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Hello. The plugin is awesome but I have to say that I am a tad bit dissapointed in the customer service. My ticket showing an obvious bug (modal not triggered from mobile menu link) has no longer been answered since a month almost. Can someone please take a look at my ticket—> 7890 and fix the issue.

I’m sorry you have waited. Please notice that it is NOT a bug in our plugin. As we described in the ticket the issue lies with your theme. When you switch to mobile view the theme uses a menu that doesn’t render shortcodes.

When you use the dynamic login/logout link in the menu

[loginout login=”Login” logout=”Logout”]

the plugin requires that your menu allows for rendering of shortcodes. If it doesn’t then there isn’t much we can do. If your theme supports a different menu in mobile view I would simply add a URL to /wp-login.php this will trigger the Modal in a different way.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I now understand what the issue. Thanks. Will try the workaround.

One thing you could do is contact the theme developer and ask him/her about rendering shortcodes in the mobile menu. Maybe this is something they could add support for in a future release. This way you can add the dynamic login/logout.

hello, is there a way to call this plugin in php so if i modify a template page to force user to login to access some content the login popup shows up and once logged in he will access to the content?

Can we implement something like header(‘Location: ’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]);

Also modal prevent me to access my menu (even if modal hidden) how could i prevent that?

I’m sorry, but we do not provide programming assistance. However, if you submit a ticket at our Help Center, I will get our lead developer to review your questions. We will do our best to help you.

Is there any way to: have the remeber me checkbox checked by default and to set the timeouts please. I’ve tried a remeber me plugin but its not compatible. Thx

As far as I know there is no default allowing this. This would require us to add support for this in the plugin. I’ve submitted this to our wish list.

Hello How can i add a field on registration? Because i would like to differenciate pro customer to personal customer so they would need to choose the option on registration.


Please notice that is not possible without customization. It sounds like you are running a membership website. Do you have a specific plugin to manage this?

Not yet but usually i m using wordpress groups plugin, or the option could be to choose a custom user role

When users come to the login they have no user role as they are not yet logged in. It sounds like you want to offer multiple different ways to register on the website. There are third party plugins which offer custom fields in the register form.