Discussion on Wildcard Coupons WooCommerce Plugin

Discussion on Wildcard Coupons WooCommerce Plugin

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having issues installing the plugin.. deatils here

PHP Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in F:\inetpub\wwwroot\neiltestsite\wp-content\plugins\optartprivate-woocommerce-wildcard-coupons-8802a96cdcc3\wildcard-coupons.php on line 58 PHP Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in F:\inetpub\wwwroot\neiltestsite\wp-content\plugins\optartprivate-woocommerce-wildcard-coupons-8802a96cdcc3\wildcard-coupons.php on line 64 PHP Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in F:\inetpub\wwwroot\neiltestsite\wp-content\plugins\optartprivate-woocommerce-wildcard-coupons-8802a96cdcc3\wildcard-coupons.php on line 70 PHP Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in F:\inetpub\wwwroot\neiltestsite\wp-content\plugins\optartprivate-woocommerce-wildcard-coupons-8802a96cdcc3\wildcard-coupons.php on line 76

No, Get the same error messages when I activate…

Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? & The plugin generated 1096 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “ headers already sent ” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

Ive tried it twice once via wordpress installer and even downloaded a new full version folder and ftp plugin folder directly.. Also tried on another fresh wordpress install.. get the same.

I use IIS servers.. any issues there?

we didn’t test iis – maybe thats the reason. need to consult the developer and will get back to you

No problem

Hi we would like to request for a refund since this plugin wont work for what we intended flow.

sure, simply apply through codeable and we’ll approve

Hi Please response to my concern, need to make this work asap

for custom development you can catch us via

already sent an email

Will this work on extended coupon features? what we need is to have a plugin that will accept a wildcard coupon code, and trigger the free product we setup. this is been done using the extended coupon features to have a free product for if a coupon code is enter.

Now after we enable this plugin it wont trigger the free product, but instead it display -0.00 amount as it was trigger by this plugin.

hi! they don’t work toegether out of the box. custom development would be needed. to provide estimate, we’d need site temp admin access to see the setup

Hi, Just purchase this plugin but it does not work with free product in the coupon,

How do I apply usage restrictions? My scenario is 1 wildcard coupon for multiple uses but only one use per individual code.

hi, as you can see in the comments above, we had some requests about such feature already but it was never done as it’s a very niche plugin and most users didn’t need it to work that way. I’ve added +1 to this request but I can’t promise any exact implementation date due to current workload. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, feel free to request a refund from Envato and we’ll approve immediately

Hi, plugin states WC v4.9 compatibility, we are on v6.1 (and counting) is the plugin ok with this version?

hi! yes, there was just no update needed. In case of issues in your setup – please let us know and we’ll either fix or refund.

Hi, bought the plugin with my other account, it works with your suggested regular expression: “[a-zA-Z0-9]{4}”

Only problem is that I need to add all special characters but doesn’t seem to work, something like: “[ A-Za-z0-9()[\]+*%!?@_\-\/]{4}”

Can you help me with it? I need to add also whitespace and every possible special character like {}$€£^,; plus anything else…

give a try to .{4}

=) ok that easy! thank you so much!!!

you’re welcome!

Hi, I have an urgent request, is it possible to use the regular expression in this way: Accept any code which has a minimum of 4 letters or numbers (or a mix of letters and numbers). Other question, will the plugin work with WooCommerce 5.x?

something like [a-zA-Z0-9]{4}

You’re awesome, thanks!

I’ll buy it right now with my other Envato account, thanks again!

Hello OptArt Team. Wow do I love your WooCommerce Wildcard Plugin. But, for some reason (and I think only more recently) it seems hours or a day after I create a wildcard coupon, it no longer works. Our customers are receiving an error message that says the coupon code does not exist.

In each case, I have thoroughly tested the coupon right after setting it up, and it fully works. But, then (hours or a day later) when I receive the customer complaint, I test the coupon again, and it I get the same message that they receive that the coupon doesn’t exist.

Would you be able to let me know if this is fixable?

yes please send us temp admin and we’ll try to figure it out; though it may take few days due to holidays

Thank you for this reply. I emailed you Today with the information you requested.

thanks we’ll try to check asap

Can you explain how to use the regular expression option?

hi! real live sample: to cover case with 10 numbers and 2 letters like for example 1234567890AB – you’d use following regular expression: [0-9]{10}[a-z]{2} you can get more info about them at any tutorial, there is plenty if you google for regular expression structure

this is as well one of useful sites to test regular expressions (to make sure they do what you think they do):

Hello Thank you for your plugin it helps me a lot. I just noticed the following limitation : I use it in a particular situation where I made wildcard coupons with limit of use of 1 per coupon (it’s because I need to add coupon delivered by third party website and where I only receive a beginning char and ending chars of the code). It seams that the counter of use is not incremented. Do you already know this bug ? Is there a fix ?


great plugin, easy to use!

