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Your plugin can be used with the template: “https://themeforest.net/item/easyweb-wp-theme-for-hosting-seo-and-webdesign-agencies/14881144?_ga=2.226790237.1926333859.1513349337-1474346171.1511545528” ??


It works with easyweb.

Since it is API based solution, only data is transferred from WHMCS (no styling). so WHMCS template will not work. As all the HTML/styling is rendered within WP, it gives you standard WP techniques for easy formatting.

It will pick basic styling from easyweb, plus plugin gives you options to adjust colors and another basic styling to match with parent theme.


please check my ticket it is urgent.

Hi, Ticket #28818 is replied.

Hi, Im trying to test the demo but it doesn’t work, and another question is there any specific requirements (hosting) or recommended theme need it to install it?


I just bought it, and Im installing in my localhost before using it for the client to figure out how it works, but Im having problems to install it following the guide you provided, Im missing something? I’ve check the files that I downloaded and I can’t find the folder you mention on the guide:

“Upload contents of whmpress-helper.zip to /modules/addons/ located in your WHMCS install folder.”

I been looking everywhere and i can’t find where to add the files.

I also can’t find the “configuration.php file in WHMCS root folder”


1. You need to download full package. 2. Please follow this installation guide. http://docs.whmpress.com/wcap/getting-started-whmcs-client-area/

Please contact us on http://support.whmpress.com for further assistance.


hi, we changed domain, we want re-register plugin with new domain ?


Your ticket in this regard is replied. You can also un-register from WHMPress > Settings > unregister.


Hi your demo isn’t working. Is it possible with this plugin to have SSO and also run and LMS and woo-commerce too? Thanks

Nice suggestion, we will do that in next update.

Hi I have noticed in the demo there is no links to cPanel or webmail. is it possible to enable them? of not do you plan to add this feature and when? Thanks

This is not available as yet, it is scheduled for version 4.0 and ETA is not available at this time. Here is a post listing all limitations in current version


wilec326 Purchased

With this turned on, we now are no longer able to log in as client from the admin area. Instead it prompts for clietn log in. How do we get this function back?


This function is not available in the current release, We have added it in next revision, 2.6.1. ETA 1-2 weeks. Please open a ticket at http://support.whmpress.com, we will send you a copy as it completes.



wilec326 Purchased

ok ticket created.. also client can only see first 25 domains when they have more they are missing from their profile.

Hi, Ticket is repleied.

Hi, does the module work with other WHMCS modules that display things on the customer portal? For example we use a module to store passwords. It adds a link under the “Hello Name” menu link. Will it still work? Thanks


It will only work with WHMCS core.

ok, thank you. Will the SSO allow for the customer to switch between WordPress and WHMCS and stay logged in on both so I can redirect customers to WHMCS when they need custom plugins like the password module?

Thanks for your interest.

I am afraid it will not work that way, as SSO does not logins to WHMCS base install. instead, it logs you only into WP + Client Area plugin through WHMCS API. The session for this one is different form WHMCS session.

I’v had this plugin for a year. Just got to the point of installing it and using it hard time getting it to work. Helper not showing active and installed but I did.

H, Your ticket have been replied.

THE WHOLE OF MY WHMCS INCLUDING ADMIN SIDE HAS BECOME INACCESSIBLE WHILE CONFIGURING THIS PLUGIN. GETTING ERROR: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again.

I have now open a ticket on your support platform: WHMCS No More Accessible (#30187). Kindly treat with dispatch, pls.

Hello, It has been resolved and ticket replied.

It was due to the apostrophe character in configurations.php surrounding API Keys, instead of single quote.

Oh, thanks a lot!


siebe Purchased

Hi, pre-sale question: which plugin(s) do I need to make the WHMCS ‘not visible’ for the customer, such that everything is done through WordPress, including payment.


It will be whmcs client area plugin (payment/ invoices templates are used through WHMCS) until you are using merchant gateway. From end users point, WHMCS is not visible throughout the process.

The demo login does not work. Says you must enter a valid email address when I insert your given credentials. test@whmpress.com

should work with password: whmpress

The database is reset every 24 hours. So even if someone changes test password, it will again be available next day.

You may also create a new user and test things.

How to I activate whmcs cart and templates on client area! nothing takes effect!

When Whmcs cart and order pages (WCOP) is enabled whmcs client area (WCAP) order pages are auto replaced with WCAP order pages. Please note that default order process is included in both and looks same.

WCOP additionally offers template customization Single page template marchange gateway support

Can I buy your “WHMCS CLIENT AREA FOR WORDPRESS”? Please read the instructions of Maxhost Wordpress Theme which I purchased below.

WHMCS Our custom WHMCS template is compatible with latest version of WHMCS (version 7.4.2) and WHMCS Template is ready to install into your WHMCS site. Here you can see Live Preview of WHMCS Template built for your whmcs site.

You do NOT need to purchase WHMCS Bridge plugin. You can setup and use WHMCS without using the Bridge plugin. Other available themes with WHMCS are making you bound to use the Bridge Plugin, but we aren’t, we want to save your money. Your monthly cost behind the Bridge plugin will be saved. You just need to have WHMCS license and then you will be able to setup the WHMCS template in your whmcs site, within just a few minutes by following our given Documentation with the purchase files. Please your advice is urgent.


These are two different approaches. What your theme author is providing is a WHMCS template.

Its mean, your WHMCS will look alike your WordPress, but users will be redirected to WHMCS

With WHMCS Client Area Plugin (WCAP), users will stay one WP WordPress site. and unlike WHMCS-Bridge WCAP has one time fees only.

It is a choice that host needs to make on how he wants to handle his site visitors.


Thanks for your reply. I have viewed your WHMCS Client Area plugin life Demo, it is cool and lovely, it’s my choice. Question 1. Can I disable the Theme WHMCS template to properly use this WHMCS client area plugin? Question 2. Is there a detailed documentation for installation and configuration? Thank you.

Thanks for encouraging feedback.

1. Since WHMCS Client Area Plugin (WCAP) works over API (unlike whmcs-bridge, that wrap a whole copy of WHMCS in WP), and only data is transferred from WHMCS. It means all rendering/styling is done completely on WP. So you will be easily styling it to match your theme. Current look and feel of it are similar to WHMCS for the ease of users. You can modify basic styling using Admin area which includes colors for all the elements, buttons, radius etc.

2. Documenttion: http://docs.whmpress.com/docs/wcap-whmcs-client-area-api/