Shift Employee, Payroll, HR, Attendance, Leaves With Fingerprint Integration

Shift Employee, Payroll, HR, Attendance, Leaves With Fingerprint Integration

Biometric Device Working Demo : ​

  • 5.3<=PHP Version<=5.5
  • Curl Extension Enabled
  • Live Server ( Recommended : Apache with PHP and Mysql )
  • Mysql Database
  • PDO Extension

  • a) View of Total Numbers of Holidays,Employees and Departments
  • b) Mark Employee Attendance for Present Date
  • c) New way of managing and marking attendance every day
  • d) Mark Leaves with attachment of Application File,Type of leaves,Reason For Leave
  • e) Keeps records of Employee Personal Details as well as Official Details
  • f) Keeps records of Particular Employee Leaves,Department leaves Based on Service,Fixed leaves
  • g) Maintain All Departments records with All Permission(s) and Access rights
  • h) Assign access rights and permissions to Approval Attendance Department
  • i) Individual and separate login for employee and employer
  • j) Payslip generator for particular employee with Date Of Payment
  • k) Payslip print,pdf and keep records of payslips for every employee
  • l) Payslip of an employee can be override by Default Templates
  • m) Payslip can be Saved as Default Templates
  • n) Default Templates can be Add,Edit,View
  • o) Attendance/Leaves for particular Employee will Approved or Disapproved by Approval Department
  • p) Maintain records of All Holidays with Edit,Add actions
  • q) Working hours,working days of the business
  • r) Keep records of Necessary details of the company like Company-Name,Company-Email
  • s) Can Update company details Anytime
Admin HR Employee Sales Employee Click here to see Document and FAQ

Updates – 1 June 2017

Complete system update
Biometric login
Biometric based attendance
Bugs removed

Updates – 12 Nov 2016

SELF SERVICE – That allows an employee to log their claims , leaves etc – This is only visible to employees not admin
MARK ATTENDANCE – only visible to employees not admin
PAYSLIP TEMPLATES – Automatic payslip data for each employee, that generates automatically.
AWARDS : Track your best employee, give away awards and much more
ADVANCED REPORTS : Gain insights into your employees , organized employee based reports and yearly based reports.

Updates – 24th aug 2016

Stable Version
Noticeboard New Feature
IR8A FORMs, Appendix 8A/8B, IR8S For singapore
PASS Types For singapore
CPF calculations
Bug Fixes