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I need to build gmap with a large number of markers (100+). Is it possible to import these locations via: - csv import - json Thanks

Nice plugin, can I add picture inside info, custom icon and only one country to show? Regards, Borut

would i be able to create a radius marker with this plugin?......... I’m creating a site that does home deliveries and i need a map to highlight a specify radius area to show delivery coverage area.

Thinking about buying this plugin but from the comments it appears that this author has disappeared?? Is there support for this plugin?

Hi, also also routes with multiple points can be created and represent? If so, how does it work?

Hi: I have the plugin working fine with image and link:

My issue…I want to show a little more of the world but when I try to make adjustments to the scale, it takes major jumps and I can’t control it.


i want

heigh : 100 % wight : 100 %

if it possible ? Fast answer please :(

i need %100 x %100 google map multi markers


A pre-sale question: I am building a site for property listings, with a complex search capability using FacetWP. Listings are created on the front end, and the address is currently geo-coded into custom fields.

My need: a search-page mashup of the addresses that appear in the search results.

Don’t buy it – Plugin have no support!

Se perdio el proveedor!!!

Another dead plugin… :(

You need to build a way for people to add their Google Maps API key which is now required for new URL with Google when using Maps. I had to add the fix manually to the Google API request URL on line 42 of file wild-googlemaps.php. Please get this fixed for everyone ASAP.

Hi Nerdstuds, how did you fix it?