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Is it compatible with thrivethemes and its plugins, Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Leads? Thank you


Its a WP plugin and should be compatible with all WP themes. We have not tested it with Thrive Content Builder.

Usually all builders have a text area components that shows default WP editor. Within that WP editor, we have shortcode button. You might use that to build pages with any non supported theme builder.


please respond to ticket #17895 on you support prtal

Hi, ticket replied.

I am suddenly getting this error although we are synched within whmpress. WHMPress is not synced from WHMCS

cannot figure out where it is coming from. I cannot order any product becuase of this now

added ticket on support site

Thanks, ticket was replied.

Every Time I try to register your plugin it just keeps showing three lines and never registers. All the other plugins registered just fine and everything seems to be working right but that. Whats the deal.

Well three days ago I submitted a ticket about not being able to register your product as well as a ticket letting you know there is a conflict between your plugin and Revolution Slider. Im not sure why you told us to go to your site and submit a ticket if you dont plan to respond. Im sorry but you said “Please open a ticket on and we will send you update” we did and you never replied, hince we never got the updated files. So at this moment we have a product we cant register and isn’t working correctly and you the developer seem to be providing empty support.

Alright I found it, you did reply to one thing but I never got an email, I had to go login to your support center and check if I got a reply. Sorry for being jumpy. Hopefully you can fix the other 2 issues.

Dear Jhonathan,

Remaining issues will be fixed very soon.


Pre-Sale Question:

I have a WordPress site that I am integrating with WHMCS. My customer site is on one domain BUT the WHMCS itself is on a different domain that shares the same IP address.

Will I be able to sync customer data between these 2 domains with no faults or errors? Will I also be able to use SSO and your Client Area?

Please reply ASAP as I need to know the answers urgently.

Many thanks! Rick :)

Hi again. I’ve been reviewing this plugin on a friend’s wordpress hosting site and I see that it directly finds the URL where the plugin is installed. We have tried manually changing the URL to a different one but it does not allow this. Why is this not allowed please? (whmpress installed on 1 domain / IP but need to sync data with WHMCS site based on different domain / IP). Thanks.

So what I mean is… WHMCS is on but the plugin is installed on wordpress site which is hosted on on a different IP address. Am I able to specify the WHMCS URL of in the Settings of WHMPress on or does WHMCS and my customer ordering site need to be on the same IP address / server location? My friend tried this on his site but it does not allow him to. Please advise asap. Thank you.

Different domains/IPs/Servers or datacenters do not count. As long as mysql on domain2 is letting domain1 server to access its database, it will work fine. WHMpress connects to WHMCS db to cache product information and other ordering info, once it is done it do not needs the access any more.

Your friend may contact us on Also this article can be of help.

video >


So you guys keep making alot of promises and not delivering. The latest one is that I should send you a skype invite so we can talk directly, you said you would be available for the next 12 hours. I sent the invite, you replied 3 hours later and I havent heard anything from you since. When does this maddness end?


boc1 Purchased

Hi is the “Reset WHMpress” function will delete whmcs database sync ?

Yes, it will.

Hello, some days ago, I sent you a message to ask you if the plugin is compatible with this theme: and I haven´t received any answer yet.

Hello, Yes, WHMpress should work fine with this theme.


singfa Purchased

I’m still waiting for about three months resolving the problem shown in the ticket #18224 but so far no conclusive answer !! When will we can synchronize the WHMCS bundle products too with WHMPress?

Hello, this has been implemented and is under test along with some other enhancements in domains section. It will be available for download by the end of week.

Hello, im interested in these plugin. However our whmcs is in version 6.3.2 and php 5.3. Is it supported and working?


WHMPress and Sliders addon should work (Client Area will not).


Thank you. I purchased plugin, but in actiovation i get error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx/subdomains/nove/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/whmpress/whmpress.php on line 35


Can you please open a ticket on for it. So our technical team could reply.



I apologize if someone asked this before, but is it possible to connect few different WHMCS accounts on this same plugin? Thanks in advance.

Hi, You can have it installed on different domains, and connect to same WHMCS.

If you want to connect different WHMCS installs with a single front end domain, that is not supported. It can only connect with one at a time.



Tsubby Purchased

Hi, just bought that one .. i think it could be pretty interesting for me, but i need help with the sync. Could you check Ticket: #18387

Hello, Ticket has been replied.

I have Does your plugin works with it? Thanks


It should work fine with “GDN Magazine Theme”, Thanks


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fixticks Purchased

Hi, I bought the plugin, WHMPress to integrate client side with my Wordpress website after reading that WHMPress has that particular option of client side integration with Wordpress. Only to upload to my website and realize it doesn’t work, then coming back here and reading through all the comments to find that i need to buy another plugin. I can’t afford to buy another plugin currently , and my current theme provides all the options that this particular theme provides, can you please provide or refund or give me license for the plugin i need? Please!


fixticks Purchased

Please refer to following ticket #18598

Ticket replied.


ThBrazil Purchased

Hello! I made the URL change of my site, how do I update the license? When I try to apply the license again, it says that it is registered in the old URL, how can we proceed?

I wait, thanks!


In WP > WHMpress > Settings > Registration > Unregister the plugin and then you can proceed with registration from new domain. If you do not have access to old domain, please open a ticket on