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pre-purchase question: is WHMCS free?

do you know of any open source whmcs

demo links doesn’t work ?

Check again, I’ve tested everything and all works as expected.

Ohh I found that it is not work only on Yandex browser. But working on Opera. Thank you.

I have sent you a support email 5 days ago and I have not received a reply. If I don’t hear from you in the next 24 hours I will report you to Envato.

I’ve sent you 3 support email the first was 5 days ago. Next I have read ALL of your documentation as I have already told you in the 1st and 2nd email I sent to you. Lastly, loose the hostile condescending attitude or I can “like I already said report you to Envato as well as just go ahead and leave a review of your support ethics and the fact that your plugin is not working. Your choice.

as I declared few minutes I didn’t find any emails from you before the one from Monday (25 Dec), I’ve just replied to your email again.

you are free to leave comment/review/or report to envato.


Hi, I didn’t get any response from you to my emails since 4th of Jan, is there is anything else I could help you with?

Hello! We use Eno from thememeto client template. It is compatible with our template? Can i use your Module because our Menu it is in Side Bar.

Thank you!

Hi, yes it’s compatible with eNO template, you may contact us for manual integration instruction if the automatic integration didn’t work out of the box, but we have many clients using the same template + other templates from ThemeMetro with our module.


E-mail,can you answer


E-mail,can you answer :)

our module is compatible with WHMCS v6.x, v7.0, v7.1, v7.2, v7.3, v7.4, v7.5

Is it possible to manage admin menu with this plugin?

Hi, it’s not a core feature of the module, also admin menu items displayed/hidden based on permissions the logged-in admin have.

Hey, great plugin really easy to understand and use. Is there a way to alter the side bar?

Thanks, unfortunately it doesn’t control sidebar

do u have any working live demo?

actually when you click on the “Live Preview” button it should redirect you to our demo, if you’re facing any issue viewing the live demo you may need to flush your DNS and/or open the URL in different browser.


wogogo Purchased


1. can i work with whmcs v7.5.1 ? 2. can i integrate my home site’s header into the addon,and use the addon to create menu for my whmcs ?


Hi, it works with WHMCS v7.5.1 and PHP 7.2 as well, the module is totally integrated into your WHMCS installation and with the automatic menu integration feature you don’t need to modify any files.

Hello, this produce any increase MySQL queries in whmcs?