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I noticed some people complaining of some bugs, yea there are pretty lots of bugs for DBCinfotech to clear. Though I found solutions to some of them, like the Home search not working well on android, it is caused by 3 lines of code in the public_html/application/modules/theme/view/default/home_custom_search.php Its a javascript error, Admin will say more of it. But the main bugs are:

1. Some pages title are not SEO friendly at all, all carrying List Ad title all long, though I edited, but it won’t still yield a positive result.

2. Cache or Session doesn’t work well, if you login on a PC now and switch off and reboot, it will require you to login again which is inconvinient for most member.

That’s the 2 main problem for now… Now on your next upgrade endeavor to add the following: 1. A watermark feature to watermark uploaded featured image with desired image. 2. Maybe a Moderator feature too. 3. More payment gateway, paypal dont work everywhere.


Hello, Please contacts our support center. Hope your problem has been solved. http://support.dbcinfotech.net

you guys are not damn responding!


demirbey Purchased

We can not install :))

Why? Cause this script have a big bug since 2015. (Binary file system etc.)

We are waiting to start our project. Why? Cause Senior developer know this bullshit :))

If you planning to buy this poor script think again.

There is not fair: 3.46 average based on 71 ratings.

Don’t give thought to 3.46.


demirbey Purchased

Still waiting :)))

Wtf. This is amazing!..

Dear team, I am unable to upload your file. It contains virus. I am waiting from past 15 days for Installation support and created support request for the same. Kindly assist. Thanks.

Created ticket no 1948, 20 days back and waiting for the assistance.

We are very sorry for the delay. Our developer team will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Thanks, we will look on the issue.

This comment is currently being reviewed.


hdclic Purchased

I want to buy the script

I want to know can you help me in the work of amendment

I want when entering Hhs to put his announcement that puts the first announcement And on-site registration in a second stage

can you do that?


hdclic Purchased

1 add ads 2 registration

Hello, Please contact our support center http://support.dbcinfotech.net. Send us a ticket for solving your problem.

Hello, Is this script license can we install for unlimited website or just 1 website ? thanks

Please lease send us a ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.