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For what announcements – https://s.mail.ru/3vGxfLvoFj31/img-2016-02-20-19-46-15.png are necessary? How to publish announcements in pages?

These announcement will be shown on dashboard for all the users.

Screenshot can show?

I didn’t get your point.

Hi, it is available in spanish?

Hello, Yes you can translate by your own to any language!!


I can’t access my profile, list users, admns staff etc. I get all types off errors like:

in 165d8e3616acb566aa2874f783828790 line 75 at CompilerEngine->handleViewException(object(ErrorException), ‘1’) in PhpEngine.php line 44

Can you please help?


hello looking for something that I can use to handle repair tickets. Inorder to accomplish this I want/need a ticketing system that allows for ticket classes. ie. I want to create ticket templates that allow for selecting a classification of ticket type and from that selection my options ticket data and operation are more customized to the situation of the ticket type…such as info/data input fields, questions 2 ask, and steps to resolution. Is this possible with your plug-in or a thought for future add-on?

after successful install on local server i get the following errors:

fatal error when attempting to go to dashboard: at FatalErrorException->__construct() in HandleExceptions.php line 133 etc…

in Grammar.php line 49

and error when attemting to register:

ErrorException in Manager.php line 77: Missing argument 1 for Illuminate\Support\Manager::createDriver(), called in C:\wamp\www\wmticket\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Support\Manager.php on line 87 and defined

also the demo is different from the purchased script..demo has facebook while purchased has github only kindly pass the demo script which looks better

Already replied you in your email. I hope you are reading your email.

Hi, im using MAMP from MAC my question is, what should i type in the URL so the application works ?

i entered “localhost:8888/ticket” but its not working

Hello, This is not the right way to access this application. You can create virtual host & then access it via <virtual_host_name>/install . If you have more doubts then you can mail me at support@wmlab.in

I have a question before purchasing. This isn’t my first time making a purchase on this site…. So, am I able to make this into a multilevel ticket system on one domain? What I am meaning is, using 1 website with about 10 sub domains and 10 databases? For example, www.1.name.com www.2.name.com www.3.name.com and so on…

You have to purchase extended license for it.

Hi! Before to buy it, i need to know some things.

1. In the ticket filter, could i customize the labels? For example, i ask at the user in the register form what “product” he bought. I create a label “Product” and add in the filter the option of filter by “Product”. Is it possible?

2. Can i give different permissions to one area to different persons of the staff? For example, i want that “Person1” from my staff can assign a ticket to different persons of my staff. But i want that “Person2” only can see the tickets that were assigned to him.

3. Can i give permission to a person at two areas? For example, i have got 3 areas: Support, Billing and Shipping, and i want that “Person1” can assign the tickets of Support area and resolve the tickets that were assigned to him in Billing area. Is it possible?

Tank you!


wpex Purchased

Hi I have a problem…for some reason a message was replied and it running in a loop. How can I stop the loop? Tried to delete the cron but without any success Please help ASAP

Hello, Can you please send me screenshot at support@wmlab.in ?

I just purchased WM Ticket SS and I can not install it locally because it requires the password required to access the database. I consider incorrect request as it is not correct to ask the ID and the purchase code. It is possible to install the application avoiding the request of password for MySQL? Thanks

Sorry we’re missing: I do not want to use a local password for the database

I added the password to my MySQL and application replies with msg “ERROR:We can’t verify you as our customer.”

Your every comment has answer of your previous question. Btw, Happy to see that you are able to install the application.

Ok, I have installed application but, if i want edit my user a receive : ErrorException in ce5bab14790b5724ad8b3a8bfcd3db31 line 75: Trying to get property of non-object (View: /volume1/web/gmem/resources/views/user/show.blade.php) If i want list my user i receive: ErrorException in UserController.php line 65: Trying to get property of non-object


I solved. The installation has not set in first user id of department. I have manually set in the db and now it works. Thanks

Now I have another problem. When User add Ticket receive : https://s31.postimg.org/ptrh754zv/error_ticket.png but the ticket has been inserted

ERROR Example: User insert ticket, Staff view ticket and update with ASSIGN to user. After update, My custom fields is ‘blank’

hello wmlabs, i try to intsall, but fail, cannot .what should i do? can you help me

Can you raise a ticket at support.wmlab.in?

Hello. Why i am not applicable to support. just brought your system. please reply me using email. khir.idris@gmail.com

We have already sent you the reply. Please check your email.

i want tu buy your script, by i need that the users can upload files in the ticket, ut is possible? thanks

Hi, I read this specification is : Software Version PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x

Just make sure, Is this support 5.4 PHP version ?

No. You need to have minimum PHP Version 5.6.4

There’s no demo url?

Can this be deployed as a free service for users to create an account and manage their support ticket and have a code to embed on their site?

No, you need to purchase extended license to do so.


munafg Purchased

FatalThrowableError in Manager.php line 77: Type error: Too few arguments to function Illuminate\Support\Manager::createDriver(), 0 passed in C:\xampp\htdocs\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Support\Manager.php on line 87 and exactly 1 expected