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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

How do you set a specific width and height? Thanks!

Hello ziosk, I’m sorry you can not, it’s based on the first image width/height (proportionally ), the full height option will keep the height equal with the window’s height. Regards,

Excellent slider. Love it. It would be good if you add backgrounds to the text titles.

also.. how to use it second instance on same page?

Hello, sorry for the delay, multiple instances should work just fine, except if you have the slider full height. Regards,

Can you use different transitions? I looked at your docs first but there was no mention of different transition options

Thanks for the info

Hello, sorry I do not have different transitions, the current transition is kinda built in, I built this slider around this effect. Regards,

Do u have option of autoplay when the slider first start? Or u need to press play for autoplay?

Thanks, RS

Hello, yes it has, Regards,

hi, you could choose the size , move the written down and remove the red square and the pellet loading ? :)

Hello daniladesantis, there are no options for that. The size stretches to the parent container. Regards,

Your slider looks great. Two questions: (1) If I want to add the same centered HTML contents on all of sliders instead of adding different contents one-by-one, is there any way to do that? (2) can this sliders integrate with Bootstrap for mobile devices? Thanks.

Hello piedmontlong09, sorry for the delay, I was on vacation for a week, I can send you a demo installer so you can test it out for yourself, just send me an email using the contact form from my profile page. Regards,

Is it possible to have the transition effect slide from one side instead of opening in the middle? Could you edit this for me if it is not possible in the file as it is?

Hello quimeradiseno, sorry this is a more special transition and oly this one is available. Regards,

Can you support video slide?

hello ives9999, this is a special effect that could not be mapped on video, I’m sorry, the answer is no. Cheers!