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Hi, i bought the plugin, but when activating the plugin, the website is not functioning normally.

I sended you an pm.


Sorry, I’ve been away. Are you getting any sort of error?

Can i get an reply please?

no response..

Hi! I’ve been trying to find an interesting way to display some blog posts and your plugin does the trick. I’m using it on a multisite install of WordPress, but I just want it to work on one “site”. I just have 2 issues I’m wondering if you can help me with: #1 – is there a way to not display the small Comment and Like icons? Neither one is important for the way I’m using it, and I have a css (?) conflict with another plugin. They display as white icons in a white pill button on my site. #2 – I have a conflict with the Sampression Theme I have on one of my multisites. I’m not using Winterest on it, but it does Network install when activated. This theme has a sortable grid display of posts, but now I cannot click on any of the sort choices. Just wondering if you have any ideas of how I can disable your plugin on this one network site. Thanks, Byron

Sorry for the delay, I haven’t really tested it on multisite. If you msg me your site info I can take a look into the issues.

I cant get this to work, unfortunately it crashes pages. I don’t have time to waste troubleshooting.

OK, well if you want me to help you trouble shoot, msg me your site info and I will take a look

Hello camdagr8,

seems live preview is down at the moment?

Hello, please fix the demo and send me the link. I need to take a look before i purchase


guess this plugin is depreciated with no support?

Looks like this is no longer being maintained. Website demo still unavailable. Author not responding to questions for 6 months now by the looks of things above—pity.