WHMCS Pricing Sliders and Comparison Tables - WHMpress Addon

WHMCS Pricing Sliders and Comparison Tables - WHMpress Addon

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This plugin is for WHMCS, if you are not WHMCS user buy following plugin.

Comparison Table & Price Sliders & Pricing Tables in a group, for WHMCS in a single plugin. This is an addon for WHMpress – WHMCS Sale Pages. Buy only if you allready have it.

WHMCS Slider and Comparison Tables (WSAC) is part of creativeON’s WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack. It helps you create pricing sliders & comparison tables with few clicks. more on WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack at end of page

Comparison Table and Slider are the essential part of every successful web-hosting site. It helps your site visitors to make informed decisions and help you to sell more. Simply select packages to compare and get a complete comparison table or slider in your desired template.

This WHMpress addon brings you WHMCS Pricing Sliders & comparison tables, pre-filled with data from WHMCS without any additional coding or hassle.

There are several cool features that will help you sell more.

Common Features

  • There is no need to change the short-code over and over again to change the slider. Just adjust values from WHMpress interface.
  • Option to add remove plans/servers directly from builder
  • Option to feature a plan in pricing slider or comparison table
  • Option to use fontawsome to replace YES/NO option
  • Adjust how pricing will show different elements like, decimals & duration.
  • No of features points to show
  • Lot of slider templates to choose from.
  • All components and templates/styles are fully response

Discount Up-sell option (Multi Duration)

You can select two durations, giving user an option to select duration. Plugin then auto calculate how much a customer can save while ordering for longer durations, and help you to up-sell by showing configurable discount texts with savings.


Optionally you can enable and define tooltips for feature definition/ explanation.

Pricing Sliders

Hosting industry is in a transition from classic shared hosting to cloud hosting. More and more hosting businesses are offering or reseller cloud services. Clouds are elastic and are better sold using pricing sliders instead of pricing tables.

Comparison Tables

Comparison tables are often long, complex and you cannot put all the data to compare in the package description. Here you can append comparison data to packages.

Table Group

Full responsive tables turn to the touch-enabled carousel on small devices. You can show as much plans as you want in a single group without worrying for screen size issues.

Coming up even more surprising features in version 4.0. Anything you would ever need from WHMCS

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack, is a series of plugins designed and built for web hosts who sell with WHMCS & WordPress as frontend. Each plugin works independently and yet collaborates with other WHMPress plugins when installed.

There are three plugins and one Addon in WHMPress Integration Stack.

  1. WHMCS Sale Pages for WordPress
  2. WHMCS Cart & Order Pages
  3. WHMCS Client Area Plugin
  4. WHMCS Sliders & Comparison Tables (Addon for Sale Pages)

Change Log

v.4.5.3-revision.2 - 4th October, 2019
- Completed tested, removed bugged while editing of groups, and in tooltip editing, where id was not being passed.
- Tooltip implementation on mobile view
- Fixed "row" keyword issue

- Currency parameter implementation
v.4.5.1 - 4th, January 2018
- Fixed featured not unsetting bug
- Removed limit of 4 comparison
- Moved JS file in footer
- Removed JS code from template files.
- Improved short-code output mechanism
- Fixed Comparison table/ group responsive issues
- Fixed hide below minimum width

v.4.2 - 9th, August 2017
- Added translation files into plugin (previously it was being used from WHMPress)
- Fixed duration conversion tables to be used with translations
- Fixed bug in spliting descriptions with Greek character “υ”

v.4.1 - 6th, July 2017
- New - Template previews for easy selection
- New - Discount banners
- New - Secondary Billing cycle option
- New - Hide sliders or comparison tables on mobile option
- New - Compatibility with WCOP, WHMCS Cart and Order Pages Plugin

v.3.5 - 8th, Feburary 2017
- New - Multi-duration support
- New - Up-sell Options    
- New - Font-awesome option to replace YES/NO values
- Fixed - rev-slider add object screen layout issue fixed.     

v.3.3 - 23th, January 2017
- New - Code refactored, speed improvements for comparison tabls.
- New - Tooltip support
- New - PHP 7 compatibility
- New - Switch between different durations

v.1.5 - 11th, September 2016
- Improved - code refactored
- New - 3 New Pricing table templates to be used as groups.
- New - 10 New comparison table designs,
- New - Divide long comparison tables into sections.
- New - Show symbols instead of Yes/No

v.1.5 - 13th July, 2016
- Improved - modifications in admin panel
- Fixed - Bug in selecting featured plan
- Fixed - Defaults no respond to selected options

v.1.2 - 29th March, 2016
- Improved - modifications in admin panel
- Added - New Comparision table templates
- Fixed - Typo in shortcode name.

v.1.1 - 2nd March, 2016
New - 2 new slider templates added.
New - Add fields to sequence products in slider.
Fixed - Several bugs fixed.

v.1.0 - 19th Feb, 2016
First Release.