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how can i change the admin login box where is written in the box ” whizbiz admin”

You can change that text from your language file. Thanks

there is no such text in language file

Can you be a more specific. Actually the login panel doesn’t have any text saying “whizbiz admin” . If possible send us an email via the support tab. Thanks

i am interested to buy your script but can you tell me ads view customize according to me, and add custom filed? like as owner name or photo

Hi,Sorry for late replying. We were on holidays. Sorry that if you need such customization you’ll need to hire freelance developers. Customization is out of our and codecanyons support terms. Thanks

Where I can set guests can be rating/review ?

Sorry that it’s not possible. Thanks

Can i disable the registration? It is possible to change the rating for guests

That will need customization. Thanks

Not SEO friendly not even 1 % is goood

Thanks. We appreciate your comment. Hope you’ll review other codecanyon items too. :)

bulk listing upload using CSV? If no, then how much time it will take to add about 1300 business listings?

Bul uploading is not available right now. Some of our clients even using the directory with 50K 70K business. Creating 1300 business wont take much time if you have all the data available. Thanks

Where can i to change the Titel – <title> Tag ( i change the Site Title to – Die Info für Stadt und Region | but seo tool see – die info für stadt und region | | suchen und nach kategorie top-anzeigen )

There is a settings under Admin panel > system > default site settings > site title . And also you’ll be able to translate/change some section of title from the language file. Btw please contact via the support tab for getting quick support. Thanks

Can not connect using provided settings why we are geeting this issue ? how to fix this give solution asap

Check your database settings perfectly. Or send us your cpanel access and domain name via the support tab. Btw it seems that you bought the product more than 6 month ago, didn’t you use it in this period . Thanks

Hello good day i would like to suggest that the Login/Signup page will not accessible once the user is already login.

By the way additional it is ok to add this feature also

Once the Business has been claim the Claim button should be disabled already and the business will become Verified. and also can you add a Verified users(which has a proof that the users posted the business listing is trustworthy)

We have a plan to add verified business marking. But disabling that claim button after the first claim wont be appropriate. We will think about it. Thanks

ok thanks.. btw the support i will renew it onces i got a funds thank you very much


We have not used the site since Returning from a holiday

Before launching our site in production

We still have the test on payments How to test payments?

Thank you

If you want to use paypal payment gateway, then you must have paypal. You can create sandbox account(paypal test account) to check the functionality, but ultimately you’ll need actual paypal account. Sorry that this is out of our free support terms. We can ensure you that paypal function is working perfectly in whizbiz because lot of our consumers is using it right now. Thanks

No problem, we will create an account. Thanks

Thank you too .

Password recovery problem. I will paste the email address, send it. A white page will remain.

I tested. It’s already working. well thank you

How to insert the logo into the notification mail? I want to adjust my look.

a.) Confirmation Email b.) Recovery Email c.) Payment Confirmation Email d.) Post expiration notification e.) Post published email

For support please contact using the support tab. The comment section is not for answering support questions. Btw right now it’s not possible to add logo in system generated emails. Only plain text format is supported Thanks

How to hide [users] from top menu ?

From Admin panel > pages & menu > all pages > users > edit set “Show in menu” = No . Thanks

url broken, my business name is classic it show lassic, please check this url

This problem also in your demo, /est-Resort instead of /Best-Resort, /ryan-Club instead of /Aryan-Club

Thanks a lot for notifying that. We’ve fixed it. Please send us an email using the support tab . We will send you the file. Or you can also change ROOT/application/helpers/MY_url_helper.php file and change this line
$title = mb_substr($title, 1,$max_character);
$title = mb_substr($title, 0,$max_character);

hi how can i change position of level 3 menu ? i used RTL as direction and i need my level 3 menu to be open in the left of level 2 menu but it still open in right after i make it RTL and it gone out of screen because of RTL . where should i change it?

Hi, Our default menu doesn’t support three level menu. So we are sorry that we can’t tell anything without inspecting the problem. Thanks

hi i use Persian as the main CMS language . i translate them and everything is okay. there is a little funny problem . in URL , if i use a character ( م ) and after that i use another character it show not found page but if i use a character before that or that character alone its no problem and only this character is the problem . maybe its unicode or the program take this as code or some problems like that . do you know how to fix this issue?

Probably that character is not permitted as URI character. For support please contact via the support tab. Thanks

when the update release?

Not fixed yet. Btw can you please tell one more time for which update you are waiting ? So that we don’t miss it. Thanks

the verified business and the login/register page should not accessible once the user is already login

We’ve submitted the update. Hope it’ll be approved soon. Thanks

Hello, is ot possible to change between 2 languages? or just one?

Did not understand your question clearly. If you want to remove extra languages then ofcourse it’s possible. Check these links and Thanks

its fine, i got it, Thanks for this script , really awesome!

Thank you too.

author by the way can you check this one check this one why this thing happened

Check if you have any zip file or other files within theme folder.

is all done thanks

Hi where to put Google Api?

In gallery section of a business, you can upload multiple picture.

when i post an article/news/blog post i would add multiple image in my blog post

You can add images within your post description using the image feature of the editor. Check this Thanks

Parallax slider Is it sold separately?

No, it’s integrated with the script.

Hello, Every thing is ok, just the website become too long wide scrool, from down, I sent you a message, note it please

Already replied to your email. Check. Also we didn’t find any width issue. Thanks

Thanks a lot