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how we can charge users? and can we place custom ads/gif ?

Hi, 1. You can create packages for posting business and making business featured. You an take payment for those packages voa paypal. 2. Yes, you can place custom ads by using widgets from admin panel. Thanks

I dont think I like this, too buggy, always lag and freeze, sometimes does not update and have to do things 2-3 times for it to go through. I’m not liking this, can i get refund?

no shit, they will not resize properly

not because picture is wrong size cause your code has error. look hot it zoom in.

We don’t think this is right. The script is developed based on bootstrap and also you checked the live demo before buying. Thanks

Google Map will allow me to add my own business location in this App? I mean I only want to use Map but not their already listed business. (I want to add my custom business listing with location which show only my added business location on Map)

You can see the map in action from this url http://whizbiz.webhelios.com/index.php/en/results/plainkey=+city=any+category=any+distance=25+geo_lat=+geo_lng=+sort_by= . Just click the “marker” icon beside “list/grid” icon which is on top of results. Thanks

Few Major functionalities need to be added & bugs should be fixed.

1.Search function is not Working Perfectly,while using advance search searching a particular business it show result all business related to your search term. after using search filter by particular area results are not showing properly. I mean to say if i am searching business by its title X the title X should be in first position of search but its buggy some time it show another business too . Example:Check by searching New Cinema in your demo script by different location you can understand the real issues. New Cinema is listed for Las Vegas locality but it show its presence in other locations too. Search By Location + Search By Title Functions should be fixed & added in Advance Search.

2.After hiding phone no. Phone Icon is showing in the listing, phone no is getting hidden the “empty space in phone no showing with call fa-icon” is ruining the look of entire website how ever if you can add a call or contact button linked to contact by mail or some popup Contact Form for “hidden contacts only” which make the script justified reason to hide contacts.

1. If you use the plain search box then it’s the expected outcome. For location, category search there is separate fields. In plain search the script just search through all the title, description, category, location etc. 2. Thanks for the suggestion. We will think about it. Thanks

i have few questions

1.Where is the sticky menu option in Back-end? 2.What is the Exact proper image resolution for thumbnail view & Gallery view that totally fit the images in featured image area without showing black unused area. 3.By the way can you add watermark and bookmark ? 4.Where is the Open now option?

Hi, 1. We didn’t formally introduce sticky menu yet. Send us an email, we will give you the code. 2. business thumb image size: minimum 300×226 . There is no fixed size for the gallery. It will place the image in center. 3. We will try if we can add them, but can’t ensure you. 4. Open Now featured is removed due to some issue related to timezone. If you want send us email. We will activate it on your copy. Thanks

Can you integrate the listo theme is a simple html theme, a premium design and that matches theme especially for directories


Hi, that’s a very nice theme. But if we want to integrate it then we’ve to buy the extended license which is 999$. So it wont be possible for us. If you want, you may buy a single user license and hire developers to make that a compatible theme for whizbiz. Thanks

Admin Preview not working.

It’s ok now.


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Just a suggestion, is it possible to show a google map with pins in of all the locations on the directory?

Initially we thought about this. But loading all the locations(most of the people have over thousand location) makes the script very very slow. Thats why we only show business in the map as pin. Thanks

Hi, sorry but right now we are not available for custom work. Thanks


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is it possible for a small code change to allow the gallery to hold .pdf files ?

Hi, sorry but gallery is intended to be held images, not pdf file. So the change wont be actually small. But it’s possible to make gallery like options to upload pdf files. For that we will recommend you to hire freelance developers. Thanks


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Could you possibly quote for this please ? Rather urgent website that id like to create and this script is so perfect for it but I would love for the listings to be able to cater for pdf’s. I have been looking around the code but can’t seem to see the controller for the upload script ?

Please send us an email from support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support . We will let you know the controller and function name. If you then need a quotation, we will try to give you one. Thanks


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Why my hosting is blocking assets/admin/css/signin.css?

Can’t say anything without inspecting the proble. Please contact us with your hosting access via the support tab. Thakns

Hi, are you planning to put an option to add a business in more than one category?. Thank you.

Sorry but don’t have such plan right now. Thanks


Kindly checking if the following is included in the script: 1- Custom fields ( if custom fields for category as well would be plus) 2- Advanced search for custom fields 3- Supports multi-language (& RTL language). 4- Support JSON API, that we can use to build cross-platform apps?

Many thanks in advance

Hi, #1,#2,#4 is not included within the script. #3 is available. You can check it on demo.. Thanks

Hey guys when I choose main language for website PORTUGUESE, this error shows:

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined property: stdClass::$pt

Filename: helpers/dbcbusiness_helper.php

Line Number: 678

can you help please

this is my installation: guiaca.com.br

Please send us an email with your ftp access from here https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support . We will help. Thanks


Sign in with facebook

Our domain is subdomain is already integrated in “Areas of the app” it does not work anymore

Our facebook app is activated and it works, tested it on another site. the version of API 3.0

Unable to load this URL: The domain of this URL is not registered in those of the application. To import this URL, add all the domains and subdomains of your application to the Domains field of the application settings.

Thank you

We also faced the same problem and then solved it by following this https://wp-native-articles.com/blog/news/how-to-fix-facebook-apps-error-cant-load-url-domain-url-isnt-included-apps-domains/. It’s the app setting problem, you need nothing to change in codes. Thanks

This has been done for a long time, Facebook login apps created since 2014

Yeah, thats because facebook has changed some of their settings. Thanks


Will you add “comment counter” so admin can track all new comments on the site.


A business owner can see his reviews from Admin panel > business directory > all posts > options > view all reviews . But if you need something like email alert whenever a new review is posted then we think that will be a good addition. We will try. Thanks

Yes. That is exactly what I mean. Thanks.

We’ve noted it down. Thanks

Has anyone been able to quit the photos from spinning. its seems like an easy fix but cant locate the folder. nor the folder to updated the css colors for a the verified badge. thanks

The css file is ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/assets/css/styles/style.css and the class is
.image-style-one:hover img

can you give me any tips on how to quit them from rotating and be still

If you find that calss then just comment out it. Or contact us using support tab with your ftp access. Thanks


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We are trying to add photo in list business but we cant able to add.

it says The file you are attempting to upload is larger than the permitted size even though i tried the default photo which are already in the script.

please give the solution.



swarup_b Purchased

sir its not uploading even 30KB image also.

Send us your site name and login and ftp via this support form https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support. We will check. Thanks

404 – Nothing to see here

From Last 7 days, my site can;t work properly, when i submit the new ads, its show blank screen, please check this issue,

i will also sent the cpanel password and admin password

we are nothing update, and site open in our site, please try to check https://image.prntscr.com/image/PxqXdbdsSuyH5NsGQocEpg.jpg and https://image.prntscr.com/image/d-j6LCD1RzOvWnLr0KU0Fw.jpg (when we click on new add or edit add, it show error)

Problem solved. Please always contact using the support tab. You sent the wrong address, thats why we were unable to load your site. Thanks