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We have installed plugin, but it cant connect to syncWHMCS. It get the error: Connect Error (2002) Connection timed out every time i try. WHMCS is on a separate server, and Remote SQL is enabled for the website IP address, but still no luck. How should we enter the ip address of whmcs server? https://111.11.111 or . without https ?

It should be without https://. Please make sure that MySQL port is not blocked on both servers. if WHMCS and WP are on the same server, you can use localhost too. For support please use

Ok, thanks we got it working. WHMCS is on a different server to WP. Our WP hosting is on a cloud with DNS so the IP changes, we had to add the % wildcard to the Remote SQL settings page in WHMCS hosting, then the sync ran ok.

HI, we have run our sync ok, but when we use the pricing matrix table, all prices below £1,000 show ok, but prices above £1000 show just the first digit. So for package price £1,620 it shows £1 and for Package price £2400 it just shows £2 – it appears that WHMPress is dropping all numbers after the comma ’,’ thousands separator. Any suggestions? there is no mention of thousands separator in the docs. Thanks.


Please open a support ticket with debug info from WHMPress > settings > debug. Our support system is at Please also share the shortcode being used.

Thanks, creativeON

How do I find my license key to enter into the software

Hi there,

I have opened up a support ticket but no response in a few days. I am trying to connect to a remote server, I have allowed the remote MySQL access and the username and password are definitely right – but I still keep getting the error and it can’t connect. I am just putting in the IP address of the remote server “” in your tools, with no extra information. I have tried it with the domain, IP address, everything – no luck. The message I always get is this one:

Message: It seems WHMpress is not able to connect with WHMCS, Here are the things you can do. if WP and WHMCS are on different servers, check if mysql is allowing remote connections from WHMCS server. Check if database info is correct. Connect Error (2003) Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘XX.XX.XX.XX’ (4)

How to sort this out would be really appreciated, sorry for bugging you as I know I have a support ticket open – it has just become time sensitive on this side. Thanks a lot for your help!

Your ticket is replied.

Thanks so much, you guys are awesome – 10/10 recommend to anyone reading this.

Just as an additional note to anyone reading this in the future – the problem is with your hosting company; they have a firewall that needs to allow your remote IP

is possible if i am install woocommerce then your plugin work properly

Our plugin is does not interact with WC in any way.

woocommerce already installed and i can start sale domain and hosting so is not possible

no, our product works with WHMCS.

Hello, Can we use the pricing short codes and the currency changer with the Go Pricing plugin? Thank you


We do not have an integration with Go Pricing plugin. but you can use our template system to shape into any pricing table of your liking ( a little HTML/CSS knowledge is required).

Is it correct that this can be used without whmpress? How do I use this with an existing whmcs installation without service disruption to existing clients

Sorry wrong place to ask this.

I’m looking at a way to make all the pages for WHMCS appear within WordPress. I’m going to be purchasing the Client Area plugin, but wanted to check if I really need this one.

The way I’ll be creating the site, is to have all the info written as a normal WordPress page and then have a button to buy now, which will then take them to the correct page using the client area plugin. From reading the info, this plugin pulls in the info on the products, but as it is all going to be in WordPress anyway, do I need it? If so, what difference is there, which makes me need it?

Don’t worry about it. Looking at it more fully, I realise it is best to have both plugins.


Yes, you understood it right, WHMPress helps you to make sale pages by providing components to place within WP pages. for ordering, it will redirect to WHMCS, until you have Client Area (WCAP) or Order Page (WCOP).

I’ve had a ticket open for 10 days now with no resolution, and also no response for 4 days. How do I go about either getting support, or getting a refund?

OK – I replied to my ticket in your system, sent you a skype message, and am waiting for a response. It’s 8PM here in California (you’re 12 hours ahead of me), and it would at least be nice to know when you’ll be around, so I can try and coordinate my schedule, or at least set an alarm to wake up later when you’re around.

