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Hello, question regarding creating navigation menus for different client groups. I’d like for the menu to have different options depending on the client group, is this possible? Example: basic client only able to see self managed services such as domains etc. Fully managed clients only see support tickets as everything is managed for them.

Is this possible with your module?

Hi, publishing of menu item based on client group is not available yet, it will be added in future release as there is others asking for the same feature already

Thanks for your reply. Do you have an estimated time frame for this feature? I’d love to test things sooner than later.

Hi, one month or less

Hello, I bought your module and I have a problem. I use a template I bought and I want to add a sub-menu but the problem is that the sub-menu is displayed with bugs

The bug: My official menu

Can you help me ?

Regards, Medina Geoffrey I put the css of the menu which is nav navbar-nav navbar-left

Hi Medina, Replied to your support messages, please check.


dmayembe Purchased

Can I create a custom link on either menu(primary or secondary)

Yes, when you editing menu item or adding new one, select “External/Custom URL” from “Target URL” dropdown

Hello, good afternoon more than 15 days ago I asked for help to make the module work in the properly in design but I have not received an answer. I would like to know if you can help me, here I explain what I did.

In menumanager/clientarea

I created a new .tpl for the custom template, it was edited to work with the css of our design and this was done successfully.

in menumanager/libs

A new line was created so that the new template could be selected in the module, this was created successfully.

So far so good but there is a detail, there is a .tpl file in our design called “navbar-main.tpl” this function is to select the active manu and leave it as active however this file is the one I can not achieve to read the module I purchased, I would like to know if you can help me finish installing your menu module in my design please, since I can not find a way to read this tpl.

Here is the line that I need to integrate {include file=”$template/includes/navbar-main.tpl” navbar=$primaryNavbar}

Let me know if you need addiitonal information in order to fix this Thank you.

Hello, sorry but I did not recieve it, it is really strange, I filtered the email but no results, is there other way to view this? like we transfer or I dont kknow, appreaciate your help, Regards.

Hi Angel, I’ve sent the update again to both of your email 3 days ago, didn’t get confirmation from you! the update is submitted to CodeCanyon and is “Queued for Review” once approved you will be able to download from here, if you didn’t get the email yet.

Hello, Appreciate your follow up, thank you for the update, we have tested now the module for a few days and sent you by mail the follow up, let me know if you need additional information, Best regards.


ereemst Purchased

Happy, happy, happy i am with this plugin thx for creating it. no problems installing it good docs en easy learning. see for the results (Dutch)

Thank you, glad it helps :)