Shift Employee, Payroll, HR, Attendance, Leaves With Fingerprint Integration

Shift Employee, Payroll, HR, Attendance, Leaves With Fingerprint Integration

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  • 5.3<=PHP Version<=5.5
  • Curl Extension Enabled
  • Live Server ( Recommended : Apache with PHP and Mysql )
  • Mysql Database
  • PDO Extension

  • a) View of Total Numbers of Holidays,Employees and Departments
  • b) Mark Employee Attendance for Present Date
  • c) New way of managing and marking attendance every day
  • d) Mark Leaves with attachment of Application File,Type of leaves,Reason For Leave
  • e) Keeps records of Employee Personal Details as well as Official Details
  • f) Keeps records of Particular Employee Leaves,Department leaves Based on Service,Fixed leaves
  • g) Maintain All Departments records with All Permission(s) and Access rights
  • h) Assign access rights and permissions to Approval Attendance Department
  • i) Individual and separate login for employee and employer
  • j) Payslip generator for particular employee with Date Of Payment
  • k) Payslip print,pdf and keep records of payslips for every employee
  • l) Payslip of an employee can be override by Default Templates
  • m) Payslip can be Saved as Default Templates
  • n) Default Templates can be Add,Edit,View
  • o) Attendance/Leaves for particular Employee will Approved or Disapproved by Approval Department
  • p) Maintain records of All Holidays with Edit,Add actions
  • q) Working hours,working days of the business
  • r) Keep records of Necessary details of the company like Company-Name,Company-Email
  • s) Can Update company details Anytime
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Biometric Device Working Demo : ​

Biometric device Shift Morpho Mso 1300 E2 Device

Updates 2nd sep 2017
Assets, expenses, claims, performance report, document manager and forms added
Profile view updated with more UI
Stability and security improved
UI improvements

Updates – 1 June 2017

Complete system update
Biometric login
Biometric based attendance
Bugs removed

Updates – 12 Nov 2016

SELF SERVICE – That allows an employee to log their claims , leaves etc – This is only visible to employees not admin
MARK ATTENDANCE – only visible to employees not admin
PAYSLIP TEMPLATES – Automatic payslip data for each employee, that generates automatically.
AWARDS : Track your best employee, give away awards and much more
ADVANCED REPORTS : Gain insights into your employees , organized employee based reports and yearly based reports.

Updates – 24th aug 2016

Stable Version
Noticeboard New Feature
IR8A FORMs, Appendix 8A/8B, IR8S For singapore
PASS Types For singapore
CPF calculations
Bug Fixes