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I really like your plugin. Could you make it possible to disable it on mobile devices? mobilephones, Ipad, tablets etc.

Thanks for idea.

Questions: I’d like to get some answers regarding this plugin:
  1. Hyperlinks: In the message bar, am I amble to hyperlink text? As if in to create a menu with Text?
  2. Responsiveness: Is this plugin responsive & mobile friendly?
  3. Menu: Am I able to add or embed the WordPress custom menus in the notification bar?
  4. Images: Am I able to add an image into the notification bar area ? (For example a logo?)
  5. Text: Is there a way to have spacing between text items (For example, if I’m create 4 words evenly spaced) ?

Also, can the notification bar be full width ? My goal is to get a notification bar similar to this site, where the text has even spacing, functionality & layout as shown here: (Logo | Links | Button)

If you can get back to me as soon as possible on this. I’d like to use a plugin that has all the features I need. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi. I don’t think the plugin fits your requirements.

Looks really good. Can be seen in any cell phone? even expanded? Thanks!

Unfortunately, it’s not responsive yet.

ok, thanks.

does it refresh when i change page? i want to put a player there and continue to play on all pages

It doesn’t match your requirements.