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for Documentation Quality

Perfect documentation.
Easy setup to setup and use.
Simple interface but the system is perfect and it has everything for a listing website.
Buy it you will love it.


Author response

Many many thanks. Such complement will inspire us to make our service more improved and friendly. Thanks

for Design Quality

Funciona muy bien aunque, seria bueno agregar desde el panel Google Adsense, nuevos diseños y facilitar la instalación de certificado SSL desde el momenot a implementarse, despues todo funciona muy bien

for Customer Support

In over 15 yrs buying product for my Internet business, I have to give highest rating for super support. Response time was outstanding, detailed and fixed my little install issue (my mistyping) within ours.
Documentation and use easy to understand - just top notch.

for Customer Support

Absolutely amazing customer support. Quick response times and they know their script really well.

I highly recommend their services if you are looking for well-coded work and great customer service!

The script runs quick, database nicely designed and great documentation and FAQs.

for Feature Availability

This script is awesome my site is running now for more than 8 months. And they have a SUPER GREAT SUPPORT ^_^ more Power..

My Site using this script :

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