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Is it supporting Arabic and RTL?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

We haven’t tested it, but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.

The ‘is_page’ tag doesn’t appear to be working (or I am not understanding something). I have selected 3 pages in the ‘is_page’ tag and I am using the OR operator. However, the widget only appears on 1 page. The only reason I bought this was to show different widgets on different pages but it doesn’t seem to do this.

HI, thank you for purchasing! Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

We don’t provide support via comments.

I’ve also sent you an email.

I can leave fixed my widget?

Or do you know something similar to Q2W3 fixed widget?

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This plugin only controls the plugin’s visibility not it’s position; that remains as setup by the theme/other plugins.

Hello, I have a question before purchase. Will this work with realia theme? I’ve tried all of the popular free conditional widgets but none has work so far. I simply need to show specific banners to specific States when searched. As filtered LOCATION AND SUBLOCATION. Also you will see that it’s not making use of default BLOG, PAGE, POST, CATEGORY…. It uses theme’s PROPERTIES. Which is where we add the profile pages.

Ex. of demo of theme:


Please let me know!

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If it doesn’t work with Conditional Widgets I doubt it’ll work with WIdget Ninja. We haven’t tested it but …

Hey guys,

Saw 2 requests for a WPML integration in these comments I would seriously like to see this feature added as well..

So 3 votes for the WPML!

Is it already on your roadmap?

Thanx for the reply! I’ll use another widget solution for now then.

How can I stay updated about the WPML feature?

Subscribe to updates on the downloads page.

Okey cheers!


Do you plan to add more conditional tags or would your plugin use also 3rd party plugins’ conditional tags?

I mean eg. I use a 3rd party membership plugin and I want to display content only for specific members.


Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We are willing to add any new tag if more customers ask for it. But unfortunately we can’t add it on a per-request basis.


Does this plugin also works with the genesis framework + child theme?

Cheers, Jim

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We don’t support the Genesis framework so unfortunately I can’t answer that. It probably works.

Am I missing something? Is there a “NOT” statement I’m trying to say is not page ”/cars-for-sale”. But will need the widget on /cars-for-sale/XXXXX Too many tax to include in an “OR” them all and they dynamically build off of a feed.

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We don’t provide any support via comments.

What outlet do I have for a simple question? Not sure I need “support”

The only way to get any support or ask questions –

I’m running the lastest WP and Widget Ninja is giving me a strict standards warning..

Strict Standards: {Removed]

user thorstone137 reported this 9 months ago but it still hasn’t been fixed, I remember that I also email you about this, this is an annoying bug during development, where you need wp debugging to be turned on, please fix this

thank you

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We don’t provide any support via comments.

Hi, my question is in two parts 1- is there any woocommerce functions already implemented? 2- is it possible to add my own function, something like a function I write in fuctions.php that returns a boolean value (I would need a couple of them for sure).

I need to know this to decide if I should purchase or not.

Hi, Thanks for taking an interest in our items! :)

1. Unfortunately, no, there are no WooCommerce functions already implemented in the plugin. But the plugin will work with any WooCommerce widget you’re using.

2. It is possible to add any custom functions, but that would require some custom coding and modifying the plugin which we can’t help you with at the moment. But if you know how to, you are free to add the functions yourself.

Hi – looks like great plugin -but-cant find any woocommerce product category like I have ‘regular’ ones on the popup under options… any Idea? that was the primary reason for buying this plugin since all other didnt deliver the solution I needed…

thanks pikaya

Hi, Thanks for purchasing :)

We don’t provide any support via comments so please contact our support team:

Hi, is there a way i can read a cookie and only display if user is first time visitor, thanks, mark

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Sorry, that’s not possible.

Hi, is it planned to add date ( “from” and “to” ) related conditional tags into plugin? Thanks

Hi, Thanks for purchasing!

Not at the moment, but we will definitely take that into consideration for the next update :)


I need a dropdown selector to be able to display the option selected only, Im using visual composer, can this plugin do that?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our item.

No, unfortunately it can’t.

Hello, Great Job. Is it Elementor Widget compatible ? Is it in the Roadmap ? Thx.

Hi, Thank you for taking an interest in our items and the kind words!

Unfortunately, we haven’t tested it with Elementor yet, but there shouldn’t be any problems. We enourage you to try it out, and in case it doesn’t work out for you, we’ll issue a full refund immediately.


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