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Truly need the table attributes to NOT be forced Alphabetical order

ola, como posso esconder as variações pode defeito do woocommerce, para ficar só a tabela do wholesale

hi! unfortunately we can’t provide support in Spanish

Hi! With you plugin, is it possible to make a pricelist like http://www.hetapeldoornsbeleg.nl/belegdebroodjes.htm so people can order different quantities of every variation (different price per variation) of a product quickly?

Hi! Yes, this is precisely what this plugin is for :)

Great! Could you create a quick demo of 1 or 2 products like the example I mentioned so I can convince my client? Or can I easily create a demo myself somewhere?

Hi, sorry for a late response.
Requested example: http://wholesale-demo.optart.biz/test-5/ Shortcode:

[wholesale columns="title/Product,sale-price/Price,buy" products="893,897" buy="horizontal-attribute/Color"]
Products: http://wholesale-demo.optart.biz/product/test-variable-1/, http://wholesale-demo.optart.biz/product/test-variable-2/.
This CSS was added to make it more like your example:
.wholesale .product-title {
    display: none;
.wholesale tbody:nth-child(10n+1) .headings {
    display: table-row;
.wholesale .headings {
    display: none;

hi, can’t use it with woocommerce hook , shop page, adding category and attribut for display ??? I only want a way to add quantity to many product in one click, oki this work well thanks ^^ but now i dont know how work with woocommerce ability ( categorie, attribut, link, sort … )

if a create page with shortcode, it works ( minimalistic way ), but the woocommerce shop page not

I really confuse about what way to use your plugins … For me, its like a lose all the power of woocommerce sort and display—

And if i wanna add a custom colonne ( for category, and product attribut ) ... easy on woocommerce shop page but how can i do with your plugins ?

please help i can give you acces

Oki well It work fine ! thank you very much :)

An other problem is : I display using categories like this [wholesale columns=”sale-price/,pa_peremption/,stock/,buy/,total/” categories=”Ajanta Pharma”] you see pa_peremption is my new columns ;)

If i add title for columns, The display repeat it each row …

I see that the structure of your table is different for category than for products=”1|2|...”

how can i change that ? I don’t see the porpuse to repeat header ?

Thanks again ;)

ok i modify the code in products-table.php for header, in products-table.class.php for style … and use your hook for adding colomns … and it’s good :) Great plug for the one buton add but it will be awsome to put it more dynamic ;)

thanks !

Hi there I am the owner of the site and plugin reference by rdueck i love the plugin i just have one tiny issue which is that when add to cart is click there is no response which causes people to re click how ever many times til the page loads. do you have a way for me to add a scroll to top or a spinner of soime kind ?> thank you

Much appreciated I’m googling like a wild man and coming up empty

i think best wuld be kind of extra option within plugin but we’ll let you know as soon as we know something.

Hi, there is a “loading” class added to button, you can use the following CSS to show loading:
#add_to_cart.loading {
    cursor: not-allowed;
    opacity: 0.5;
    pointer-events: none;

Hi, Now, i see better how to personalise your shortcode , but i have other prob : the “regular-price/” attribut inside shortcode seems to be empty _ but the sale-price work well ?? What can i do ? ( in the products, the normal price and the sale-price if sale are correctly imput )


Hi, is the problem that a column label is empty, or that the cell from this column is empty?

hi, the cells … but i add a custom column, solve now thanks

Nothing happens…

I put one of the short codes on this page and it kills the page: https://kathmanduyogi.com/line-sheet/

Theme: Flatsome

Also, do you have shortcode recipes with images of what it would look like? The myriad of options and now visual design option make this terrible to work with. If there was something like image plus short code that I could just paste in that would save so much time. As it is I’m really disappointed in this plugin.

Thank you for the help.

Was able to get something with category shortcodes, like [wholesale categories=”meditation-cushions”]

For some reason the styling isn’t consistent.

Also, is there a way to not display items that aren’t in stock or available?

Hi, you can see examples of shortcodes here: http://wholesale-demo.optart.biz/.
As I understand by styling you mean table’s width? You can add this CSS to fix it:
table.wholesale {
    width: 100%;
There is no option to remove items that aren’t in stock, we may add it in the future.

AgenceKN Purchased

Hi! Is it possible to have the same table in the cart / checkout page ?

Hi, if you simply mean that you want to show the cart/checkout on the same page as the table so that user could buy more then yes. Just add wholesale shortcode above standard [woocommerce_cart] / [woocommerce_checkout] :)


AgenceKN Purchased

No, I want to have the wholesale table in the product single + in cart.php so that client can update the cart fast.

Well, you can add it both to a single product and to cart.php. Just copy the proper woocommerce template files to your child theme directory and add do_shortcode(YOUR_WHOLESALE_SHORTCODE).