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hello do you have any idea why my page title , description , meta keyword doesnt work and show only the main setting data not the page data ? my site is arioservice.com

Go to Admin panel > pages & menu > all pages . Find your specific page and go to edit. In edit page you’ll get meta options for that page. Thanks

Can you add STRIPE payment gateway?

Hi, It’s possible, but right now we don’t have any plan to add that as an update because it’s not a common requirement. Thanks

how do i change the categories from a square looks to a circular display, or how can I get some different Themes

There are three types of widgets for categories. You can check them by placing them to position “home_page” from admin panel > widgets > widget position. Sorry that we don’t have any other theme now. Thanks

is there a possibility to link images externally

With out customization, the answer is no. Thanks

could you do that for me?

Sorry but we are not taking customization jobs right now. Thanks

@TKMTechLtd, I already integrate stripe payment. Its not so hard. If you want I can send you the integration, or I can send it to webhelios and they can add this into next release.

@HurricanX, What you mean with link images externally. You want to upload ads feature images, gallery and logo images on different server or ?

Hi, You may contact them through their profile page. They already replied and wanted to contact with you. Thanks

@ggeorgiev88 yes [for example, host on picflash.org] on on different server

You may contact with him from his profile page Thanks

@ggeorgiev88 yes please :) Send email via my profile. Разбирам на български :)

You may also contact him through his profile page. Thanks

is it possible to add local business import feature from google places, I have seen this function in mycity wordpress theme, its convinient and speedy process to start a directory listings, Manualy adding listings is very time consuming and costly. And may be atleast you can add a function to import via csv file. Is there any plan to add this feature in this script or if i go for customization, what are the charges ?

Hi, Sorry but we have no plan right now to add such features as updates. You may go through previous comments. We discussed the problem with some buyers. We think such features are out of our product scope. We want to keep our script simple. Btw just scrapping data from google will give you a bad performance in SEO. Thanks


glowndark Purchased

I try to redirect my site to https, but have problem. I use ”$config[‘use_ssl’] = ‘yes’;”, but when someone try to access site with http, site open without https. I try to redirect used .htaccess RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

but when open site with http, after redirect to https a get error 404

Force https redirecting should be done via htaccess file. That config variable has no relation with it. Probably you got some issue on that htaccess file. Did you check your hostings cpanel options ? Some hosting provide a default feature to redirect url to https on their cpanel. Thanks


glowndark Purchased

I try to redirect from cpanel. After redirect my domain from http to https browser display message – incorrect redirection. Do I need to set a further redirect through htccesses? Why the system does not automatically redirect after USE SSL in set to YES?

Now you can ask about this to your hosting provider. That must work and it actually doen’t have any relation with the script. Thanks

I have emailed you login details

pls respond ASAP

Replied. Thanks


A simple question When is the new update planned? Fixed menu but floating according to the scrollbar

Kind Regards,

Please send us an email using support tab. We will give you a file. We think we are not gonna give fixed menu as an update. Thanks

How do I remove the approve status for new users that have registered via the site? I do find the option to do or do not approve new posts. Is there a similar option for automatic approval of new users?

No, a new user must be verify via email or admin needs to approve him from admin panel > users. Thanks