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Sorry i dont know how to use it. I want like this

You can see the demo of our plugin here: More information on how to create table shortcodes is in the description of our plugin. In case of any further questions feel free to ask!

can u show me the short code? coz i created one and nothing appeared

Good afternoon! Is it possible to add different options for wholesale prices? For example: an amount from 100 to 500; from 500 to 1000; more than 1000.

Good evening! If we understand well, what you need is to have possibility of creating wholesale table with restriction on price. e.g. adding min price and max price attributes to shortcode, is that right? Unfortunately it is not covered by latest version of our plugin. We can offer custom development to make it work precisely how you want it to. For more information visit our website: or contact us at

Hi I have just purchased this but I cannot make it do what I want.

It either breaks the product or just outputs gibberish. I am certain I am doing something wrong but this will not be suitable as it looks like i will have to read pages of documentation and hours of trial and error to make it do what I need.

I would like to speak about a refund.

hi, if you’d like us to check your setup, please send us site url and shortcode you’ve used to regarding refund, please proceed from your envato account


I am enquiring if you can carry out some paid custom work on you plugin. I sell metal by the metre. I would like the feature of an added column where the customer can enter the length required. This is then calculate to give a price, so Ajax, the length entered is mm. the price is in metre, so it will need /1000.

I still want to keep the benefits of your plugin.



yes we do, we’ll contact you by mail.

Dear Support, Before I purchase, may I know it is compatible with any theme? also WooCommerce Custom Product Designer plugin?

Thank for your fast response. Noted.

Hi Support, as we tried – it will hv conflict to our theme. Any direct support email can email to you all with my screenshot?


You know if is compatible with this or another similar plugin?, for user prices by user role.

Prices By User Role for WooCommerce (


hi, the one that we’ve tested was but we didn’t have to make any hacks for it to work – any other using standard WooCommerce hooks should work fine too. In case you’d have any issues – please let us know and we’ll check it out for you.

Hi, before i buy, need to know.

Can I make a table exactly like this example:

It shows the colors/stamps and the left colum, the sizes (its a clothes store) on the top line? Just like the example?

And is possible to show a zoom on stamp/color hover? Thanks!

hi, you’d need some extra custom development to reach that goal. if you’d like us to do it – please contact us via or envato studio account to discuss details.

We have this product running on our site with two issues. 1. Is there a way to use the Attribute’s custom ordering instead of alphabetically? (That is so it lists as S M L etc). 2. Our prices are showing only part of the price (ie for a price of $41.00, it only shows $41) We need it to be consistent. Can you please advise? Thanks.

In order to get support for this product, please contact us from the account which purchased it or buy it using this one.

I am happy to purchase a new license for this product (it was purchased by the previous webmaster) but can you just let me know if this is doable with your product before we purchase? Thanks.

Hi, I would like to get a refund for this product. Please tell me how to go about it.

Hi doypu have any issues? Please let us know and we’ll try to help. Regarding refund,please proceed from your wnvato account.