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Hi, I select and give this error ]

“No template selected or selected template is not available”

Hi, You need to select a template from group configurations or while inserting a shortcode.

You can contact us on “support.whmpress” or on http://support.whmpress.com.


I select, copy and paste the page, but I get the error. Do you have a problem with the Enfold Theme?

Hi, it works good with enfold, can you please make sure if you have selected a template from Slider & Comparison > List All > Configure options (for your group) > Select template file. (There is a different template option for each type of code, i.e. slider, comparison table & pricing table group).

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I keep getting this. Any ideas please?

Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)Invalid ID (%1s) or Invalid Currency (%2s)


Usually it is due to invalid currency (when you do not have pricing set for the currency you are showing Shortcode).

Please make sure, pricing for product exist for selected currency and duration.

You can also reach us on http://support.whmpress.com.


Hello I see the demo, the price template come with plugin or depend with a theme template ?


It comes with plugin. Plus you have options to modify templates and copy as theme templates (as it supports theme specific templates too).


Please update your demo clearly with recent update and all features. Sliders not working and year/month selection doesnt exist in demo.


Thanks for suggestion, updated demo will be live by tomorrow.

How can we add section headings from whmcs product descs?

got error after updating, slider not working: Uncaught TypeError: $slider_div.find(...).slider is not a function at runSlider (scripts.js:17) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (www.xx.com/:1270) at i (jquery.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:2) at Function.ready (jquery.js:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js:2)

Solved from my js.

Thanks for updating.

Hi there,

How to add sections in whmcs? I understood no HTML should be used in whmcs description area, how to add section headings then?


You can add sections using -section name- within description in WHMCS.

You can also append description in groups> group plans, and add sections there using same way.

You can open a ticket on http://support.whmpress.com for a more personalized reply.


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There can be modification to fit such needs. Please contact us here to discuss in detail. https://whmpress.com/contact/