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Is this being further developed to stay alive? I’d LOVE to buy the script!

Hi Filoc,

Yup we are searching new features and implement them.


Team Nexthon


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This script is dead as a doornail.

hi 312. We are here to help you about any issue in script.

please send us ticket on


Team Nexthon


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Is sending you a ticket going to result in the update you’ve been talking about for a year being released?

whois of IP not work

your script is out of day some whois dont work


i would like to find out why the purchased program is different to the one you have as a demo?

On the demo, you have the options to add domains/whois services etc.

This is not acceptable and I would like an update on this please?

HI there, Im interested in buying, Can i pay u guys abit to change the recent added URL to the latest page instead of page 1 ? Becoz all newly added URL are writting to recent/1 instead of incrementing recent/1xx.

If you could merge this with domain checker, it would be dope. When you type a domain that doesn’t exists it says its invalid. If it could say its available and show registration options, it would be fantastic.

Are you providing support for this product at all? Seems like you aren’t active at all. Your domains are expired, you don’t reply and password for demos are also changed.

Hi, i purchased this script and i have a problem when i search domains like, script only looks “” not the site “” where can i fix it?

Hi, Hi, I have just bought your Whois Script while checking after demo but now we are checking it on our local server. It’s good but I can’t search any IP Address as it says “Invalid OR Restricted Domain”. Can you please let me that what I need to take care to get the IP Address results?. I have logged a Ticket about a Day Ago, its Private Ticket #1115596

I am waiting for the support since one month, writed down to Author, Codecanyon and submited the refund request, nothing helps and just wasted my money and time for the portal. PLEASE DO NOT BUY UNTILL YOU SEE ANY FREQUEST ANSWER from these people

please i need the script to check whois for .ng etv. please how can it be included. it is very important. thank you

i will have to seek for refund, its 5 days now and no response to my message, i even sent you support.. yet nothing

Hello! I got an error when installing the whois script. When you install the database information I got a 500 error or returns a blank page.

Hi, could you please able to add few country TLD as a requirement,in order to make a purchase, thanks seems like someone hacked your demo site. Its not looks very data secure.


Unable to see same url again with data details.


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It seems the author stopped supporting his products (also other scripts). I send him a couple of emails, but no reply at all. His online support ticket system is down: 502 Bad Gateway

So my advice; stay away from this author’s products!

I will gladly rectify my comment(s) and review when the author decides to support his product once again, but somehow I doubt it.

Also there are quite a few bugs, so I cannot recommend this script unless you are a developer yourself. If you want to test it, it’s possible. Just download it and if you experience the bugs I mention, ask for a refund with Codecanyon/Envato.

...for me it’s to late, but not for you!


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not seem to be an update and the creator does not respond from his page. So. this is dead.