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Looks awesome! Do you intend to make a responsive version?

thanks for your comment..

I will try to improve based on the feedback. As of now the width can be controlled through CSS, so with a few media queries the layout can be fit to smaller screens, but I will see if a proper responsive version can be made.

this looks super usefull. bookmarked


We love Wizardify and have so many planned uses for it.

The developer, dexterous is very prompt at helping out, too :sunglasses2:!

thanks iBuno!

Works like a charm! Thank you for this great plugin!

You’re welcome. Do not forget to rate it.


Hi can i write validation to move to next tab in form wizard ( 2nd example ). Will u provide validation for that form .

Yes, you can write your own validations. See the example for ‘Form with Validation’ on this page –

As the example shows, You will have to validate using the callback functions available. See the JavaScript code in the example – using the callback function, you find which slide is changing and then using script you can find out whether the inputs are correct. Returning true will let the wizard navigate, returning false will stop the navigation

If this does not answer your question, then please elaborate it a bit of what you are looking for.


I am using the light-left-theme. When I specify the column width as 20% in the CSS stylesheet, part of the fieldset name gets cropped off when I view it using my mobile phone. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Thanks! It works very good now!

I need help writing validations. Please check your email thanks.

replied. regards.

Was using inside zozo tabs and does not style. Plain html without wizard. What was wrong?

make sure your javaScript function call is after the wizard html is loaded. Can you email me through my profile page for more details ?

Hi, I am interested in this plug-in. However i need to wizard that based on the user input, might skip some steps. can this implement it

can be implemented but will need some amount of javaScript work.

Hey, dexterous. I was wondering if you got round to making this responsive?

I have checked with others that it is kind of working if placed inside a responsive grid. I can provide a hot fix if you have any problems.

I’d prefer native responsive support, if possible.


I was wondering how to make the height auto so when there is a long text inside the step the parent div will expand horizontally. Here is a link to explain what I am trying to achieve. Click next button and you will see that main div doesn’t expand. Thanks


Looks like you added height:100% to ‘contents-pane’, please remove it and then you will have a scroll bar for the content area (as You see in the demo). Please email me through my profile and I can send you exact CSS changes required.

Can you add a captcha? Because my forms are bombarded by spam.

Or is there any way to add a captcha-like function before submitting the form. I really need help with this, please reply asap. Thanks.

Hi, you can add captcha just like in any other form, just include it as a last item. In the last slide/field set. Do you need an example?

Yes that would be great

nice script ,got a question what if i wanted to skip one of the steps and move to another step it that possible?

Yes, It is possible.. the documentation includes details about the event handlers, if you want specific help please send me an email from my author profile.


I am interested in your plugin but I’d like to know if it is possible to have a transition to “slide left” rather than “fade”?

Thank you in advance for your reply and sorry for my bad English.


Hello, Is it possible to add dropdown sub-menu ? Thank you

no, as of now it is not possible.

it will be possible?

Hello, is this compatible with woocommerce and using the slides to add options to a product?

Hi, When you scroll and when you press the buttons to view the other slides, the scroll has the same value ?? Why does not reset the container above? It remains in the same position of the previous slide … thank you

ok, it’s good…

Hi there, I really like the look of this plugin and looks to meet my needs for the most part. Before I buy it, one thing that is very important, does it record all the entries and allow for exporting the data as well?

hi, Thanks for your interest in the file. I am not completely understanding your question. This is just a jQuery Plugin to support a wizard-style navigation. You can check in the examples that the wizard can be customized in a few ways. If you question is about form submission, then yes it does support it. Note that it will be one single form spread across multiple wizard slides.

Hey, this looks perfect for a project I’m working on.

Is there an option to be able to link directly to a tab in the form? I know you can make the step links clickable but I might have a need to have a link within an article which takes you to a specific step.

Is that possible?


hi. Thanks for the purchase. Unfortunately, based on the standard jQuery plugin standards, I have encapsulated the methods within plugin so they are not available outside. If you or someone good in javaScript, you can modify it though so that you have ability to ‘jump to a particular slide’. But this is not an option supported by default.

Pre-purchase Question:

Can this plugin allows static data. I mean no data to be stored. I will using this wizardify style just to divide the fields i have since the form is a third party plugin also.