Wilylab Invoice : Recurring & Multiple Company Invoice

Wilylab Invoice : Recurring & Multiple Company Invoice

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Wilylab Invoice is a Web Application that will help you to generate invoices with some easy step. With this user-friendly invoice software, you can create sales quotation, convert quotation to sales invoice, create recurring invoices, create invoice and quotation from multiple companies, manage clients for multiple companies, list company as product-base or service-base or both type. You can export quotations and invoices as PDF and CSV and can make a bulk print. You can also send the invoice through email directly to your client with or without the signature option. It?s very easy to use and install.

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Wilylab invoice Manager Features List

  • Create and manage multiple companies
  • Create Invoice from multiple companies
  • Create Recurring Invoice template
  • Create Sales Quotation
  • Convert Sales quotation to sales invoice
  • Edit sales invoice
  • Manage customers as per companies
  • Manage customer payments and money receipt
  • Manage products and status
  • Assign product as inventory type or service type
  • Create Expense Category
  • Create and Record company expenses
  • View company expense report
  • View details activity log.
  • Automatic Money Receipt Feature
  • Money receipt on/off system for any specific payment.
  • Multiple Currency Support as per companies
  • Tax option for every product
  • Email Invoice to client directly
  • Email Money Receipt to client directly
  • PDF layout invoice
  • PDF layout Money Receipt
  • Multiple User Login System with Access Control
  • Fixed or Percentage discount option
  • Export list to PDF, CSV, Print
  • Bulk print selected invoice
  • Assign company as Product-based, Service-based or both
  • Shipping option
  • Create desired invoice reference format
  • Change date format for every invoice
  • Dashboard overview graph and chart
  • Extensive sort /filter/search option
  • With or without signature option
  • Print Invoice directly
  • Print Money Receipt directly
  • 10 beautiful color invoice layout
  • 10 beautiful admin panel color
  • View and print report for selected or all company
  • View and print report for selected or all client
  • View and print report for selected or all user
  • View and print report for selected or all product
  • Report can be filtered by date range
  • Beautiful pie chart has been added in the report section.
  • Responsive design
  • Very easy installation process
  • Details documentation included
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • CodeIgniter and Bootstrap based Invoicing system

Change Log

Version 3.1 (22.03.2016)

  • Added: Expense Module (Add expenses by category)
  • Added: Expense Report
  • Added: Log Report (All activities log report with user and action)
  • Added: Monet Receipt On/Off system.
  • Fix: Invoice History sorting bug.
  • Fix: Quotation History sorting bug.
  • Fix: Quotation to Invoice conversion company prefix bug.

Version 3.0 (11.02.2016)

  • Added: Company type (Inventory, Service, Both). An invoice will be generated accordingly.
  • Added: Company Filter in Invoice History.
  • Added: Customer Filter in Invoice History.
  • Added: Invoice Status Filter in Invoice History ( e.g. paid, partial paid, due, over due etc).
  • Added: Invoice list PDF export in Invoice History.
  • Added: Invoice List CSV export in Invoice History.
  • Added: Invoice list Print option in Invoice History.
  • Added: Selected Invoices list Print Option in Invoice History.
  • Added: Sales Quotation.
  • Added: Invoice Edit Option
  • Added: Sales Quotation History.
  • Added: Converting Sales quotation to Sales Invoice.
  • Added: Company wise client create.
  • Added: Sales Report with the chart (Overall or company wise).
  • Added: Product Report with the chart. (All currency separate report).
  • Added: Client Report with the chart.
  • Added: User Report with the chart (Overall and company wise).
  • Added: Employee name in invoice (on/off).
  • Added: System backup option (4 options as your convenience).
  • Added: User column in Invoice History.
  • Added: Invoice status in Invoice History.
  • Added: Per user owns admin color option.
  • Improved: Recurring option. Now you can select predefined days or set up manual days.
  • Improved: Dashboard overview by a specific company.
  • Improved: Company wise user access.
  • Improved: Product type option.
  • Improved: New Invoice page option as company type, product row as product type.
  • Improved: Invoice History column.
  • Improved; Client List column.
  • Improved: System Menu Option. Now this is more user-friendly.
  • Fix: Some minor bugs

Version 2.2 (07.07.2015)

  • Added : Multi User Login System with Access Control
  • Added : Own Signature Upload for Invoice and Money Receipt (Company Wise)
  • Improved : Company Settings

Version 2.1 (28.06.2015)

  • Added : Money Receipt Feature
  • Added : Money Receipt Email, PDF, Print Features
  • Improved : Company Settings
  • Fixed : Client?s Total Dues Bug in Client Table
  • Fixed : Invoice Shipping Value Bugs

Version 2.0 (15.06.2015)

  • Added : Added Recurring invoice option
  • Added : Client management option
  • Added : Individual client invoice page
  • Added : Individual invoice due payment option
  • Added : Product Management option
  • Added : Individual Company Settings Option
  • Added : Email option in invoice preview page.
  • Added : Graph, chart in Dashboard Page
  • Improved : Invoice Product Add Option
  • Improved : Multiple company management option
  • Improved : Signature option
  • Improved : Setting page
  • Improved : Software installation process
  • Fixed : History page invoice table date descending bugs
  • Fixed : Some other minor bugs

Version 1.0 (16.12.2014)

  • Initial stable version release