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Hi once I login its redirecting me to wp-admin I want the user to go to the page they requested, it did it before, thanks.

The support ticket ID is: #9842

Thank you. We have added comments to your ticket.

I have updated the ticket.

How to I change the background when its password protect? Thanks

Not sure we support setting a background for the Password Protect screen \\

I will have to talk to our developers. If you submit a ticket at our Help Center we can better follow up on this.

I am just getting a spinning circle when forgot password is used.

That sounds like a conflict with another plugin or your theme. We can take a quick look if you submit a ticket to our Help Center.


Can it redirect to specific URL after registration?

There is no specific redirect after registration. We have redirect actions per user role on login and logout. When you have registered there is a message telling the user to look out for the registration email. http://cloud.righthere.com/34341g1J3Q1P

Where do I see how Google Authenticator works?

Google 2-Step Authentication https://www.google.com/landing/2step/

Please also look at the screenshots in the item page 21 of 40

And you can see how it looks in action here http://cloud.righthere.com/2J0q3E1q3I2z Go to white-label-login.righthere.com and click on Login (upper right hand corner)

You can also see more about this on http://white-label-login.righthere.com/google-authenticator/ This is how the interface looks in the frontend if added http://cloud.righthere.com/12381m0T3h3S and you also have the interface

And this is how it looks on the profile in wp-admin http://cloud.righthere.com/1b090O231v0w

Do you have the option of not typing code again on the same pc?

Ok, now I get what you mean. No we do not have that option. You will be required to enter the Authentication code every time you login if you have enabled 2-step authentication.

Do you have the option of not typing code again on the same pc?

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you please elaborate a little bit.

Do you have the option of not asking for the code again on the pc that already entered the code?

I believe I answered this already on the other comment you made. No we do not have the ability to NOT enter the code when you have already done it. If you enable 2-step verification you are being asked to enter it every time.

Hello, I need an addon that allows all users to log in and see the site with a unique code generated by me. Without email just a code. Does your plugin allow this?

Our plugin has a lot of features, but not the one you are requesting.

THe plugin allows a front end reset password isnt it ? And I can customize the default email using the same . IS that correct ? Thanks

You can customize the default WordPress login or use the Modal, Slide layout and customize the colors, fonts, styles etc. You can also customize the emails.

and the default ¨reset password¨ page could be changed?

Not sure I understand what you mean. Go to this page http://white-label-login.righthere.com/ click on login and then LOST PASSWORD. That is how it looks. You can change the animation, colors, fonts etc.. but we are using WordPress default process for reset password (Lost Password). You can customize the Registration Email and Reset Password Email. http://cloud.righthere.com/3E1R0H3Z3i14

I need the last version, on codecanyon still 1.3.2 but the backoffice notice me that there is an update (1.3.3) How I can take the last version? I also open a ticket but from 3 monthis I got no answer! Bad Support!

Version 1.3.4 has just been released with a compatibility fix for PHP 7.2. It was also uploaded to Codecanyon and will be available within 24 hours.

You can always enter your license key in the Options > License and upgrade your plugin to the latest version from within wp-admin.

Hi, My dashboard do not look like it is in your screenshoot? i have not for example “branding” in my menu and can not eather load another templates in custom css?

Regards Trond

Did you figure it out? Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, Yes i figure out. :) It was my failed becuse i missed to see the: “custimizer” up in the left corner… sorry for that ! :)

No problem. It is often overlooked even though the toolbar is an integrated part of WordPress. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi, Is it not possible to open link in mobile menu? Nothing happens when i try it on mobile device.

Regards Trond André

This is most likely because your Mobile menu doesn’t support the link. Submit a ticket to our Help Center and we can have a look.

Hi, i am install Shift Nav from Ubermenu and now it is run smoth :) Thanks for your answer !

Regards Trond André

Perfect! Glad you figured it out.

It is possible to launch the login popup from an option in a menu. For example, in my top menu, add a custom url with”login”. When the user clicks on”login” the popup is launched. Is this possible? Thank you!

Please go to http://white-label-login.righthere.com/ and click on the login link in the top right menu (the answer to your question is YES).

When I go to change anything regarding this plugin in the css editor it just takes me to a login/logout page on the front end.

Submit a ticket to our Help Center. It could be a conflict with another plugin.


RolenMan Purchased

I always get an invalid captcha, I select the images well, but it still comes out captcha invalido, what can be done?

Thank you we will follow up as soon as possible.


RolenMan Purchased

How long do they give a solution to a problem? I have disabled my plugin for this error, waste of money! >:(

Please notice that we replied to your ticket 4 hours and 15 min after you submitted it and our developers applied a compatibility fix for your website a few hours later. I’m sorry that we didn’t update your ticket in our Help Center immediately after the fix was applied.

We have tested your login and register reCAPTCHA and it works without any problems. Thank you for supporting our plugins.

None of the changes I make in the css editor take… even when I load the premodern templates it still doesn’t change.. any advice?

That sounds like you are experiencing a conflict with a third party plugin. Submit a ticket to our Help Center and provide wp-admin access. We will review and identify what is causing this.


naftas Purchased

Presale question: I currentlly develop the new version of my website using WP on the special domain dedicated for this purpose. My old webiste is currently functioning and it was made using WIX. I want to buy your plugin but if I will try to use it now (on the test domain) and I like it, how can I transfer the plugin to my actual website? Do you have any API key? If so- I will not be able to use it later. The thing is I do not need it on my test site at all. thanks.

According to the license terms from Codecanyon you need a license for each website. However, we do allow you to use the license key on ONE DEVELOPER and ONE LIVE website. And if you need to move your license you simply delete the plugin from one or both website and we reset the license key for you.


naftas Purchased

Oh… Good news indeed. It is fair. One more question: Do you have a security feature designed to prevent someone from trying to break into my account by guessing the password? If you have and I set (for example) 5 attempts before blocking, and the script block the login, how can I login in the dashboard if the website has blocked? Or it will be blocked by IP of the intruder and i will be able to log in easily? Thanks.

Yes, there are several security features which you can activate.

Access by IP: Turn this option ON to configure access to WP Admin by IP (restrict access to WP Admin by IP)

IP Frequency Check: Turn this option ON to perform an IP frequency check on key access points. Example: If there are too many login attempts in a configurable time range, the operation does not continue.

Google reCAPTCHA: Turn this option ON to enable Google reCAPTCHA. Checkout the Help for further instructions on setup.

Google Authenticator: Turn this option ON to enable Google Authenticator (2 step authentication). Checkout the Help for further instructions on setup.

You can also password protect the website and you can suspend accounts.

Let me know if you have any other questions.