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demo not working

Hi, Thanks for reporting, demo is working good now.

Hi there,

When I try and activate your plugin I get the following error:

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/gorilla/public_html/wp-content/plugins/WHMpress_Client_Area_API/library/WCAP.php on line 83

Tried resinstalling plugin etc to no avail. Thanks a lot for your help!

Thanks for good words in another comment. This was resolved in Skype session.

Is it possible to use default Wordpress login for this plugin? – that will be the best integration of SSO.

Hi, Yes it is possible, currently in beta. It will be out of beta in next release.

Hello after installing the plugin & the wp admin area showed white screen. Only after deactivating the plugin the admin area is functional


Please open a ticket on http://support.whmpress.com.

does one have to buy a monthly/annual license of WHMS, or is this a separate, all-in-one system?

Hi, It works with WHMCS. What it does is to help you better connect your WordPress site with WHMCS.

Is it correct that this can be used without whmpress? How do I use this with an existing whmcs installation without service disruption to existing clients?

Hi, It can be used withouth WHMPress. Just do not enable redirection in WHMPress helper module (in WHMCS), and you can fully test it without disturbing current clients.

Does it support Arabic language?


This behavior is intentional. WHMCS have a default currency for every user, it is the currency that user selects while signing up or during first order. WCAP sticks that user default currency for logged in users.

If we change the currency for display purposes, on final step invoice will need to be in user default currency.

If we force to change the user default currency next order, its previous invoices will also be shifted to the new currency (only the symbol, not the amount) which is wrong.

We depend heavily on web hosts feedback to improve impress products. Please suggest if you are in favor of changing the currency for display purposes for logged in users.

You are right, currency should not change for logged in users because they already chosen their default currency. I’m waiting full Arabic version for that plugin, I hope it release soon.

Hi, We are working on Arabic version, it will be available before Monday.

I went to the demo page, but only get placeholder text

Hi, the demo is here.


WHMCS installation URL URL is now fixed.

Hi! I want to purchase “WHMCS Client Area” and here’s my pre-sale question: My clients register at WordPress ( not WHMCS ). With the help of your plugin, can they login to WHMCS using the same WordPress credentials?

Yes! The will be. Note: Single Sign On (SSO) feature is in beta with the current release. The next update ver.2 being released with fully functional SSO. Which will allow your clients to log in that way.

Hi, Your earlier comment is replied.


I cannot active the plugin and i’m receiving the following message in server.

PHP Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /wp-content/plugins/WHMpress_Client_Area_API/library/WCAP.php on line 83, referer: /wp-admin/plugins.php?plugin=WHMpress_Client_Area_API%2Findex.php


Hi, you ticket has been replied in this regard.


papak011 Purchased

After WP 4.8.1 update login in WP admin area not possible


it should work perfectly without any issues, Please open a ticket at http://support.whmpress.com for further assistance.

Demo not working

The demo is fixed. If the listed password does not work for you, please test with creating your new account.

Demo still not working .. over one month now …

The demo is fixed. If the listed password does not work for you, please test with creating your new account.

Hi, I would like if this plugin only works with WHMCS. I am not using WHMCS, but i would like to have a nice client area, tickets… with the same design of your plugin. If not… Can you recommend a plugin which works like i am saying? Thanks!

Hi, This plugin intended to work with WHMCS only. Whether a plugin is available to specifically address your needs, will depend on the services/products that you render. As long as you are on WordPress, you can also combine plugins (with a thorough study of their features). May be WooCommerece combined with a ticketing plugin can be the solution for you.

Ok, thanks.


bfi Purchased

I gave up on this 6 months ago. Tried using it again. Now errors say:

“WHMPress helper is not installed/active in WHMCS addon modules”

Addon installed and activated on WHMCS. Maybe I need 6 more months to try again ha ha

Please share debug info on http://support.whmpress.com

Hello i have a few questions, I hope you can help me

1-I have 6 different profile templates that I need to have for my various clients Example Let’s say that one profile is for Agriculture – When I create a user for a client I will select that profile and when he logs in he sees what I have already in the agriculture profile Another profile will be for a Mechanic and the same premise applies… when I create the user I select that he is a mechanic so when he logs in he sees the page I prepared for mechanics.

2-Some of these clients/users will have their own clients, is there a way that they can have access to create their own clients?

3-What I will do as an Admin is to go to the client/user page/profile and see the documents they upload, I will review them and either mark them as accepted or rejected.

4-I will add a PayPal option too.

I hope I´m clear, please if you have any questions let me know.



Our plugins are made to work with WHMCS, so you need have WHMCS. I do not think WHMCS have an option of having multiple fields depending on profile groups.

Our plugin will not work without WHMCS.


I’m also having an issue with WHMPress helper not connecting to WordPress, no matter what I do I continue to get this error:

“Kindly Check! WHMPress helper is not installed/active in WHMCS addon modules” in the configuration: WCAP >> WHMCS Config

I have followed the directions exacty:



Upload contents of whmpress-helper.zip to /modules/addons/ located in your WHMCS install folder.
Then Login to your WHMCS admin panel and activate the WHMpress Helper via the Setup->Addon Modules Menu Item.
Edit the file configuration.php in WHMCS installation folder and add following line to end of file.

include_once (dirname(FILE).”/modules/addons/whmpress/whmpress_patch.php”);

WHMCS Addons show the plugin as active and if I set “Enable WordPress URL redirection” the redirection does in fact work (only to lead to the client area WordPress page showing the same error:

“WHMPress Helper is not active, kindly install and activate WHMPress helper in WHCMS addon modules.” Guidelines (http://docs.whmpress.com/wcap/getting-started-whmcs-client-area/)

I see you have provided updated files for several that are experiencing this issue. I would very much appreciate the same.

Ticket has been opened: #24541

Thank you


JotterGO Purchased

This does not work at all and no one has answered my support ticket,

Hi, Since we are off on Saturday and Sundays, your ticket was replied on Monday.