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Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: /home/onskyro1/public_html/third_party/MX/Loader.php

Line Number: 96

I purchased server on digitalocean and install php and mysql then put the folder there and i got this error.

The database config file is under ROOT/application/config/database.php . You can change the database connection settings from that file. Probably you putted a installed versions file to a new server, so obviously it will miss the database settings. Please update that file. Onemore thing please always contact via the support tab for getting quick support https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support . Thanks


iryston Purchased

How to update for the new version?

download the latest pack from codecanyon. You’ll get a update zip and instructions within that. Thanks

Hi. I am interested in buy this script, but I have a question. The source code is avaliable to make changes according my needs or it is encrypted?

You’ll get the unencrypted code. Thanks

Dear friend! I purchased your product, but it does not work properly: 1) Russian language is not displayed (emptiness instead of words) 2) Maps do not work indicating the location of the object

Got your email and replied. 1. Probably you used the autotranslate function. Actually google stopped the free version of auto translate. So it doesn’t work anymore. You can edit ROOT/dbc_config/locals/ru.yml file and make the translation manually. Also we provide a default ru.yml file with the pack. We also attached it with this email. 2. While creating or editing a business you can put the address and click locate on map button. It will try to point the exact location. If not then you can drag drop the red marker on map to point the exact location. Btw don’t forget to set the api key for google map from Admin panel > business directory > banner settings . Thanks

Hello please i am interested in this script but i have one question is there an API for this script so i can develop a mobile app (native) for it or is it possible to create an API with this codeignite plugin codeigniter-restserver. Please i need your Answer ASAP thanks

Hi, No there is no api available at this moment. Also the that plugin wont be able to do it. Because that will not match our coding and database structure. Thanks

Do you have any suggestion that you can offer because i need to build an app if i am to use you script. Thanks i will appreciate you reply

You can easily convert any website to a app by using webview. You can take a look here http://support.webhelios.com/index.php/en/show/faqdetail/29/Whizbiz,-Autocon-and-Newspilot-android-application Thanks


Question before purchase

Our new project and create a directory site with your cms I notice in your blog, it lacks a comment form how to add it

Would it be possible to have a short code ,that displays on the home the number of, for example “Referred sites: 66 – Sites waiting: 5 – Sites refused: 41 – Sites banned: 6 – Categories: 181 – Webmasters: 123”

Thank you

2. Sorry that we are not taking customizations jobs right now. 3. You can also achieve this by customization. 4. We are thinking about it. Some other clients also asks for this. 5. No other template. Thanks


Need help

1) Not found on the panel or changes that?

Powered by WhizBusinessDirectory

2) Fixed menu bar that sticks to top of page with scroll Something missing in the css


.header-2 {
    padding: 15px 0;
    position: fixed;
    z-index: 1030;
    right: 0;
    left: 0;
    top: 0;
    border-width: 0 0 1px;

Thank you

1. you can change that from ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/footer.php file. Btw for support please contact via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support Thanks


tuku007 Purchased

i want a option in back end hide all phone no in a single click.how to do this? + i want to show a contact button in all post can you guide me to do that


tuku007 Purchased

so can you do this?


tuku007 Purchased

while getting list view few lines of description are showing but there is no read more or click to know more button or link available which makes post view odd how to do this ?? how to make list view default??how to make the existing menu sticky menu??

1. We will add the “view more” link on list view description on next update

others : All those thing will need small customization. Sorry that we are not taking customization jobs right now due to lack of resources. But we think you’ll find plenty of developers on freelancing marketplaces.


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Wow, that’s really a great piece of work. Best wishes for you. Thanks


tuku007 Purchased

thanks for great support ..great script,i have mailed little bug details n requirements kindly send the fix do the needful.

Thanks. Btw we don’t get any email from “tuku007” on our support email. Thanks

Hi, Really great script – is this the latest version of the script for purchase, please? https://waraywarayako.ph/en

No, no. He customized whizbiz and achieve that look. Thanks


Seasle Purchased

Hello, is their anyway to change the slideshow images from the admin panel?

