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Demo not working. Won’t let me register a new account.

Hi, Thanks for reporting it, we wanted to fix it with the new version so it got late. It is now up and working.

Is this working for WHMCS for 7.3.0

Hi there, I have installed and configured the plugin as per your documentation. When i use a clients login information to login i takes ages to login and then takes me back to the login page? Have i missed something within the configuration?

Hi, There can be a number of reasons, please open a ticket at http://support.whmpress.com, with debug info from WCOM > debug info.

Hi there, Documentation here: http://docs.whmpress.com/category/other-plugins/legacy-plugins/whmcs-client-area-whmpress-addon/ it now outdated with new version. Any plans to update it?

Hi, Documentation is being updated and will be released in 2 working days.

Hi, thank you. It looks like multilanguage with WHMCS is no more available or I miss something? I ask because we run wHMCS in English and German. It worked fine before but is neither option for this nor works.


I’m interested in purchasing this plugin. But the demo username and password do not work. Can you assist with this so I can confirm if its what I’m looking for?

Registering does not work (the register button does not do anything when clicked)

Hi, Thanks for reporting it. Demo has been fixed.

I have installed WHMCS Client Area plugin successfully with my WHMCS. How can I get it to show in my WordPress, what is the shortcode I need to place in the page to display the client area?

Hi, it is [whmcs_client_area]

Presale Question: Does this plugin will also integrate with Wordpress default users system? Or this will be separate between the WP login detail and WHMCS?


By default, it keeps both WHMCS and WordPress separate. There is an option to enable synchronization between both systems, in that case, it let you login in both systems at same time.


Your demo link isn’t working and I’ve tried all the ones you’ve provided in te comments – the most recent says “WHMPress Helper is not active, kindly install and activate WHMPress helper in WHCMS addon modules.”

It would be helpful if you could get this up and running.

Hi, Demo is fixed and is working fine now.


I don’t think your demo is working properly, I can’t seem to access the client area page as WHMPress Helper is not active.


Hi, demo is fix and is working fine now.

Where is the WHMPress Helper file???????????????

I didn’t find on the package after download!

I have found it now, I remember the first time I download I have choose the ‘All Files & Packages” option.

Yes, you are right :)


yockl Purchased


First thanks for your great products!

I have two question regarding the client area integration, is it possible to add the server status, which means the server table including server name, running services, uptime….?

Second question is regarding the translation / language. On my client area, I have a mix in German and English. Some parts are correct displayed in German but the menus / navigation and links are in English, is a work around existing how to fix this issue? Currently the content is only in German languages existing on our website, therefore the client area should also only displayed in German.

Thank you very much in advanced

Dear yock!

Thanks for good words.

Do you wish server uptime/ status to be included in Client Area or in WHMPress?

We are releasing an update with all missing translations on Monday. You can also use “loco translate” WP plugins to translate any strings in German.



yockl Purchased

Hi creativeon,

confirmed, this would be nice if this can be included in the ‘Client Area’.

I will check with ‘loco translate’

Thank you very much


Davzuk Purchased

Hi, I am using WHMCS V6.3. WHMCS Helper is not working on my server my addon page keep showing me error 505 when i uploaded the module.

Please what’s the solution?

Hi, Please confirm if you are using v7.3 or v6.3?