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Hi friends

Happy New Year 2017

Would it be possible to have custom CSS, for the connection button to have the same color Here is my color code “background-color: #55a098;”

Or find the plugin at the time zone and the mathematics field?

Thank you

I’ve heard about other customers using this hosting reporting any problems.


Have you added an attribute to customize color.shortcode On the example http://white-label-login.righthere.com/get-access-shortcodes/

Thank you

Unfortunately not at this point. Please notice that we can’t immediately add new features when they are requested. We have added this to the wish-list. I will see if we can get this prioritised.

Same questions ?? 1. This plugin only get the @facebook.com mail NOT the real one when the useres loging by facebook. How can I get the real one ?? Its not about the facebook app or user permision, I am the administrator of my site and if I used any other facebook login its get me in as an Administrator with my real email .. but with this plugin I login as a subcriber with my Facebook mail.

all ready register user log in with Facebook mail only ???


I see you as a user now with your mail but the user name its the facebook mail … not the user name

Im waiting to restore the app

Ok let me know .. if you need help please submit a ticket at our Help Center.

Pre-sale question, is it possible to set just one password for everybody, no registrations? And also can I edit background like putting an image? Thanks.

Yes, you can put images in the background (login), but you can’t set one password for all accounts. That would require customization of the plugin

How do i insert the social login shortcodes?

Thank you for buying the plugin.

Did you check out the demo site?


You can insert the Social Login buttons anywhere in your site with the shortcodes http://white-label-login.righthere.com/social-shortcodes/

In the Options > General Settings, you can enable the Social Connection feature and you can enable it in the login form


If you are on the Social Connection menu and look in the Help tab you will also find information about the feature \\

Hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Thanks for your reply but when I toggle “enable social connections’ and save it does not save and reverts to the ‘off’ mode

We will need to review your site in order to determine what is wrong. If you disable ALL other plugins do you still experience the issue? If this fixes it – you can activate one plugin at a time until you see the problem occurring again.  This way we can identify the cause of the problem and debug your site. 

Nevertheless, we will need wp-admin access to review this. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center.

HI, I wanted to know i its possible to add a “terms of use” check box for people when registering for them to accept before finish the process. Is it possible with this?

This is not supported by the plugin, but you can use a third party plugin to add custom fields and also the terms box. It is on our todo-list or wish list of features we would like to add.

Thanks for the response, could you give me a link or a name of that plugin to add it to your form and make this work for me please? Which will be the best to use in conjunction?

I see you added another comment.. I tested the plugin for you, and it works.

Do you know if this plugin: https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/agreeable/ is compatible to add the checkbox to your modal login?

Please notice that we do not provide support during the weekend. We have reviewed your ticket and added some comments to the ticket. Your site seems to have a plugin or theme conflict as it becomes unresponsive.

Ok, thanks I replied yesterday, could you please help me today? I checked the issue and fixed it.

I’ve asked our CSS specialist to fix the minor conflicts with your theme CSS.

The login form is very un responsive for certain devices, is there a fix for this at all?

Thank you for buying the plugin. Can you be a bit more specific? We have tested the plugin on iPhone, iPad and some Android devices. We will be happy to take a closer look if you can provide some screenshots and model information.

You can submit a ticket at our Help Center for better tracking.

Presale question.

1. Is this Module responsive? 2. Can I integrate Social Logins? 3. Can I add this Module in pages/Post? 4. Can I add this Module to comment as well? (Say, I want user to be logged in to be able to comment) Can I add this Module there?

Thank you for looking at White Label Login for WordPress. Have you tried to load http://white-label-login.righthere.com/ on your smartphone or just resize your browser to “mobile size” and then load the login? Yes, is it responsive.

Did you look at this? http://white-label-login.righthere.com/social-connection/ You can add 20 different websites to White Label Login for FREE if you have a valid license key.


You can add a login/logout button anywhere you want on the website and it will trigger the login form. http://white-label-login.righthere.com/get-access-shortcodes/

If you need to be logged into the website in order to comment the login will be triggered automatically and the user asked to login.

Thanks for quick come back for the 3rd query, can I make the Login text change to something else say “Join Us”? Inside my page/post?

You can write anything you want. Look at the example i sent you http://white-label-login.righthere.com/get-access-shortcodes/

Hey excellent plugin, really loved it. One thing, While user is registering why ain’t we giving an option for “Password”? If there is an option, how can I enable it?

Thank you for buying the plugin. Please notice that we do not change anything in the WordPress register process. When you register you get a link and clicking that link you get the option to set the password. That is how WordPress registration process works.


I’m interested in buying this plugin now, but I have some questions.

I’ve noticed a lot of custom login/registration plugins require a short code to be placed in pages or widgets in order to access. However, I have a website template that uses the default wordpress login and registration page accessible via a link “Login/Signup” which is permeant in the upper right hand corner thoughtout the site. I’m hopping that is plugin will automatically overwrite these links without me having to edit theme code.

