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Thank you!

video in the background possible?

super cool!

Hello, nope, actually I made this for the purpose of using it within my future themes, video would seriously affect the performance . Cheers!

Hi! Does the slider use the images of the wordpress media library? Does the slider alter the images in the wordpress media library or does it alter titles or descriptions within the library? Is it possible to combine the media library images with different texts and be used in different slides? Are texts that are placed within the slider readible by google or is this just the case for images?

Thank you for your help and prompt reply.

Hello kaMai,

Yes it uses the images from the media library, it doesn’t alter the images, titles or description within the library, you can add your own texts for each slide, I believe it’s readable by google and other search engines. Regards

Is possible to launch an event when the last photo appears like load another page?


Hi , sorry it doesn’t support that, needs custom coding .


Hello, Great looking plugin. Would it be possible to set the height to 300px and full 100% width? Thanks, Mitchell


Well, if you have a 100% width page template you can build a slider and add images with 300px height, that will do it. Cheers!


first of all: great job! ;)

I noticed that animations on mobile devices, especially the first time slides are loaded, are not that fluid: then, from the second time onwards, everything works like a charm. Is it possible to avoid this by preloading all images together?


Hi, I kinda test this one pretty well (on iOS), I’m getting an android phone this week, that I’ll test it further on Android also. Cheers!

Ok, thanks for your quick reply, let me know how your tests go! Gonna buy it in the meantime ;)

hey, please wait, if you want send me an email, I’ll send a a demo version so you can test how that works out for you, cheers!

Great looking plugin! I’m wondering if its possible to add this full screen slider in the header.php of a theme and be able to scroll down and show the other contents of a theme. An example of this is jaycriss.com.

Hi, I’m sorry you can do this if your theme would support section’s like that, however you could not include something like that within header.php . Regards

what about menus? I’m designing a site (full page – no scrolls) and this plugin seems perfect.. but I cannot see menus and logo on the demo of this plugin. please reply

Hello, I have answered you question on the second comment. Regards

what about menus? I’m designing a site (full page – no scrolls) and this plugin seems perfect.. but I cannot see menus and logo on the demo of this plugin. please reply

installed, added slides, did the settings but now my site shows a blank page.. i tried changing the theme but no use.. please help


Hello, sorry for the delay, can you please send me an email with the link to that page, you can send me an email through the contact form from my profile page. Cheers!

Hi author, 20 hours and still no reply.. I installed, added slides, did the settings but now my site shows a blank page.. i tried changing the theme but no use.. also tried it on a fresh install but doesnt work.. please help

please reply, i have to finish this by tomorrow

Hello thai916,

Sorry for the delay, I went on a small vacation over the weekend (please note that I do offer support but I did not check the support service on the item support tab and if you look at past comments for my items you will see that in 99.9 cases my plugins might encounter problems because of other plugins who don’t have updated libraries).

OK, if you did not, you can send me an email through the form my profile page (please include the link to the page). If you’re deadline passed you can also ask Envato support for a refund, alternatively you could just send me your PayPal email and I will personally refund you.


Hi Jayc, thank you for your reply. please check your email.

Good day mate, i purchased your theme recently and i copied the images you have on your demo.. The problem is my slider shows compressed and skinny and yours show perfectly width.. any recommendations? thanks..

Hi, are you talking about Landx? please send me an email with the link to the page. You can send me an email from here: http://www.sakuraplugins.com/contact/


Sorry i did say theme.. Silly me i ment Plugin. WIDE.. i have taken the directory off for now im planning on putting it back up, ill keep you posted. :) cheers.

OK, cheers!

This plugin looks and works great. Is there any way to change the transition type of the slider to crossfade? other options? thanks in advance. c

Hello, it only has this transition type, actually I saw somewhere this transition and I built it for this transition. Regards


Wondering if this plugin will solve my problem, here are my requirements;

a) I need the slider to be full width (not full page)

b) I need the slider to appear below the main navigation, but above the page content

c) I need to have a different slider appear on every different page (except the home page)

Looking forward to your answer…

Hello, send me an email, I will send you a demo installer so you can try it yourself. You can send me an email from my profile page – bottom right contact form. Cheers!

Hey guys,

I’ll be away from the office from 2th to Sep 7th. I’m taking this vacation to re-energize and enjoy the world :). I will answer your questions starting 8th of Sep 2014.

Thank you for your patience!

Hi guys. Sent email to multiple addresses looking for help with the plugin. Can someone please respond to me?



Thanks jayc. Yep, that dev site was just created and is running WP 4.0 .

And thanks for the earlier reply.

OK, got you’re email

Hey guys, I’m on vacation until January 10, I won’t be able to answer your questions, if you do experience problems with my products please refer to the FAQs on my website http://www.sakuraplugins.com/faq-support/


can you anwer for LUNAR? Asked 9 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, please open/edit com/sakuraplugins/php/post-options.php, go around line 44 and edit those values as seen in this screenshot – http://share.pho.to/8MYhy . Regards,

Hi – Will this plugin allow my to embed a slideshow full screen but also have content below – see http://shop.animal.co.uk which is the look I am aiming for.

Many thanks Jen

Hello I received your email & sent you a reply. Regards,

Hello, great looking plugin. Does this plugin provides thumbnail options? Basically thumbnails will be display either on the left, right, top OR bottom. Also does this plugin support videos? I imagine there is a setting to AUTO play as well?