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Looks really nice! Well done! :)

Thanks man!

I only see pricing tables not sliders. Where are the sliders? Could you please share me the preview link where pricing sliders are there?

Hi, sliders are being updated on demo today.

I can’t see the sliders? There’s none there?

Hi, Basic slider is updated on demo.

Nice to see the slider is working but I have to say it’s pretty lacking in the design front. I know it’s a basic slider but when WHMCS v6 comes with 2 beautiful new slider order pages why would anyone want to use such a basic and bland slider in their website? Just curious?

Hi, Thanks for a good question, as it will help many others to understand the need.

Here are some points

1. Slider come with multiple templates to choose from, at least 10 are planed (some being updated today). Templates can be customized very easily to match your sites look and feel.

2. You can choose any WHMCS products (even across product groups), for example in WHMCS you have 8 products in a VPS group, but you want to show only 4 in one slider.

3. Place a slider within your WP pages contents.

4. Plugin comes not only with slider but with 2 other shortcodes

a. Slider b. Comparison Table (One time consuming task) c. Pricing Table Group


How am i suppose to use this when the required version of the base plugin is .15 and the only availble is .11


Thanks for bringing this up. Version 2.5.17 has been updated and should be available for download in a day or two. please open a ticket at http://support.whmpress.com, we will send you latest files.

Is this responsive?

I noticed tables did not stack on top of each other when I resized my browser window.

hi, tables are responsive, and basic versions of sliders are too. We will be updating demo soon.

Does this work without whmcspress ie wordpress and Whmcs?

Its a WP plugin that works with WHMCS. Both are needed.

Nice Plugin, I greatly appreciate your working and waiting for new slider designs. Working like a charm, nice and easy to use interface, easy installation plus awesome support. A feature request. . . It will be better to have an option in slider config page to select “Order Combo”. Hope you will consider it.


Thanks for good words. This is a nice suggestion, we have added it to our todo list.

Can I use an addon without buying the main plugin? I need only «pricing sliders»

Hello, It will work only with main plugin. Please contact us on sales at whmpress.com, I believe we can work some thing out for you.

Flat out doesn’t work any longer. Not sure if it ever did, but refuses to save products now

Hi, Which version you are using? Can you please open a ticket on http://support.whmpress.com so we can look into it.

Sliders and comparison tables are no responsive ?on the mobile phone are looking very ugly. Maybe you can improve that because your work it‘s fantastic. Thanks.

Dear Ochiosu,

Thanks for liking our work. The sole purpose of comparison tables is to compare side by side. We have made these responsive to a limit. for example the titles that shown on the left are appended to columns them selves on small screens. (so 4 coluns to 3 columns, it acts responsive). But if we stack those 3 columns over each other there is no comparison at all.

Pricing table group will serve that purpose well for small screens.

For responsiveness of sliders, we are open for suggestions.


fish911 Purchased

( Ticket Submitted Days Ago ) and still no reply? This plugin is does play well with the X theme by themeco one of the most popular themes on the market. Your other two plugins are fine, I purchased all three but this one does not work at all with X.


fish911 Purchased

Thank you, i’m sorry I did not take in to consideration you might of been on a holiday. Thanks again!

Hello Roger,

Thanks for your patience. Ticket Id:12754 have been replied.


fish911 Purchased

Thanks for the fix!

hi I am not new to using your plugs and great job, i just can’t seem to get the list products and their quantities to show. What am I missing see this example https://www.sighthosting.com/hosting/cloud-hosting.html


I can see your products there with comparison.

I will suggest opening a ticket on support.whmpress.com, we can better assist there as multiple people are able to reply you.

Hello, any chance to see how plugin looks on a frontend?

Hi, the slide bars are for fixed packages, is it possible to have slide bars,checkboxes / dropdowns for configurable options as well? i would imagine the sidebar for one package with all available config options/ addons.

Hello Sir, We are not clear about your your question, can you please explain it with example URL.

Hello, sorry for this, see this example: http://webaboard.com/hostslide/#e2 (the last one). the slider can be used to costume the package per available configurable options, when a user moves the slider or check the boxes price will be increased—just as it is in whmcs order form.

Hi, The options we offer (through our slider addon) allow you to select the packages through slider, not the configurable options.

How can we make a package default (selected on page load) with sliders? And also, how can we show combo pricing or monthly/yearly prices? Thanks.

1. Default selection of package for slider is not available at the moment, we can make it in upcoming version. Please open a ticket at http://support.whmpress.com and we will inform you when it is implemented.

2. Combo is available in individual pricing tables in WHMpress. You just have to select the option while inserting pricing table. In “Pricing Slider and Comparison table addon” we take common parameters for the sake of simplicity so combo selection is not available in group.

Also, you said 10 slide templates but there is only 3 slider templates. I dont see demo sliders in package i downloaded, i only have 3 files.


Please open a ticket with http://support.whmpress.com, you will get the updated version.

Forgive my English, I use google translator.

Is this for cloud services?

That is, you can put bars for each element. RAM memory, hard disk, ip addresses, etc …


Thanks for your interest.

Each bar represents a VPS (cloud server). and for each bar (VPS) it will show diskspace, RAM, Bandwidth etc.

It needs WHMCS & WHMpress both to work.



earthone Purchased

When we copy your code and put it into our theme via Visual Composer and refresh to see the update the page is blank and all we can see is the menu. We also are not able to save the template when setting up a group. Any ideas? We did open a ticket on your site.


earthone Purchased

I did and you guys in mid chat said “I have to go now” apparently I was chatting with support and their shift was over or at least thats what they said, I can provide screen shots of that if anyone would like, so much for support.


earthone Purchased

And you are gone.

Hello Jhonathan,

Our support timings are 4AM – 3 PM GMT (Mon-Fri). I have updated your ticket and waiting for your response.

Hey, do you have HTML or WHMCS version of this?

All these codes are dynamic, like plans/ pricing change in real time when client slide. so we see no point in making a static thing that changes nothing.

Well, it’s not about your point. You create it for customers like me. If you can make a html version for me, let me know. I only need one of the options from your demo. Every tab should have it’s own button where I can link it to an external URL. Possible? Thank you

Please contact us on http://support.whmpress.com, or support [at] whmpress.com