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Is it Eclipse project?, okey I read it is Android Studio, am not familiar with Android, can you help with Android Studio, I know how to set up the admin as am okey with php applications.

We can help you if any issue come. but setting up envoirment is time consuming as we are busy in one of our major so sorry cant help in that

No problem, thanks for your replies

Is the database all given mr? And is the support guided to be able to this application? And through what support you skype? And if pay how much payment to support you ?

yes database is in it. a support guide is there but you must know php. we cant give skype support only for extra payment. we normally charge 15$ per hour

I install app on android 6.01 ringtone is not working .Can you fix so I can purchase

Hi bluehorntech I have bought “Wird Laravel Wazifa Android App With admin Panel” but having trouble accessing cpanel. always get “Index Of/” where I went wrong and how the solution? ask for assistance.

YOu need to access it with admin

Sorry i mean with websiteurl.com/public/

Hi Does this include all the complete data that you mentioned ? – Data for Islamic Wallpaper ? – Data Collection of Islamic Boks, Quotes, Tones, Islamic Names ? – Is Admob native ad ? ( it means the ad shows in the contents ) https://developers.google.com/admob/android/native

Hello, id like to ask about database (.env & env.example)

im using phpMyadmin..dont have laravel..

for example if my url is : http://musicstreammp3.rf.gd/IslamicApp/public/ my database is : epiz_20566232_wirdwazifa

DB_HOST=localhost (what should i put here) DB_DATABASE=homestead (what should i put here) DB_USERNAME=homestead (what should i put here) DB_PASSWORD=secret (what should i put here)

the tutorial are quite straight forward. i dont understand on this part..

(Sorry im new to this database thing)

Purchased this script, but there not enough guideline to customize the app. Getting difficult to do Rename the project using “Refactor”. Also how do i change package ID (I have not used before Android studio). so it’ll goes same in console play store.

Also while i compile the app in android studio getting following errors “Error:(33, 5) error: style attribute ’@android:attr/windowExitAnimation’ not found.” Please do update. With Regards