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is admin panel

yes it have with admin pannel

not good if with admin

means ?

if all data in app is good like this

ok . our customer like freedom to use admin

Very cool

Is it possible Add Quran

Is there a Admin panel test link ,,,

yes you can add you must have basic knowledge. i will update in listing shortly

good Dear

i waiting Update …

Android Studio or Eclipse project?

Android Studio

admob banner and interstitial both ? eclpise or android studion project ? admin panel ?? and whats the demo link for admin panel ? can’t it be like without admin panel

android studio project with admob(banner+interstitial ) and admin URl:


Username: admin@admin.com Password: admin123!

in the demo : when i try to read or download story app crash

did you install any .pdf reader ? To read story the device must have it.

it works fine for now thanks

ok cool

Arabic support ?

i need a small customization request, for the wallpapers can you add sharing options for example share on instagram, whatsapp …

no arabic support yet


fhmdev Purchased

admin cp is not work TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 53:

we will try cant promise :)


fhmdev Purchased

I found many of the problems in the project to import android studio

can u send me email about issues i will resolve it for you. i think so it pathing etc issue

admin panel ??

I made all the settings as they appear on the photos, but I get an error that also links mentioned in my pontifical documents Change Database detail in .env File in the project root folder I do not understand what you mean. Please give some descriptive information to emergency

Error Screenshot : http://www.teamstos.com/Apps/rebow/error.png


you need to follow laravel documention to setup .env file which is as follow. https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/configuration

Also let me explain you little more.

1. create a new file with a name .env 2. add these variables DB_HOST=localhost DB_DATABASE=homestead DB_USERNAME=homestead DB_PASSWORD=secret

change according to your db name.

I hope it will work other wise in config folder you have database.php and app.php you can confirue variables there.

Also its just a note support in our forum took about 24 hours to answer a ticket. i will try to respond ASAP.

if any issue you can email me on wasiq.iws@gmail.com i will setup admin for you. you can give me ftp details

Please Answer???


thank you, very nice code, very nice support.

Always welcome :)

how to have the content completely like in your screenshot?

you need to add that content cant give that as its copyright issue with images

hey dude, appreciating your efforts to build this app, but there is some suggestion and modifications must be done before this app is purchased, as below: 1- splash screen(welcome screen). 2- main menu to pick the module 3- ringtone is some times doesn’t interact and open popup to set. 4- multi language must be enabled, and RTL, for me i prefer if i have it in arabic :) once i see next version with above point applied, i will buy it for sure.

your suggestions are noted . thanks for it :)

I am not able to set up the admin side.

give me ftp i will do it for you

i am sorry i cant give you my ftp but i can do it if you put a clear steps unless i appreciate your refund. b/c i was not expecting this

u can ask refund from themeforest. before buying this you must know how to install laravel app. its not ready made stuff. with your showing you plus to doctor he cant do any treatment

is backend using push notifications like GCM or FCM? Thanks

no its not yet


Mmgher Purchased

Hi thanks for the great job

this is very good app, i have few questions 1. this app will support RTL? 2. is there any multi lingual option? 3. if i download story where it will be save ? 4. can we have access to all download items without internet connection?

you have to make it. not yet u have to make it. it save in memory. no you must have internet connection


Mmgher Purchased

Hi sir! I have bought your app I have tried it on my device who have small screen size, and it looks misorganized I think it doesn’t support multiple screens size please fix that I sent you the screenshots by email, waiting for answer

your device is small try on standard device . we will update it for smaller device asap.


Mmgher Purchased

all right I am waiting for update thanks!

thanks for waiting

Home do i get the home screen to be display as below url


you need add content.

how can i do that. any suggestion.. sorry..

just search image from google add it through admin. as i see you didn’t purchase app. Sorry support is only for paid users

why does the apps require premission to access our contacts during installation?

Contacts permission is for getting information about call and SMS if you will not allow then app will not get these information

support one signal and fire base?

and google have new available type ads its native ads. can add this feature too?

and one question this can stories book read on apps ?

its not supported for one signal . its not supported yet. yes it can be

1. any plan future update for one signal? 2. maybe can suport native because its recomanded from admob suport 3 i try to open story but its open with another apps.

Noted.. we will try to do these. yes its pdf so it needs pdf writer