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nice item , good luck in sales

Live preview not working :-(

It’s working fine here now. Please check again.


Please note that comments here have nothing to see with the support. No need to post a link here.

Trying to get the demo working, all i see is an over advertised homepage, looked interesting but i do not want to search for a working demo.

Sorry, Live Demo link had to be updated. Thanks for letting us know. you can see the demo here

demo link doesn’t work and link you just posted doesn’t have working stylesheet… hard to decide if we wanna buy for a client if we can’t show them anything.

You are most likely using an AD blocker. Turn it off and everything should show fine.

Can I create more than one set of documentation? Say I sell several plugins, can I have a page like this for each plugin? http://wordpress-advertising.tunasite.com/docs/

Not on the same domain. It will work for subdomains though.

Hello. What version of wordpress does it support?

I am using 4.5.3

It supports 4.5.3

Very Nice Work


It supports RTL?