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Hi, what API use to load data? Thanks

The API used is WeatherUnderground.

Hi. Nice Item. In what language is this written?

GLWS ;-)

Thanks! Xcode / Objective C

Are there any ads within the app?

in what way would i be able to make money because thats the point of apps (Most of the time). WeatherUnderground does charge if you get a lot of users for the app. how can i cover the cost if there is no income to pay it. you get what i mean?

Trust me, even if the app is only opened for 30 seconds, some people will click on it and if you have many user downloads then that can at least cover the costs.

Two questions:

1). Would you be able to implement the alerts and update it here?

2). Are there instructions (With pictures) provided within the app on how to activate the widget? Like when the user opens it for the first time, instructions would show up and never show again after dismissing it.

Ok, No and No. Thats up to you to create. Along with putting your own touch it.

Thanks for the info, but i will not be purchasing it. Good Luck with sales! :)

I am really interested to buy this, but I need you to ask a few questions about it, is the API connected, I mean if its ready to manipulate it with data provided? and then, could you provide me the API docs links to well know what can I display using your widget app structure? Thanks, Amazing project!!!


Can you combine widget cast with weather7 for me together as a single app, i will pay for both. But i want them combined in 1 app plz

Sure contact me via my profile for a quote.

Is the app currently configured to look exactly like the screenshot on the Today widget screen? When I run the app, I don’t see the 5 day forecast. I only see the upper part with the city and temperature stuff.

Tapping on it will expand to show the 5 day.

The tap doesn’t work in my simulator (iOS 8.2). But it does work on my device. Not sure if that’s my setup or something. I’m good. Thanks for your quick reply.

I just purchased your app. I added the APIKey and it works. The problem i’m having is it goes to the search database for the cities and just stays there. the launch image does not show.

the screen stays stuck on the search screen.

what’s the issue. i’m using Xcode 6 .


can u send show or tell me how i can launch the today view?

i have purchased your weather 7 app also and it works fine..

You show the iOS Today view by simply swiping down from the very top of the screen.

Any idea when you will update the app for iOS 9 ?