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Hello, The product seems good, but I believe you have forgotten to include the login details!

Thanks, the description is now updated with the username and password. U = CodeCanyon P = 4CodeCanyonAdmin

Yup true no login details!

Thanks, the description is now updated with the username and password. U = CodeCanyon P = 4CodeCanyonAdmin

‘3 Invalid Login Attempts’, gets you banned. LOL

lol, this Security module has nothing to do with 3 invalid login attempts (That is included in WHMCS by default) Please see the updated product description to understand what you are getting when you purchase this WHMCS Security module. Thx.

I don’t get it. I really can’t see exactly what is afforded by using this addon.

And when I try to read the docs, those are restricted.

Maybe you can make it more clear on the item description as to all the features and benefits the addon encompasses, above what WHMCS itself provides. I know that it will ban a user after three login attempts, that would be nice to mention as a feature, and in the program admin, I would like to configure such a feature as to how many login attempts, how long to ban, a list of any bans, etc…

And the price, well it’s kind of high for a codecanyon program, and without seeing those features and benefits, I couldn’t justify purchasing it as is right now.

Hopefully as time goes by, you can make further improvements to the description and demo, which would help one to decide if this addon is worth the purchase price.


Hello, I see you are TOTALLY missing what our WHMCS Firewall module does. That is indeed my fault for not adding enough details to the product description.

I have now added all the details of “Why you should buy this addon” And clarified it’s security features that are NOT included in the base WHMCS. Security features that only get added when you purchase this Security Addon.

Also, The price for our Security module is actually very low on CodeCanyon as a discount to CodeCanyon members only. The fact that it is a higher cost than most items on code canyon is because it has more features, clean test code and security than any plugin on Code Canyon so the higher price matches correctly, thank you for noticing though :-)

Read over the new Description text and it should all be a lot more clear for you now. Purchase the Security module and I will give you FREE installation and personally setup the security module in your WHMCS to make sure you get started with no problems.

And lastly, WHMCS holds your clients, credit cards, server access, reputation, etc. You should easily see the need to protect that valuable data with a quality WHMCS Security module (none exist – this is the first and only of its kind).

WHMCS Firewall -

Hello,am looking WHMCS which can i use to manage my all customers in godaddy pro reseller account ,if i purchase this script will it be a solution for my problem?

Hello, you need to purchase WHMCS first (whmcs.com) and then this module provides security to protect WHMCS. You have to own WHMCS first before you purchase this module.

Best, Trevor~

Is is possible to see the user guide? tried to register…. Full access to the User’s Guide is restricted to active customers with paid memberships.

Hi itsync, yes you can see the entire users guide. Please use the contact box on my CodeCanyon profile to send the email address you will be registering from.

Hopefully you can appreciate the fact that we secure the documents that tell how the security software works :-)

Hi Trevor, I am also looking at a possible purchasing an extended licence so I can sell to my clients to install on their websites.

What is involved with the extended licence?

Am I able to brand the product at all etc.

You mention in a reply that you need to purchase WHMCS first. what do yo mean by that. Is there an additional purchase of software required. Not sure what you mean?


Hi Stuart,

The Extended license on Elance does not cover our Reseller program. Please view the following link for more information on how our Reseller program works. https://whmcsfirewall.com/resellers/

> The primary logo in the top right hand corner of the module is an image that you can replace with your own logo but the text throughout the module would still read “WHMCS Firewall” which is ok when you think about it since it is literally a Firewall for WHMCS.

And yes, WHMCS is a billing, customer support and hosting automation software that we did not develop. So you would need to purchase that first. Our WHMCS Firewall is an addon module that protects and audits the actions of WHMCS billing and hosting automation software.

Send me an email with details about how you would use this software for your end users and I can see what can be done to create the best custom solution to suit your needs.

Best, Trevor~

What ever you do STAY WELL AWAY from this Module It’s BIG security risk when this is active. This needs to be removed from Codecanyon ASAP…

There is no security risk UKMikey. But it is a very Powerful module so if you do not take the time to READ the complete well documented users Guide (WhmcsSecurity.com) then I can see how you may be AFRAID of its features like you are. Hundreds of successful running installs and NO security problems, THANKS.

Wow this looks like an great addon good job was checking out the live preview I know for sure i’ll be getting this soon.

Excellent job bro