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Does this work with the newest version of WHCMS 7.5


Since we use WHMCS API, changes in WHMCS core usually have no effect on our plugins. We usually release a new update after a thorough testing, within 2 days of final WHMCS release.


I was surprised to discover that WHMpress fetches the data from WHMCS via direct database access , instead of WHMCS API ( like WCOP or WCAP) . This leads to manual synchronization, otherwise storing root mysql password of WHMCS is a security disaster. Any plans to switch to WHMCS API?


On the other hand, the order button, from the second row of hosting packages ( see ), corresponding to template inhost-2.html , is not working. I had a similar situation on my fresh installed site. The link points to the home page, instead of whmcs product

Easy fix: The file wp-content/plugins/whmpress/themes/inhost/whmpress_pricing_table/inhost-2.html, should have button class with href=”{$order_url}” , instead href=”#”

Afterwards, clear smarty cache, by deleting files at wp-content/plugins/whmpress/includes/smarty/data/templates_c

Thanks for sharing, it’s been changed.

I just had to say this… What’s the purpose of having both plugins? Just make it one plugin and charge $60 or even a lil less. Having it as 2 separate plugins you only adding unnecessary overhead. As one product then your efforts would be geared toward improvements of the product as a whole. Instead you only cause confusion to your clients.

Hi, Only visual composer is supported when it comes to visual page builder. But shortcodes will work with any WP framework.

Usually, people have hard times to keep products/ links updated with their WP install. And copy-pasting links from WHMCS to WP. So to avoid this hassle they start with WHMPress.

The domain search to sending the results to the Transfer Domain section of WHMCS how to changed that???

Which version you are using?

I have the Domain Search setup on my site and the Domain Ajax finds domains fine but when you click on the button to add it (for an available domain), it is taking clients to the WHMCS Transfer Domain page. Try it out for yourself:

Please use the latest version from codecanyon. You can also open a ticket with us at to get the latest.

Okay the version you sent fixed it.

Hi, yes, people are using with be theme already.



We currently have a support ticket open with you but we are not getting any feedback/replies regarding a few minor issues we are having both with eh plugin and also with the integration service you offer.

Can someone please get back to us via the support portal please?

Thanks in advance.

Sure, it’s #31822 and the order number is #145

Hi, We are responding to it.

Ok great, thank you.

Guys what is going on with support? It’s been months and there’s no solution. Seriously is that how you support the product and customers?


It was nice having a productive conversation over the ticket. We will be updating ticket once again with status/ ETA soon.