr, Newmarket, Ontario",
        "markerIcon": "https://maps.gstatic.com/mapfiles/place_api/icons/geocode-71.png",
        "markerIconWidth": "",
        "markerIconHeight": "",
        "infoWindowTitle": "Toronto",
        "infoWindowIcon": "",
        "infoWindowDescription": "" 

Hi, you need to provide lat and lng co-ordinates as well for the lookup. This is by design. I suggest you store both these co-ordinates as well along with the address.

The alternative is to customize the script however unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide this at the moment, hence something you will need to do on your own :(

can this be paypal integration? people pay according to mile charge and admin get the detail of customer booking?

Hi, we currently do not have support for this. You will need to integrate payment operators on your own :(

Waypoint are only working if exactly on the route, I mean if I try to setup a way point 1 km away, it just doesnt work , is it normal ?

Not sure what you mean by not being able to set a way point. Let me know how I can reproduce the behavior you are seeing. It is also easier to collaborate through email so contact us through the items support page.

Thanks for reporting.

Well done! Looks awesome!