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hello seller where are you your software is not working and u r not responding my email either?

Admin must select category Top for the categories in the admin panel.

Did u support installation this extension for me?

I bought this extension..May I how to show the Quick Order icon on homepage?

Our team has already installed it for your site and working great :)

Hi! I bought this extension. This extension already installed..but not work. effect error..can u help me to fix it?

Our team has already installed it for your site and working great :)

Hi Please reply

lol, there is not relation with our module with the under maintenance. Please check your settings.

Hi Your software is not working and you are not responding my email? How can I find the installation place in admin panel? I bought this plugin almost 1 month ago..until now I do not know how to work with this..Please Help & solve the problem for me ..Thanks

can you please email us at expertonweb@gmail.com with your site FTP and Admin access information.

why don;t update this software? i don’t want installed this with you help every times.

lol, no worries, we are here to help you for each sale. You can email us to discuss your needs please.

does this extension work with a theme??

hi expertpro i want to buy quick order for our website? can i integrate my website this software? it is vegetables website. development.abuwebsolutions.com/grocerydemo suggest me thanks

Yes, you should be able to use it with any OpenCart site :)

I bought this product a few weeks ago and it has never produced anything other than error messages. It looks like exactly what I need but the support has been non-existent and the product is buggy as heck.

Can you please contact with our Support team, along with your site FTP and Admin access information ? Our support team will check it out for you.

Please make sure to select the correct extension and opencart department while submitting your ticket at support.solvercircle.com

Hello we checked your one page shop.

We have some questions.

1. Will you give some extra update and features with the Latest updates of Opencart? And is there any extra charges for the Updates??

2. Will you support the Journal 2 and and Multimerch with this Module? or Page.

Mean I wish to integrate the One page Shop Module in Journal 2 structure. As well I wish to use the same for Wholesale options for the Customers and Sellers.

Means Seller can use Various option to place the Wholesale product. Only Wholesale customers can see the products for wholesale.

It will require custom development to implement your need. Please email us to discuss the quote.

Please send your email, so that we can discuss in details.

hello I like your script, I have one question, Can we add more filter except categories? subcategories etc. and can we add and second price, 1.item price and 2.package price

Will require custom development at additional cost. You can email us for a quote.

I am a bit appalled to find my last comments from when I purchased this module and you failed to provide a working code not here. Why would you delete valid history, yes I was complaining but it was valid about issues with your code and gave you code snippets of where issues occurred. Simply this module did not work as advertised and took days for your team to even produce the 2.x.x version of the code that was supposedly for sale at that time.

That all said I am reluctantly considering this module again although based on the missing comments and the pattern of the current comments I am EXTREMELY HESITANT. As before I WILL NOT give you access to my assets; test or production. I expect to purchase a module that can be installed and configured as per direction and it work as per advertised. Is that possible with this module?

Sorry, without the Site Access information, we shall Not be able to help you. Thank you.

hi, I´ve installed the module, but noticed up to now 2 things, product names are not displayed in the selected prestashop language, 2- if an item out of stock is selected to add to the cart an infinite loading loop appears, how can I modify this ? thank you

Sorry, also how can I limit Categories/subcategories on the list ? it displays all of them and gets impractical, too large… thanks !!

Will require custom development at additional cost , so please email us to discuss a Quote.

how can adjust the table appearance same as your demo

As you are using a custom theme, thats why the appearance is similar to your theme. It will require custom development at your site to modify the look for this specific page at your site. Our Demo uses the default OpenCart theme, therefore it uses the default theme CSS for its look. I hope now its clear to you.

Where is css root file

Please submit your issue details and site FTP and Admin access information in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com

Dear support, i have sent you an email. Please help us as soon as possible. We need this up very soon. THanks. We tried to install and showing error…..


We are using Version

Please submit your issue details and site FTP and Admin access information in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com

1. Does this extension support custom theme(Fastor) and one page quickout checkout? 2. Does it allow selection of product options?

I found 2 is yes! Another question: does it support multi-store?

it will require custom development to support multi-store

just looking for advice I have installed this extension on one of my websites OC works perfect, i have done another website, exactly the same, but different products, FRESH installation of oc upload the extension, but when i go to modules to install extensions it shows me “Page not found ! The page you are looking for could not be found! Please contact your administrator if the problem persists.”

i am Top admin, no modifications in SQL, any ideas ?

please submit a Ticket with your site FTP and Admin access information along with the issue details at support.solvercircle.com

thats been done, awaiting quick response, :)

All complete !

hello, pre-sale question. is there a provision that i include only product name, product price and qty and add to cart button only. I do not need images of the product in the shop page? Typically for restaurant type order online feature. is it possible.? Also is it mobile responsive? When i tried to make smaller window on your demo page, the page was not completely responsive for mobile size screen. Add to cart button got hidden.

Please confirm that it equally looks good in mobile. how does all those four component get seen in mobile screen ( product name, product price, qty and add to cart). do you have screen shot to show? Thanks

It will require custom development to implement your needs. Please email us to discuss more. Thanks

Is this extension up to date for OC ?

Will a OC v3 version be available?