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so I would like to know why I receive emails from my site send empty see below isr what you can tell me c is what as problem

Full name: Gender: Email: Area: Check box: Message: zaza > is ok IP Address:

Thank you

You edited the email sending function ? Because none of our email sending has those gender , area fields. If so then you made some mistake while editing the codes. Thanks

I apologize it was from another site, now the problem c is what after registration I receive the message quickly no activation nothing Thank you

Thank you too

Hello, is there any way to sort categories or subcat and businesses? Thanks

Categories and sub categories are already sorted alphabetically based on their name. Thanks

users as it is possible to organize on rights?

there are two types of users and they have separate permissions by default. Thanks

can I make them be customizable?

Sorry but that will need you to changes codes. Thanks

i updated to 2.2 and now have i “Failed to connect with webhelios”. error on admin login

Got your email and solved. Thanks

When we paste the url of our site (home page) on facebook its show Whizbiz Business Classified|Search and post category top ads classified buy sell. real estates electronics pets vehicles matrimonia, in every file and Sql Table we change to our company name but it show Whizbiz, how to change ?

Send us your access via that support link. We will check.


The problem not found. Probably happening for facebook caching. Thanks

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: /home/onskyro1/public_html/third_party/MX/Loader.php

Line Number: 96

Check ROOT/application/config/database.php and check if your database config is correct. Thanks


nhr2k Purchased

Any issues with this script on Hostgator shared hosting? Looks good! Thanks.


nhr2k Purchased

Ok great! I’m going to buy 1 now and compare it with another script. The best of the two will get the other domains. Thank you and I really appreciate the quick feedback!

Thanks you too

How can I limit users to not be able to put a rating ???

There is an option under Admin panel > business directory > site settings > Enable review . This option can be used to enable disable the whole review thing. Thanks

Thanks for answering . Is it possible to restrict only the group of users and not all?

Replied on other comment. Thanks

how to limit for a certain group of users?

You can turn off the whole package selection thing from Admin panel > packages > package settings > Enable post pricing . But if you want to keep the package selection and also want to make a lifetime package then actually that is not possible. But you can use a large number of days as expiration limit. Thanks

How can I add my php code to the page?

This is actually a tough question. Of course you can add your code. But as you know this is a CMS build using a framework, so you’ve to follow some rules. Thanks

Hello it is possible to create a premium post which they can upload more photos than the maximum photo? example ads 1 (default maximum photo is 5) then if the users is premium it can upload beyond 5 photos per post?

Sorry but no such feature is available. Thanks

ok thanks btw what does this means “-Add grab protection for email and phone number on detail page [UPDATE]?”

If you view the page source for detail page, you’ll see the email address is rendered in a way so that spammers can’t use a script to grab the email id. Thanks

Hi. I want to sell the script, but I need to know if you offers the service to create a new theme to the script or maybe you know someone that can make this job.

Hi, thanks for the comment. Sorry that you can sell the script to others even you customize it with a new theme. The script wont run in any domain without a purchase code from codeanyon. So if you want to sell it say to 5 people, then you’ll need to bought 5 licenses from here in codecanyon. If that is ok with you then there is no problem. It’s developed based on codeigniter hmvc and bootstrap. Also we’ve given instruction on our documentation about customization process. So we hope you’ll find good developers on outsourcing markets. Also we offer theme development, but we are taking very few jobs now a days due to our resource shortage. For that you may contact us via email. Thanks

i have some question:

1. can you make selected search by country, by state. Search by state and city wil be automatically show with macthing selected by selected country. As input location in list business, state automatically show with matching selected country.

2. can it make automaically import location from google maps? or can it make import using file csv. so if some one have many bussiness it very simple to import data.

3. can make its all free for user? so user nothing pay to input bussiness?


Hi, #1 & 2 : these things will need customization. There is an advance search option. You can check them here http://webhelios.com/clients/whizbiz/ . 3. You can turn off the package selection from Admin panel > business directory > site settings > enable pricing option. Thanks

By the way do you have blog latest post widgets?

There is a blog post widget. You can use that if you want. Thanks

Hello, webhelios

1) We just need the function at the notification for review option

2) Is it possible to create a premium post to download more pictures than the maximum photo? For example, ads (the default maximum photo is 5), so if users are premium, they can upload more than 10 photos per publication?

3) I would keep the selection of packages and also create a lifetime package, why not add the function?

4) Limit for a certain group of users?

5) Where to find the latest blog post widgets?

Thank you

Hi, sorry but all the thing from#1,#2,#3,#4 will need code customization. We will recommend you to hire freelance developers to achieve such features and changes. #5 The widget is Admin panel > widgets > all widgets > blog posts . Thanks

MODrewrite for SEO index.php – SOLVED. Check on: https://www.romanianbizz.com/en. For more details : admin [at] reboxdata.net

I’ve seen many users who have a problem with index.php and do not manage to solve it myself. I just want to help them.

Hello, Two questions before purchase: 1-can you add at least one listing to see what it looks like? 2-Is it possible to request a small customization? Thank you

Hi, 1. send us an email, we will give you access to a full functional version 2. Sorry, but that wont be possible for us right now. Thanks

Please use this form https://codecanyon.net/user/webhelios . And don’t share your email id publicly unless you want to get tons of spam. Thanks

Hello how to change the total views format instead of 1100 make it 1,100 or 1.1k?

Its ok, By the way can you add this feature in the future same the same on google for example

The Business establishment Day and Time is Mon open 8am-8pm and the user visit the listing on the said day and in between of the open hour time the`re will be a text that will appaire “Open Now”?

and also you dont have a plan to have this script a plugins?

1. We think that would be a bit difficult. Because for that we will need time zone for all business. Hence adding this option will also need to update existing business information. But we think it’s possible to find out a way. So can’t ensure you right now, but we will try. 2. Actually we have no plan for plugins, instead we are giving such functions as new features with the script. Thanks


Why not add a function that adds the site’s image automatically instead of downloading it?

I’m talking about thumbnails of websites, a preview of a site in image miniature – ou thumbshot

Thank you

Then question is not clear to us. Thanks

1. Can we remove both ”/index.php/en” 2. we can add SMS API for contact business profile ? 3. Or send SMS alert for expired time period ? 4. guest can add listen business without log in ? 5. Make E- mail template for send bulk SMS ?

Hi, Sorry but all of these things will need customization. Thnaks


We asked you instead to download an image? why not add a system that detects the image of the website automatically. Could you make an effort to integrate it into your plugin

Thank you

We think it just create confusions and will add some overheads. Thanks

How much thanks

Sorry but we think there is some miss understanding. When we are telling “Overhead” then it means, it will add some code which is not required by most of the buyers. But you may hire developers and customize your copy. Thanks