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Awesome work, good job! :)

Can I use it to PHP and HTML pages?


The page where the edited content will output (i.e. the webpage being edited) just needs to have PHP script within it run in order to work.

Normally this means you’d use a .php extension on the files (that’s just the easiest way to do it), however which file types have PHP script run within them is actually something you determine on your server.

If you use an .htaccess file to run PHP scripts within .htm / .html files then it will work there too. This page shows how you would make your site do that.

Let me know if that wasn’t what you were asking :)


I have just purchased you great plugin but have a questions for you – is there a universal way of editing all text boxes with having to insert each one?


Good idea.

I just made an update to the file that allows you to edit multiple pieces of text from 1 instance of the editor (you give it a list of files to edit and determine what one you’re editing via a URL variable). That should shave a lot of time off implementation if you’ve got a bunch of similar patches of text to edit.

It’ll take a little time for that update to get approved by envato, and I’ll use that time to make a tutorial on using the new feature and add it to the rest of the tutorials. I’ll put another reply on your comment here once the new version (v1.0.1) is available for download and a tutorial is available for the new feature.

The new version is approved and available for download, and a tutorial about the new feature can be found here. I hope that helps, and thanks for the feedback.

Hello, very good cms. A question: You can add in the rich text editor’s color selector to change the colors of text and also police?

Thank you

I’m not sure what you mean by police. You’ll have to clarify that.

As for editing text colors from the rich text editor, I’ll have to look into making a plugin for the wymeditor (it’s a 3rd party tool) to do that. It may take me a day or so to figure out if it’ll be a good feature to add code-wise, so I’ll get back to you.

After looking into it quite a bit it seems wymeditor is just not set up for making that particular type of addition work very smoothly. As much as I’d like to implement that feature, I think it’s best if I didn’t.

However, not to leave you empty handed on it there’s still a couple things you can do. One: the rich editor does have an HTML editing button where one can insert their own tags/style attributes where you could manually add color to a bit of text. Another option is to create custom classes for the rich editor that can be selected from a list. These classes could then be used to apply a set of colors.

Thank you for your answer, but I ‘m not very comfortable with the css styles. Can you give me an example of a change of color and font style to be applied to the index.php file.

Thank you

this is an easy and awesome plug in. Perfect for clients that can’t handle full CMS, but need to make minor changes. Support was FAST!

Hi again, Hey, I didn’t know when I was emailing you that my post would show up on the comment page… could you please take it down since it has the particulars of my url…? And, don’t post this one?

I did just post a general comment about the plugin. I didn’t see where to put an actual review. Love it!

I actually don’t control that (envato does). However, I flagged it for a moderator to see, letting them know you asked for it to be removed and why (it’ll be hidden while it’s waiting for review too). I can try to do the same for this comment in a while (I’ll give you time to read this reply).

Reviews are left via your “downloads” page. You give it a star rating and a popup will then appear where you can “comment” on why you left that review. Ratings and feedback are always appreciated! However, your review in the comments is a great way to do it too, lots of people read those :)

Hello, I have an error on the page of my site when I want to edit:


Login: demo pass: demo

I followed your instruction. Can you help me? Thank you

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: file_put_contents() in /home/lecoingo/www/edit/index.php on line 377

Looks like your server is running PHP 4 instead of PHP 5. Contact your host and let them know that you need them to upgrade your server to a more modern version of PHP. At this point PHP 5 is almost 12 years old…so I’m actually really surprised there still are hosts running PHP 4!

Merci cela fonctionne !

Friend, I have several static sites in responsive and accurate html5 put them images galleries, texts etc that are editable by the customer, from what I understand your script is that correct? the site would not miss the responsive role? else has the tutorial only in text? is that I am Brazilian and my English is weak, text translators can use

Yes, that is basically what this is for. It only works with the individual pieces of content, so it doesn’t affect the rest of the site functionality (like responsiveness). My suggestion to anyone looking at this is to go through the tutorials for the specific parts you are interested in using. I purposefully documented it in “tutorial” form so that you could go through those tutorials before buying to make sure it fits you. I understand that tutorials are of more limited use to you when you have weak English…but unfortunately I cannot help with that much, as the only languages I speak are English and various computer programming languages :)

Hi. I am interested in purchasing this item, but before I do, I’d like to know a few things.

1-Does it come with instructions on how to install?

2-Do I need to install in my server?

I have plans to use this so that I can provide affiliates with an editable pre-sales page with images of bonuses that I would provide them with.

Can I really make any part of an html page editable, like for example a pre-loaded image and tags, etc…? Can I add sections on a page for them to add their own html codes?

Thank you for a prompt response to all of the above questions.



“Installation” isn’t really a good term, because in most cases it’s nothing but placing a file or two on your server alongside your website files. The videos/examples you see in the tutorials ( http://mbmedia.cc/wiz/tutorials.php ) are complete, there is no installation outside of the files you see there being uploaded as you make things editable. It’s very easy.

And basically any part of a page can be made editable, yes. I mean, someone can always come up with some sort of super convoluted code that you’d have a hard time applying Wiz to, but for most typical websites just about any content on the page can be made editable with Wiz. The main thing that allows such versatility is that Wiz is something you apply to each bit of content you want edited separately. So for huge websites with hundreds of pages of completely unique content it would take a bit of time to implement. But most websites aren’t that way, and the concepts used by Wiz work extremely well for them and allow you to make almost any part of them editable very quickly and easily.

Hello, is the source encrypted? I want customize some options. Thanks

No part of the source is encrypted or obfuscated in any way. In fact it is designed for there to be simple options/variables for you to edit in the source.

Fantastic concept and about time someone thought ‘out-the-box’ for a change! Well done and you should feel pretty proud just on that bases alone. Even though I haven’t purchased yet, I give this 5 stars already! I can see you’ve put great effort into explaining logically and I will definitely keep an eye out for your other products! Keep up the excellent work!

Quick question (or maybe an idea as an update): Under your demo of “Gallery & Slider Editor” you have GALLERY ITEM with THUMB and FEATURE below it … now would it be possible to have a preview of the actual image (let’s say the thumb) next to GALLERY ITEM (just so that the person knows exactly which image they’re editing)? Take a look at my quick photoshop mockup to see what I’m talking about: http://pasteboard.co/Mz7xYkN.png

Does someone have to enter a username and password every time they want to edit something, or does authentication save in the session? It would be annoying to enter credentials for every editable region.

it’s possible embed video? ;)

Fantastic job

Hallo , I like your cms , my question is for license to use this cms in more pages… Have you something like for unlimited pages ?? Thanks Eduard

Fantastic job! This will save me a lot of time.

I have ove question, maybe it is not something with the script, rather with the server.

if you try to visit the following adress: www.manastir.se you will see the text (cyrillic) nice an clear. But if you go to the “editor” www.manastir.se/admin/ you will se a bunch of random characters…

Do you know what is wrong?

I tested it on my server www.dinkon.com/manastir/admin/ and there it works fine.

Kind regards from Sweden