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Hi. Is there any way that your plugin will work to update the menus for WHMPress Client area which integrates the WHMCS with WP?

I see that it updates the menu for WHMCS stand-alone installation, but the original menu items are still showing in the WP integration.


unfortunately we didn’t test this yet

Could you tell us if it is already available for whmcs version 7.9.1? I see that there is no way to drag the menu to position it, it is fixed without Drag and Drop function. Wait!

please upgrade to the latest version

Thank you!


how do you upgrade, I purchased today Feb 7th and downloaded from codecanyon. is that the latest version that works with 7.9.1

Hi, to uninstall the module completely what tables in the database do I have to delete?

you can do that by navigating to Admin Area -> Setup -> Addon Modules -> Advanced Menu Manager -> click Uninstall button


ricrey Purchased

Is it compatible with WHMCS 7.9.2 and php 7.3?

yes it is

Hi! Will the custom menus be skinned correctly if my WHMCS client area is integrated into my website with WHMCS Bridge Pro?

Also, does this addon let me create custom sidebar menus like the built in Product Categories or Actions?


Hello, unfortunately I didn’t have any chance to test it with the mentioned integration.

presale question: if i update whmcs what will happen with advanced menu manager settings?

module settings should stay the same.

Hello mate. The add on made our whmcs super slow. Any idea how to fix the speed issue?


is this module compatible with the latest version of whmcs + php 7.3 as after uploading module, i go to Setup- addons, save and activate for administrator,

After saving I get blank page. also when I try to make light changes, I get this error

Error: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘clientgroups’ in ‘field list’ (SQL: update `menumanager_items` set `title` = Announcements, `url` = announcements.php, `urltype` = clientarea-off, `accesslevel` = 0, `targetwindow` = _self, `badge` = none, `css_class` = , `css_id` = , `css_icon` = , `datemodify` = 2020-04-05 14:27:12, `attributes` = a:0:{}, `language` = english, `clientgroups` = where `id` = 2)

How can I update this module please


It is the latest version from codecanyon I downloaded

is there an external link to download from ?

Hello is there no comments ?


ioecc Purchased

After the menu is built, when translating into a multilingual version, it is normal to enter the translated content for the first time and click Save. But the translation content cannot be saved after the second modification, please fix this problem as soon as possible, thank you

Hello, its not a normal behavior, please send us a request from the following URL, with information of how we could replicate/trigger the issue in our side to investigate it:

WHMCS 7.10.0 was just released. Before I upgrade to WHMCS 7.10.0, I need to know If the current version of WHMCS Advanced Menu Manager compatible?

it is compatible

is this a per site license?


Does this allow me to hide/show certain menu items to different Admin Roles?

We have support operators who should never see our Addon Settings.


unfortunately no, its meant to control client area navbars

Hello there. I purchased this and added it to my modules > addons directory. I then went to my admin area (On my account with the full administrator group) and when to Setup > Addon Modules and activated the addon. Once I did, I set it to work with every group. I then went to Addon and clicked on the manager and for some reason it says “Access denied for your group”, even though I do have perms. Can you help?

help provided via support email

Did this compatible with lagom template ?


pp-coder Purchased

I contacted you 3 days ago, still no reply! I can not create sub menu. I sent you screenshots.


pp-coder Purchased

We have to request for refund.

issue resolved