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Hi i am very interested in purchasing this CMS. but just thinking how to setup it in my cpanel.

please suggest

i have made purchase. After uploading whizbiz file and extracted. i tried opeining my domain . Not found any installation screen. Just found whizbiz_pack . please guide me

There is another zip wizbiz.zip within that pack. You just need to upload all the files within that zip to your server. Btw we do not provide support via comment section . So please contact via support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support . If you want you can send us your cpanel access. We can help you to install. Thanks

Until now, the support for this script was fantastic. Therefore I’m very convinced that I will continue using it. Now, as suggestion, not as help request, maybe the script developers will try to implement some stuff to increase the engagement of our users and to create a powerful community. For example, we need a widget for latest activity ( yelp style) with the latest comment and the latest review or the latest image upload. Also the user profile would be nice to have some additional features, like comments ( disqus or facebook comments), as there are already added on locations. Another important feature to add is the possibility that the owner to thank to those who reviewed their locations ( like in Google my business) .

Hi, Thanks for your comment. We’ve noted down your suggestions and will try to add them on future. Thanks

Hi Guys, just bought this script to compliment our existing newspilot site @ http://cryptonews.xyz we are very happy with the news script can the two scripts be easily combined? ie user base?

Hi, thanks a lot. Sorry that combining both of them together is a bit complex. We think it would be possible to combine the user base. But that will also need some complex customization. If you want to customize then you can send us an email. Thanks


foxesden Purchased

What it be possible to create us a plugin that would share widgets between the two?

Sorry but the answer is same. Both of them has separate database and database structure. So without customization it wont be possible.Thanks

I love the look of the app, but based on what i read, there is no mass import option. That’s a big deal as we will be doing multiple imports during the year as we get updates from our supplier. I know other business directories on codecanyon will accept mass import. I really hope that this feature is added soon!

Yeah, we’ve finished coding and now it’s in testing phase.

How’s that testing going? Ready to go live? :)

Sorry that we got a bit busy with other products update. Hope you’ll get it within this week. Thanks


tony7pt Purchased


Nice script!

Can your please tell me if there is any template of an APP for IOS and ANDROID to use with this script??

Best regards!

Thank you for the update.

It will be great, If you could update the url :).

We think it will be easy, because there is such a id for each business. Even you can do it by some simple code modification. Send us an email, we will tell you how to do that. Thanks

Message sent.

Replied and done. Thanks

Hello, what is the difference between your script and this:

WhizClassified – Classifieds CMS https://codecanyon.net/item/whizclassified-classifieds-cms/10502129?s_rank=34

That was for buying selling, Whizbiz is not for buying selling website. Actually once we were together and we developed these two scripts at the same time. Do a bit research on their searching fields , create/edit form and admin panel. You’ll get the answer by yourself. Thanks

Yes, I’ve just notice that.

I need customization of yours. I need to only registered users can access hide pages. How much to perform?

Hi, thanks that you select our product. Sorry that we don’t talk about customization jobs publicly. Please contact from https://codecanyon.net/user/webhelios this page via the contact form. Thanks

Is it possible to show the reviews also on the websites of the companies who are listed. Like trustpilot?

Do not get your question. We are not familier with trustpilot. Thanks

Hi, take a look here please to see what i mean. I want that people can place the reviews on there own website with. https://support.trustpilot.com/hc/en-us/articles/204123713-TrustBox-Library

Thanks for that info. We will add a embed widget on our next version. Thanks

Hi i am not seeing layer slider option and unable to remove “Whizbiz 2015, all rights reserved | Powered by WhizBusinessDirectory” from footer

Replied to email and problem solved. Thanks

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ahm I`ve already send you a mail

Where I cant contact you live nor chat?

Got your email and replied. Thanks

Nice theme, I already purchased it. How to setup facebook meta property=”og:image” to show specific image? And how to replace “BY THEMESTARZ” while posting my URL in facebook?

For support please contact via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support . Thanks


Gitek Purchased

Hello, the best script! :) One question, would you like to add too functionality for embed and iframe and functionality for adding more tabs like “Details, Contact and Review”? So I would like to have add some tag with name “SOMETHING” and add iframe to that tab. Will it be possible in the future? Thank you very much! Regards, Denis

Hi, We’ve plan to add a embed feature on next update. But adding custom tab is not on our list. Btw for support or suggestions please contact via the support tab. We check emails more frequently than comments. Thanks


Gitek Purchased

Hello, is it possible to disable a country?


Gitek Purchased

Or disable widgets on some position.. Would you like to add that functionality for next upgrade? I would like to disable “TOP USER” widhet on home rightsidebar position.Thank you. Regards, Denis


Gitek Purchased

Sorry, I found. I go to “All widgets” where we can activate/deactivate a widgets.

Thanks. Please for support always contact via this support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support. We check email more frequently than comments and also we don’t provide support via comment section. Thanks

hello it is possible to remove the sub category?.. I planning instead of being fixed Sub category make it optional..

For example: Main Category: Computer & Electronics, the Subcategory will be optional because not everyone Selling & Repair Devices, some of the business they only sell those item or only repair it.. Since it was like that the subcategory will be the same to the tags like Repair,Wholeseller,iPhone Service Center, and so on… And they can put all they wanted..

by the way thanks for your great support _

Hi, First of all for suggestions or support please contact from the support tab. Then subcategory is already optional. We know that a native app is better than a mobile view. But developing a native app takes too much time and we don’t have enough developer for that. You can give us suggestions via email. We will try to improve the design. Thanks

btw thank you….

Hi, i added new language and is rtl such as arabic,but it show ltr like english ,so how to modify this new lang key to be like arabic rtl layout

Please contact us via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support with your ftp access, domain name and the language name that you added. We will add the rtl support for it. Thanks

I bought Whizbiz script. I want to use this script in one language and I want to translate it into Turkish. Please help me.

Got your email and replied. Thanks


goosehot Purchased

Hi guys,

.htaccess file is missing in the package, how can I download the file…Thanks..

Hi, First of all for support please contact via the support tab. Secondly we don’t provide htaccess file with the pack, because none of our default feature needs it. Please contact us from the support tab and let us know for what you need it. We may help. Thanks


yavenay Purchased

How do you slow down the parrallax slider…....the slider is too fast.

You can edit ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/slider_view.php and change this line interval : 3000 . Btw for support please always contact via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/whizbiz-business-directory-cms/12931569/support for getting quick response. Thanks