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Hi friends

Happy New Year 2017

Would it be possible to have custom CSS, for the connection button to have the same color Here is my color code “background-color: #55a098;”

Or find the plugin at the time zone and the mathematics field?

Thank you

I’ve heard about other customers using this hosting reporting any problems.


Have you added an attribute to customize color.shortcode On the example http://white-label-login.righthere.com/get-access-shortcodes/

Thank you

Unfortunately not at this point. Please notice that we can’t immediately add new features when they are requested. We have added this to the wish-list. I will see if we can get this prioritised.

Same questions ?? 1. This plugin only get the @facebook.com mail NOT the real one when the useres loging by facebook. How can I get the real one ?? Its not about the facebook app or user permision, I am the administrator of my site and if I used any other facebook login its get me in as an Administrator with my real email .. but with this plugin I login as a subcriber with my Facebook mail.

all ready register user log in with Facebook mail only ???


I see you as a user now with your mail but the user name its the facebook mail … not the user name

Im waiting to restore the app

Ok let me know .. if you need help please submit a ticket at our Help Center.

Pre-sale question, is it possible to set just one password for everybody, no registrations? And also can I edit background like putting an image? Thanks.

Yes, you can put images in the background (login), but you can’t set one password for all accounts. That would require customization of the plugin

How do i insert the social login shortcodes?

Thank you for buying the plugin.

Did you check out the demo site?


You can insert the Social Login buttons anywhere in your site with the shortcodes http://white-label-login.righthere.com/social-shortcodes/

In the Options > General Settings, you can enable the Social Connection feature and you can enable it in the login form


If you are on the Social Connection menu and look in the Help tab you will also find information about the feature \\

Hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Thanks for your reply but when I toggle “enable social connections’ and save it does not save and reverts to the ‘off’ mode

We will need to review your site in order to determine what is wrong. If you disable ALL other plugins do you still experience the issue? If this fixes it – you can activate one plugin at a time until you see the problem occurring again.  This way we can identify the cause of the problem and debug your site. 

Nevertheless, we will need wp-admin access to review this. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center.