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great look and very useful :) good job, I whish you good luck with the sales !

It looks very good, is Layered PSD files are included as well?

No,only PNG. The logo and all the texts are seperate so it’s easy to reskin.

there is admob included?

Nope. You have to add it manually.

Hello do you still support this product?

Yes,support for this item is provided.

How easy is it to add/remove new characters to pop up? How easy is it to add new characters coming in from side etc like alien? How easy is it to edit elements in the background of app?

Does this work on tablets?

It’s a moderate work to add new type of targets. It would require copying code from existing objects and editing the function that spawns random enemies.

The whole objects are in on the single background background just to save memory and for performance,but it’s easy to replace background and more background objects. Visual editing again requires Construct 2 software with Personal license. I can provide assistance for a much lower price if you are not purchased Construct 2 .

Games does works on a tablets and smartphones. It’s also available from Amazon Apps so you can test it on your Android device.

Thank you!What is the best way to contact you about that?

The best way is contact form in my profile page.