One question: We need some coupons like this hello-1 hello-2 hello-3 hello-4

I added an wildcard rule: “Starts with” > “Value” = hello- So our users can add the specific coupon with an number at the end. This work´s so far.

>> Can we now limit each Coupon-Variation to be allowed only using once?

If person a have used the hello-1, person b should not be able to use hello-1 again.

Thank you.


I have noticed that your plugin affects the advanced custom fields pro extension. When i activate the wildcard coupons, it makes all custom fields in the backend inaccesable.

Can you help me?

hi it’s using acf to create options but there should be no issue – we use acf pro widely in our projects too. can you send us temp site admin access to check it out? if yes – please do to, thanks

hi, new version uploaded, you should get notification soon

Hi I have 2 discount codes for the same product, when I set the second code up as a separate coupon in woocommerce attached to the same product the first code then has an error message saying code didn’t exist.

ie. rule: start with 12771751-buy worked I then added 153845609-buy as a new coupon and attached the same product. added the same start with rule and the second one worked but the first one stopped working.

can I add the 2 coupon codes under 1 woocommerce coupon but with 2 start with rules

Thanks Tracey

hi! we’ll try to check out your scenario tomorrow!

hi! we have just tested exactly same scenario on our dev site with no issues. are you sure you have newest version of plugin? if yes – can you provide me access to your site to test it?

Hi there,

I have a question before I buy the plugin. Will Woocommerce register the coupons individually or as a group.

Heres an example:

Will coupon-545 & coupon-989 be shown as two different coupons in the backend when a customer has applied them.

The thing is, I need to create a coupon that gives the same dicsount, but has a unique number so I can track sales from the different coupon codes.

hi! do you mean the order view? they’re shown exactly as they were used – exactly as you need it. See sample screenshot there:

the plugin was created in reply to similar need of one of our custom development clients.

Brilliant ! – Thank you very much!

Hello and thank you for this plugin.

I want to create two coupons but when I create the second one this messages is displayed when I try to use the first created coupon code:

Coupon “coupon1” does not exist

If I use the coupon name everything works fine, the message appears only when I use the wildcard rule of the first coupon.

First Coupon settings:

Name: couponcode1

Wildcard Rule:

Starts with: hello1

Second Coupon settings:

Name: couponcode2

Wildcard Rule:

Starts with: hello2

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for purchase! Can you send us your site url to check It out? Our email address is

hi! just sent you message with fix and new version to codecanyon. please let me know when you check it.


i can’t setup any coupons, i get an error every time, that the coupon doesn’t exist.

Thanks for your help.

hi! do you mean that you get this error when setting up in admin panel? or is it when you try to use this coupon? afair there was issue with wpml accepting only lower case, not sure if that’s still the case but can you check? otherwise can you send us your temporary admin panel access and info about the coupon that causes issues to

hi! is it still the case? haven’t heard from you. anyway – you should get new plugin version notification on Codecanyon – please give it a try and let me know if you still have any issue.

Hi, I have uploaded and activated the plugin but I cannot find where I can create such a coupon? When I go to: WooCommerce > Coupon > Add new Coupon this site looks just as it always does.

Looking forward to a quick response.

Thank you

Hi! exactly there you should see new section as on the screenshots in plugin description. If you don’t – most probably there is some conflict. Can you send us temporary admin access to for further checkup?

okay, you should have received an email. Please contact me afterward via the email adress, you can find in Settings > General > Email Address. Thank you!

you’re having very old woocommerce and advanced custom fields versions. Can you update to newest? especially acf version may be the issue – we’re using pro version as way to add extra fields and we’ve tested it to work well with newest pro and standard acf versions but don’t test pre-5 versions. please let me know if it helped, if not, we’ll need ftp access to check what’s happening under the front-end in your particular case.

Hello. Does your plugin allows the following scenario. For example. Letse say the coupon code starts with ABC- and a user enters the code ABC-123 and get a discount. If on another order enters again ABC-123 will the coupon code be valid or invalid? Because we want one time coupon usage

Hi, for now coupon restrictions are bypassed but we can easily extend it to cover your scenario too. I’m adding it on our to-do list, but if you need it urgently – please contact us via to discuss custom dev.


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