Hi, we are online now. hope to catch you on skype. Our support hours are: 4AM – 3 PM GMT (Mon-Fri)

OK thank you guys. Problem fixed. Problem was I did not have the mbstring extension installed.

Hi is it possible to add Currency Override Per Country can We show our prices in a specific currency for each country?(Auto not by drop down) Like show prices in euro to Europian visitors and in $ to others using geo

Hello, It was part of the earlier versions, but was removed because of the service being used for IP to location died. It is being included again in upcoming version 4.3.

Do you support URL Based Currency changer For Eg When switching the currency to CAD (Canadian dollar) the URL link should look like this:

When switching the currency to USD (US dollar) the URL link should look like this:

Thanks for suggestion, we have added it to our list and it will be available in coming WHMPress version.

where default template for price table? it is the only template that implement all options, other ones are not, so I need to know where is it to customize it.

Thanks in advance.

Any response?

Hello Mohammad,

The ticket is replied.


ticket replied with no answer, how there is no template for default? provide a template that implement all option.

Hi, I have just migrated to a new host so my IP changed as i kept my domain and when I try to verify this product it tells me its all ready This licence is already registered with mydomain

Hi, This should not happen if only IP is changed. Unregistering and then registering might help,

In WP > WHMpress > Settings > Registration > Unregister the plugin and then you can proceed with re-registration

If this does not helps, please open a ticket on


Super that worked :) thank you my next problem is I have whmpress and the client area but when I use whmpress to make a price table and you click the order button it redirects you to the whmcs install and dose not generate the link inside the client area

Hi, Please open a ticket for further support, please include debug info from client area plugin.

This always tells me authentication failed. Please provide help

Hi, I believe you are able to connect now, as the ticket was replied with instructions and latest version.

Hello, 1) From your demos and descriptions, is it correct to assume that the currency displayed on a page (with currency shorcodes) will automatically change if we simply put the currency changer short code on the same page?

2) We want to display only 2 currencies USD and EUROs. Is this possible in the currency dropdown?

Thank you


1) you can put currency change shortcode anywhere on site, when currency changes, it changes for the whole site. 2. Yes, that is what currency dropdown does.


I dont understand how whmcs to wp sync works? I dont see a cron job in cron manager. I have users on whmcs, configured the client area plugin on wp. No users sync yet plugin config is apparently correct and test sync works. Why dont users import into WP? Should they show in the user list?

Still hoping for an explanation?


May I know which version you are using.

WHMCS-WP sync works by replicating the users on both systems and once that is done, it keeps the users updated. You do not need to set up a CRON job, the first time you do it in the admin panel, and after that, all new users/ and changed users will be auto-synced.

Yes, imported users should show in WordPress.

Please do open a ticket on with your debug info, so we can take a closer look. We are more responsive over there.


Ok thanks, I will open a ticket now :)


Why you think that it’s safe to use whmcs bridge?

Hi, Can you please refer the context, where we said that please.

If someone hack wordpress and get access to wp database, I think it would be risk for WHMCS users.

The plugin works by caching the WHMCS product and other info into WordPress, hence password is not required to show product info. Infect plugin only saves the password when you specifically select the option, by default it will not save WHMCS password.


Mak3000 Purchased

I suggest to list modified files in new update to make the update easy, because I and some others may made customization on whmpress files and/or styles, so remove the plugin and install the new version is not an option at all.
Replacing updated files is best solution for that case.
Thank you.


Mak3000 Purchased

I hope you provide list of updated files to be able update to latest version.
Thank you.

Dear Mak,

Currently, we do not include changed the file with updates, but it is a nice suggestion and if manageable we will adhere to this practice.

Please open a ticket which version you are using at the moment, we will provide with the list of changed files.

Regards, creativeON


Mak3000 Purchased

I’ve opened a support ticket.
Thank you.


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Is this working for WHMCS for 7.3.0

Yes, it is.

I’m trying to reach support via the website, but I’ve not received a response yet. Ticket #25668

Hi, Your was replied and is under process for next response.


Does it support “six” template of latest 7.3 of WHMCS?