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Interested, but i have a question. 1. Can i put Ads network like Admod etc. 2. Can i use offline file (static html) not required internet connection.


Q1. Can i put Ads network like Admod etc. ?

Ans: Sir you can put any Ads network.

Q2. Can i use offline file (static html) not required internet connection.?

Ans: You can use any offline / online page, just call your target url Link.


I will help you how to use Ads network and offline file to create a customize Windows phone Apps.


5 day ago i sent you email, you got my message.


Please Check Details on your email.

I need this app with the admob integrated

Dear sir,
You can add any types of ads network like – > admob , ledbolt, adduplex etc ..
Just you have to select ads place in your code.
I can help you about any query.
Best of luck happy coding.


I need the ready integrated admob Can i get that ??

Yea you can get that please check – admob and adDuplex integrated

Am interested in this script, any windows app demo.

i want demo, not screenshot.

Still more que: 1.Can i disable ads in it? 2.Does it support splash screen?

i cant dload the app cuz i got not windows phone neither windows app emulator.

1.Can i disable ads in it?
Ans: Yes you can disable ads in this apps

2.Does it support splash screen?
Ans: Yes splash screen is included.

you can run this apps on directly windows phone or windows phone app emulator

Can you send me the documentation ?

Can you send me the documentation ?

What software do I need to edit this app ?

Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone 8
Or you can use Visual Studio 2012 with WP8 SDK
Or Visual Studio 2013

Does this include any documentation, i and many wanna buy if you can record a video showing how to set up everything… Please list the complete procedure as windows is a unique platform we have all not tried it helps us

can i have your skype id, can you show us the complete process

my Skype ID:tmdkhan
mail: citkar@live.com

Hi dynamicsoft. this app have Next/Previous Page, Home Page buttons for quick access? thanks.

Yea Home Page buttons for quick access? and also have Next/Previous Page

No admob runing my ids editing no ads showing please help me.thanks.

Please we are working.please wait …

your ad my skype:musa_Candir@hotmail.com no ads showing ?

Admob ads and adduplex ads integrated
Admob interstitial ads and banner ads integrate.

Is there any help document in your file to config the app and also upload it to windows store ?

Yea. How to use/Config Document is available with Source code. How to upload it to windows Phone store , u can find lots of resources on google.

can i have multiple tabs with different pages or websites in this app

Yea you can have put multiple websites with difference pages. Just create a new page and follow MainPage.xaml and MainPage.xaml.cs

can you send me a vedio of this app working with 5 swipable tabs each forwebsites


P.S. Turned out to be an error related to my setup the seller was very helpful and Helped me fix the error. Please ignore my comment. Thanks for the great support :)

well, here is another update: After posting this comment, i was still getting 48 errors and 1 warning. the seller stopped responding and there is no way to build the app. apparently the code is broken and its an old code from 2014.

Hello there, i bought a copy of your code yesterday. I installed Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 full version, i followed the guide, everything looks quite simple but i get 13 errors that i believe they must be easy to fix although i have no idea how to…. here you can see a screenshot of the error i get: http://i.imgur.com/bFYgmeb.png

what can i do? please i need some help :)

should we skype for better comunication?

thank you

have a great day!

Solved the problem via Team-viewer and i got 5 star Rating. Thnak u boos

i would like to buy this script, before that i want to confirm u r active pls reply to this comment

When buy this product you can download this item from download option for life time. And also you can get future updated version.

no i mean Visual studio 2012

Visual studio available for free download. please contact me at citkar@live.com.

I don’t see any push notification system in your app. How can I input one signal push notification system in it?

Source code is available so user can do anything.

Hello! I think your app is very good!

I have 2 pre-sale questions:

1) Is it possible to upload and download files in your app if my site have it? Is it work in your app? My site is http://positive (dot) team 2) Are you planed to update your app with aim to be work with Windows 10? I need Windows 10 too to work )))

Sorry for my English!

I will wait your reply as soon as possible!


Best regards, Natalia from Russia

It’s depend on your web application. If u make upload function in ur web application obviously it’s work. ,b/> Yea we have plan to be update in near future.

Thank you! I will wait update and 100% buy. When you plane date of update?

Hello! I sent to you message via profile page. Please, answer me )) Natalia

Is your app support file upload system? If i buy it then can you provide me the code and tutorial about insert onesignal.com push notification service in your app?

Your website absolutely fine for this template. U can get full source code with documentations.

It means you give me the tutorial about insert one signal push notification service in it.

Hi, Does your app supports Windows 10? When is the new update coming? Will there be a tutorial/instructions included for Push Notification? Do i need to know any windows app fundamentals to configure this app? I’m not a coder. (This is my first time)

thanks for your time and support. Good Day! :)

Yea it’s support on Windows phone 10.
tutorial/instructions included .
No push notification.
no problem.

is there away to monetiez as admob not supported on windows anymore.

Yea, It’s support admob

but admob has been stopped by google ??

I am having errors


please try to find time to help the app just stops after loading screen with logo

and it stops here in code private void Application_UnhandledException(object sender, ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs e) { if (System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached) { // An unhandled exception has occurred; break into the debugger System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break(); } }


Before asking support you give us 1 rating it’s so bad. we are always try help our customer. if you get time send your TV uid pass to our support email.

visual studio 2012 and 2013 not 2014 can not download it, can you use visualstudio 2017?