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Nice job, keep going! :)

Few questions. 1. How easy is the installation ? 2. Does it save the CC data and capture it again when recurring payment comes up?

It’s dead easy to install. As for recurring this is not supported yet. This is mentioned in the product description that the module is suitable for one off charges only. I’m planing to add recurring to this module but can’t say when.

For all recurring and one off charges you may consider our mostripe module. You need pci certificate for this module.

Best, Mo

How come the Stripe module is FREE on WHMCS and you are charging for it here?

The pay with stripe action should launch the stripe checkout overlay for you. Are you sure you have installed our module and not something else? the pay button on the invoice, by default is green and larger than the default buttons in whmcs.

Hmm, I am sure – I have only downloaded this one and it is a FRESH WHMCS, so not sure – I clicked the invoice from the main user account as a test and it takes me here to the page to pay but I just get taken to the WHMCS default page for the Credit Card… Not sure why.

can you send screenshot of the content in the package folder? Also in the documentation folder load index file to see the support email. or visit for support. This area is not suitable for support. You might have the wrong package or codecanyon may have misplaced the packages. They have already misplaced the screenshots!

Hello, I own both your WHMCS stripe scripts and wondered if they will be updated to be compatible with WHMCS 6.x and the new API? or do I need to buy direct through you on mostripe? Thanks, Daniel

Hello Daniel, We have updated version on our site which you can purchase. If you have the Stripe220 folder then the package is updated. I you own our stripe checkout module, it has been updated yesterday and is available for purchase. Regarding upgrade, we did not receive any incompatibility report with whmcs 6 yet, so you may take a full back up and upgrade.

Hi, that’s great news! I will purchase indeed. Many thanks, Daniel


Interested in getting this one for my site. Wanted to know if its updated and if you are still providing support for it.

Also do you plan on adding recurring payments to it too ?

Will be waiting for a prompt response from your side so I can make up my mind and purchase a license for myself.

Also 2 things -

1. Can we make the payment directly at the checkout page ? Cause right now its not doing that. I have to go to the invoice to make the payment which is an extra bit of inconvenience.

2. The Green “Pay Now” button is ugly af. Can you provide a more elegant css style to it so it doesn’t look as outdated as it does right now.

Will be waiting for your to promptly get back to me.


I will be answering your ticket inquiry shortly. For support please contact us through support tab.


1. To disable Alipay or bitcoin Edit file: roudiappstripecheckout.php

find line 125 and 126, then set the true to false for either or both to disable them.

2. from Setup > General Settings > Ordering Tab > Auto Redirect on Checkout > select automatically send user to invoice page.

This should solve your problem. This is normal with any linked payment gateway module. WHMCS native modules are like that, the above setup solves the problem. It will send the user directly to invoice page.

3. You can change the styling to what suites you. The source is open. Edit file: roudiappstripecheckout.php

And edit lines 75 to 86. We don’t provide custom work on styling.

Best, Mo

Hi thanks for great module, i purchased today from your site, how i can redirect the user to after successful payment, because user was redirect to and user need to login again after pay, how i can fix that. Maybe in file roudiappstripecheckout_config.php I select in WHMCS Auto Redirect on Checkout – Automatically take the user to the invoice but not work. About sms notification in doc you say. We can provide you with fully functional sms gateway in few minutes. is possible activation in the module.?

Hello Jose2016, i have sent you an email about this. Please follow the instructions in my email.

Sorry i cant find your email. From which email you send me the info.

Does your module support making it mandatory not just optional for cardholders to input their CVC #?

Yes, but this must also be enforced by WHMCS and stripe. You can enable this extra check on stripe panel. We create user profile and store their credit card on stripe. This additional process will require CVC or it will fail.

H, I works! Two questions.

Why is it not recorded inthe billing => Gateway Logs ? (the debug field is just empty)

Is ther any ETA on the recurring paymenrs?

Thanks Johannes

Hello, there must be a fault. Update to latest stripe API on your stripe panel. About recurring, based on current WHMCS setup we can’t provide support for recurring billing without core file or template modification. This is against what we are trying to achieve or offer in our products. We are waiting to see if whmcs will introduce any changes in its payment gateway structure. They might also release a native support, who knows!

This is compatible with WHMCS 5.3.10?

Yes. It should be, although did not test with this specific version.

Ok, thanks.

I am currently using your system (stripe210), that I bought last year in your site. But some of my clients are experiencing problems when they want to pay with your credit card

They try to pay and then, a new page is displayed indicating the following message:

“Sorry, there was as error: Your card was declined.”

I tried to send this error to your support but I have not received any response.

This problem is concerning this version or the new version of stripe api?

Tonimim, we do answer support inquiries within minutes. Recently we had to change our domain name for copyright issues and therefore some of our emails are not working any more. You should use the contact form on our site or send your support inquiries vis code canyon. The error you have mentioned is a generic error. We need to see the gateway log content. Please get in touch with us and send over your gateway log content for this failed transaction.

How to install on WHMCS 6 ?

The installation document comes with the package and you can also find the latest here:

is this still working? does it support automatc payments? each month?

Supported BRL?

Hi, Does this plugin work in woocommerce WordPress site?

When the payment page is reached, the payment page stripe disappears,

Please send us a support ticket so we can investigate.