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How often is whois list updated, especially for the new gtlds ? And do you already support the current ones like .shop .clinic, bayern etc.? See TOP lists on


You can edit, add whois servers to list at your own. Most of new tlds are already in database. There are total of 520 tlds that are in list right now. It will be updated with new version 3.5 that is due for release on 15th.


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Excellent Support on this product!

Hello, Does this olugin support SSO between WHMCS and Wordpress? Then, Users would be able to login to Wordpress with their WHMCS credentials? Thanks

“Client Area Plugin” do support it. ( Please note that client area is compatible only up to WHMCS 7.0.1. Latest version compatibility will be available in latest version being released by end of coming week.

When will you support WHMCS v7.1.2?

We are compatible to v.7.1.2.

Does this plugin require access for HTTP (port 80) connections back to the same server

No it does not, it only needs mysql access once(only to read your product information). Once it have the info in cache, it will use that to render and populate all components (pricing tables, domain lists, order combos etc) with it.

Hi its support Remote whmcs / because my free whmcs account only activate when we are working with there own ip,


Yes, it support remote WHMCS install.

how can we change style of client area?


Please open a ticket on http;//, so our technical team can reply to your query in detail.

We offer 2 styling methods, one may suite well depending on what you want to establish.


you can send those styles ?


Style are bundled in default package and customer is given an option to activate them if a compatible theme is found. If you are receiving no such message, please contact us on with your theme name.

Hi. Is it possible to have the Ajax cart add a domain directly to the WHMCS cart? As far as I know it currently only takes you to the domain search page where an additional “add to cart” click is required by the client.

Hello, This feature is scheduled in version 4.0.

Awesome! When is v4.0 scheduled to be released?

ETA for WHMpress v.4 is Mid May.


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Hi, I have an Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in [...]}/wp-content/plugins/whmpress/admin/js/shortcodes.js.php?wp-mce-4506-20170408 any idea what could causes this?

Hello, this can be due to conflict with another plugin. Can you please open a ticket at with debug info.

hi after make the payment its redirect like this—websitename/client-area/index/language/English/currency/1/, kindly help us


please open a support ticket on debug info from client area > settings > debug tab.

Hello, We would like to buy this and the client plugin. Will they work with 1) Visual Composer? 2) Will we be able to style tables with the Go Pricing Plugin? Or at least not interfere with them. We use the theme THE7 from themeforest. Will it work with it? Please integrate it with this theme. Thank you Regards

Hello Anand,

Since our support system is at, we are not very active on comments.

1. Visual Composer > yes, both plugins will work with VC

2. No, they will not be able too by just selecting templates. But we have our own template system, and using that you can shape the output of any of our shortcodes very easily. They will not interfere with Go Pricing

3. You may proceed with purchase, just after the purchase let us know and we will make matching tables template for you.

Regards, WHMpress