Will this plugin automatically white label the default wordpress pages?

Here’s a link to my site in progress. http://1ad.ea6.myftpupload.com/

Thank you for buying the plugin. Did you check out the demo site white-label-login.righthere.com?

You can just enable the White Label Login and it will take over wp-login.php (if you want) and you can also manually insert shortcodes inserting dynamic login/logout link in your menu.

I looked at your URL and I see you have chosen the vertical login. It opens behind the bar on the left side. This can easily be fixed with some custom CSS. However, we will need wp-admin access to fix this for you.

You can submit a ticket at our Help Center (https://righthere.zendesk.com)

hi, it’s possible to integrate wordpress registration with aweber?

You will need a third party plugin which adds the fields and then maybe add some custom CSS. If it doesn’t look perfect our CSS specialist can assist you.

PPQ before purchasing a new license: What I really need is only a text LOG-IN in top banner. And the ability to use this as a shot code to open log-in form or such. Can you provide that?

Text LOG-IN in top banner? Are you referring the dynamic login/logout link in the menu?


On the page above you will also see examples of buttons you can insert which triggers the login form.

Hi, I am still waiting for support inside my ticket: #7628 please help me with that. I am on a deadline.

We have added some comments to your ticket.

Hi. Can it really be right, that your “hide source code” setting also disables right-click in the backend? It seems like it. Also I experience that your plug-in is conflicting with WP Fast Cache (the most used caching plug-in). It kees spinning (thinking) when your plug-in is activated…

Sorry – the conflict with WPFC was caused by ARPRICE and not your plug-in. But still hide source code issue remains.

Please notice Peter that the Block Source Browsing simply disables right click. E.g. in Chrome you can still go to VIEW > DEVELOPER > VIEW SOURCE. It is not a bulletproof way to hide the source code ;)

I’m not aware of any conflict with WP Fast Cache. If you experience an issue please submit a ticket and we can take a closer look at it. Thank you.

Where do I find a complete list of the short codes you provide? I see no documentation etc. in the download zip-file…

I am thinking in how to activate a popup log-in box or what ever. So I can just display the text “log-in/ log-out” in letters. Nothing else…

Enter your license key and download the English help for White Label Login. Anytime you are on a White Label Login menu you can access the Help in the upper right-hand corner http://cloud.righthere.com/3h0R2q1q193o

And in reference to shortcodes you can view this on the demo site and look in the FEATURES menu


I had opened ticket three days back, I didn’t receive any response yet. Wonder what is taking so much time.

ID: #7806

Sorry for the delay. It looks like it is an issue with your theme. As soon as you resize your browser the login doesn’t load properly. We have asked our developers to review.

Please stop pointing at the theme or the plugin. My theme is perfectly fine, only the premium plugin is acting like this. I did disable all the plugins and no luck yet.

Please ask your dev team to fix this, I have provided the required details


Excuse me! That is our initial findings that this is caused by your theme. We will review this and get back to you.

Can I use this plugin so users have to login to my website aka not just admin, when they type my url they are taken to the login page to login to my website?

Check out the demo site http://white-label-login.righthere.com/get-access-shortcodes/ – and you can use the Visual CSS Editor to change the default colors of the buttons.

Is there a way to add a logo to the side of the login window?

Yes, it is possible. Simply add a background image in the header or in the body and set the alignment.

I get notification for version 1.3.0 but here in the download area is still version 1.2.9 !!! When will you upload the new version?

1.3 will soon be available on Codecanyon. Meanwhile if you want to update enter your license key and update from inside wp-admin.


bahrain Purchased

Hey guys, sorry but is it possible to make a request and get my money back? I don’t want to spam but this is plugin…... Now I know why your demo button doesn’t work!

Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry, but I’m a bit confused.

I don’t want to spam but this is plugin…... Now I know why your demo button doesn’t work!

What do you mean with this?

The Demo Site white-label-login.righthere.com is up and running.

If you are experiencing any issues we will be happy to assist you.


bahrain Purchased

Hey guys, thanks for that fast response. I mean the “try it now” button. In addition, the purchase was an failure of mine, I did not pay attention what I had in the cart where I checked out. So I wanted to give the tool a chance but the backend is so confusing and opaque that I have also by reading the documentation spent time in nothing. Maybe the failure is with me, but I can not start with this addon. Anyways, thank you for your interest, but I will look further for a solution.

Best regards!

What you are saying doesn’t make much sense. The wp-admin has a simple Option panel where you can enable the modules you want to use. You can download the English Help for White Label Login in the download are. Once turned on it is easily accessed in the WordPress Help tab (upper right-hand corner).

You are aware of that the product was delivered to you and you downloaded it. If it’s broken or you can’t communicate with the author you are entitled to a refund. However, just because you regret your purchase or make a mistake doesn’t make you eligible for a refund.

It is important to us that our customers are happy with their purchase and we will be happy to assist you if you experience any issues. If you still want a refund you will have to go through Envato. We can’t issue a refund from here.