Hi, If you set bannert type = parallax slider from Admin panel > business directory > banner settings , then you’ll get an option in admin panel to change the banner images. Thanks


oba4me Purchased

Please when i try to use the search business on my server online i get this error “The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.” with this url “https://finder.com//index.php/en/results/country=+city=+plainkey=+category=any+distance=+geo_lat=+geo_lng=+sort_by=” but on the local server it work fine and takes me to the search page with this url “http://localhost/www/finder/index.php/en/results/plainkey=+country=+state=+city=+category=any+distance=5+geo_lat=+geo_lng=+sort_by=” i checked through everything intact so dont if i am the only one with this issue. Note i use an IIS to host the application. Please what should i do. All other search works fine on the server apart from the home search with the above error while it work fine on local server.

Hi, probably your hosting is blocking + characters on url. May be it has some type rules in htacces or somewhere else. Btw probably you removed the site from that domain. If not then please contact the hosting provider. Also send us an email with the site address and ftp access via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support . We will help. Thanks

WHIZBIZ is a very good CMS but you need a Support Forum ( webhelios help users and user help user)

Thanks. We are really sorry that we don’t have enough resource now to maintain a forum. Also if you search google you’ll see many people are using cracked copy of our products and we don’t want to provide support for them. Thanks

Make a Froum for Only Purchased User…

We once think about it, but didn’t find any built in script which can do valid codeigniter buyer verification :( Thanks

Can it host different languages? Like English, Russian together?

Yes, it can. Check our demo. You’ll see english and russian is running together. But if you want different domain or subdomain for each language then you’ll have to buy separate license. Thanks

Hi, I need a real portal not only business directory, I see here News, Blog and Articles, but I need these on sidebar or on homepage, this is possible?If yes is a great Wordpress alternative.

Hi, There are widgets for news, blog and articles. Using them you can place them on homepage and sidebar. But remember that the script is build specially for business. News/blog/articles are just some extra feature. So if you want to use it as a portal which have everything then it may not meet all your requirements. In such cases you’ve to customize your script. One last thing, we actually don’t compare our script with wordpress. Wordpress is far more better CMS than anything on market. Thanks


PxlWeb Purchased

i bought this template and installed it, it works fine but in admin area in banner settings when i choice slider, i dont see where to update slider and change pictures or make new slider, where is slider admin menu ?


PxlWeb Purchased

we want to update main site description but i dont see any area in admin how to update languages, any files ? we can change manually because auto update work wrong, it is not true translated.

Hi, 1. There are two types of banner slider for home page. If you set it to “parallax slider” then you’ll get an option in admin panel left menu. For layer slider you’ve to update files. Check “How to update banner” section under Documentation > Important faq . 2.You can edit ROOT/dbc_config/locals/en.yml or yourlang.yml file to change the translation manually. 3. Please first check the documentation. Specially the “Important faq” section that we gave with the product. This will help you to understand how the script work, what functionality it has. One last thing for support please contact via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support. Thanks

i’ve came across to your software and i found it as i want but i’ve few questions that i want to clear before purchasing script (license + Support) 1. First and very important is URL Structure, i want to make it like: http://example.com/city/category/listing-or-business-name-will-here/unique_id and it can be changeable if i need to change it in future 2. I am targeting only one country so i want to remove country dropdown list in add new business + i want STATE, CITY and AREA Fields. (already did using some trick but need a professional change) 3. Any other if i found…

If you help me to solve above problems then i am ready to purchase your software otherwise i’ve to look another alternative, however Software is Good but need some improvements to beat others. Currently, i am running version 1.7 on localhost and testing it…

WAITING for your response….

Sorry for late replying and sorry again that those things are not “problems”. They are customization work. You’ll need to hire freelancers for that. We only provide free support for issues and bugs. Thanks

I interest to use this directory cms, can I change the site to indonesian languange (bahasa indonesi). Thanks

Here is the Indonesian language for whizbiz http://whizbiz.webhelios.com/index.php/id. The default pack doesn’t have this file. If you want we will give you that file. You can also create and modify language files as per your need. If possible check the documentation. Thanks


kwan88 Purchased

Hi I use v.2.0 ,I want show google street view how? Thanks.

Hi, 1. There is a settings under Admin panel > business directory > site settings > Show Street View . 2. There is also a settings on new and edit business form “Disable google street view ” . Thanks


seanlim Purchased

Hi will bulk upload of directory be available?

Hi, Sorry but right now we have no such plan. Thanks