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hello, is there a way to call this plugin in php so if i modify a template page to force user to login to access some content the login popup shows up and once logged in he will access to the content?

Can we implement something like header(‘Location: ’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]);

Also modal prevent me to access my menu (even if modal hidden) how could i prevent that?

I’m sorry, but we do not provide programming assistance. However, if you submit a ticket at our Help Center, I will get our lead developer to review your questions. We will do our best to help you.

Is there any way to: have the remeber me checkbox checked by default and to set the timeouts please. I’ve tried a remeber me plugin but its not compatible. Thx

As far as I know there is no default allowing this. This would require us to add support for this in the plugin. I’ve submitted this to our wish list.

Hello How can i add a field on registration? Because i would like to differenciate pro customer to personal customer so they would need to choose the option on registration.


Please notice that is not possible without customization. It sounds like you are running a membership website. Do you have a specific plugin to manage this?

Not yet but usually i m using wordpress groups plugin, or the option could be to choose a custom user role

When users come to the login they have no user role as they are not yet logged in. It sounds like you want to offer multiple different ways to register on the website. There are third party plugins which offer custom fields in the register form.

Using the help addon, I’m not seeing an easy way to customize the default admin login form. To date, there’s no real documentation for this plugin with only 2 entries on the logged in support page. A true knowledge base and documentation is very much needed. I sure hope you’re working on providing that.

I’m sorry you are finding it hard to find the information. If you look at the demo site you will very quickly see how you customize the default login. You will need to download the Visual CSS Editor and then you can customize the Modal Login, Slide Login or the Default WordPress Login very easily.

In the Screenshots section on the demo site scroll to the part with the CSS Editor you will see where to find it and how you use the Google Web Fonts in the CSS Editor.

For some of the other features please refer to the Features menu on the demo site.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask us.


pre-purchase question. Is there an option to force login and make pop-up window (non closable) on top the the website?


If you have FORCED LOGIN .. the login modal will show until you login. Does that make sense? If you close the modal it will just reopen. The user will NOT see the content of the website before they login.

Just bought it man! Awesome.

Is there an option to show front-end of the website as a background? Lost password is not working, because me theme changed link to ”/my-account/lost-password/” do you know how I can change this?


If you use the Visual CSS Editor you can change the backgrounds. There are multiple layers of backgrounds. I believe you can make them transparent.

In reference to the Lost Password just update the URL. This is an example from our demo site


This is WordPress’s default lost password URL. /wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

If you look at our example it says login? and that is because we have used the rewrite option to change the URL.

If you need Help please submit a ticket at our Help Center.

I did not understand how the new CSS editor works for WL branding plugin and I purchased this by mistake. Can I return it or exchange it over for renewed support of WLB?


It is not an eligible reason for a refund, but please submit a request through Codecanyon. Did you figure out the CSS Editor in White Label Login.

Can I get notified when someone signs in?

No that is not possible. We do not have any login tracking or notification.

Hello, We received no replies on your ticket # 7088 Delete the current site, for me I reinstall it on another domain Thank you

We added comments to your ticket. Thank you.


Are you planning on releasing a template where Login and registration are side by side? (a little bit like the woocommerce my-account page?

We have inline login http://white-label-login.righthere.com/inline-login-shortcode/

and next step is to add inline registration. We just didn’t get to this yet.

is it possible to had some field on registration form?

We do not natively support custom fields. We do have an add-on which supports ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’. There are some third party plugins you can use for adding custom fields.

do you have a plugin in mind?

Not a specific one, but I know that some other customers found plugins that add custom fields through wordpress.org.

Is there a way to translate labels in the register forms used links inside the Customize form links?

It should be possible to enable Translation you will see the Labels tab where you can enter your own custom labels (translations). If you want to offer your users multiple languages on your website you should use the .po file or a translation plugin like WPML or Easy Translation Manager for WordPress.


gplpress Purchased

Hi there, I don’t see a shortcode or a parameter so the pop modal default to the registration form. We need it to default to registration not login, how do we go about that? We need solution asap, thanks.

No there is no shortcode this is default WordPress behavior. Adding this feature to the shortcode (buttons) will require additional programming. I like the idea, but we do not make customizations. I can submit this to our wish-list for new features, but I can’t promise you that it will make it in fast. You are welcome to submit a ticket at our Help Center and we can track this. However, you wrote that you want this today.


gplpress Purchased

It does not have to be shortcode! Any div or anything that you can give me can work. There is no default behavior in this, when you are writing you jQuery you set the modal show trigger. The plugin is useless if we don’t have this as all modals makes available two trigger one that defaults register and other defaults login. I will take a look at your plugin code and see if i can quickly do this, otherwise we would like to request refund, thanks.

I’m sorry, but you are not entitled to a refund because you can’t add a register link to one of our buttons that clearly doesn’t support it. I see you found a work around and that is exactly what I suggested adding the link to any button and you can trigger the registration form.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We will be happy to assist you.


gplpress Purchased

I saw this in the comments here which shows the user is already able to trigger the register form first when hitting the “get 25% off” button. Please check



gplpress Purchased

Ok nevermind, I found a fix :)

That button is probably a custom button from their theme – and then they just add the link http://white-label-login.righthere.com/login?action=register to the button – then it will work :)

You don’t have to use our buttons. I’ve added your request to the wish-list, but meanwhile, you can use any other button from your theme and add the link.

Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for supporting our plugins.