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Hello! Just to offer you my wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Success for 2017 but above all, good health: D

Thank you very much! And thank you for supporting our plugins.

Ur most welcome mate! KeepUp.

Hi there. I see version 4.1.5 is not yet up on codecanyon, please update that and the cover image. Also, when updating to the latest wordpress, the custom message to replace “Howdy” no longer works. Pls check.

Please notice that we release updates inside wp-admin before they are updated on Codecanyon. We uploaded the new version to Codecanyon 2 days, but it is still not approved \\

It should be available within the next 48 hours.

I see the issue with “Howdy”. I’ve submitted this to our developers.

Hi, suddenly, my Wordpress admin display the below message in top admin: “White Label Branding update 4.1.5 is available! Please update now” how can i remove that?

Also, i don’t understand why that message also appear for other users when it’s not supposed to… Not cool!!! thx

I suggest you check out the settings White Label Branding for WordPress. You have the notification setting enabled. And I suggest you update the plugin to the latest version.

Does this only work for standard Wordpress or will it work on a theme like Avada? Avada has many options I would prefer to hide from my customers such as builder and editor features.

White Label Branding for WordPress is for wp-admin. It doesn’t do anything with the front end. It can prevent access to the Appearance menu and the Theme Options, but depending on which Custom Capabilities the Avada theme options menu supports you will need to refer to their documentation.

If Avada has its own set of Capabilities you can definitely use White Label Branding’s Role and Capability Manager to customize the access.

Hello Mate! Question : can we modify the ?action=lostpassword ? Thanks for your time. Cheer!

Thank you for buying the plugin. Please notice that WLB doesn’t modify core features like wp-admin, wp-login.php and this includes the lost password.


Could you help me on the white-label-branding-for-wordpress plugin. I would like to have color # 55a098; On the menu etc ….

Ticket :#7088 4 days ago

Thank you

Yes, it is possible to hide the Toolbar (it is no longer called Admin bar since WordPress 3.3).

Go to WLB Settings > Options > Navigation > Toolbar


Thanks, How To Use: The Brand Role and Capability Manager to customize access.

Why not add themes already ?

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean. You can read more about WordPress Capabilities (https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities). The Role and Capability Manager supports all WordPress Capabilities and also any custom you want to add from Themes and third party plugins.

Hello, Pre-purchase question

Can your plugin allow me to automatically assign to my users a specific “role” which was created by another third party plugin upon registration?

Example: When users register, they will be automatically assigned to the “role” created by the third party plugin?

- GM

Thank you for looking at White Label Branding for WordPress. In WLB we have a Role and Capability Manager, which allow you to tweak the capabilities of any user role. And you can also add new custom user roles and capabilities (from third party plugins and themes).

However, we do not support setting the default user role for new sign ups. I’ve added your request to the wish-list and will discuss this with the lead developer right after the Christmas Holiday. I like your idea and it should not be difficult to add support for.

Okay great!

I’ll be looking forward to see this implemented in you next release (...if all goes well) - GM

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


mitchcan Purchased


I could swear that in a previous version when I had the Hide Widgets feature active, the actual widget/sidebar Area boxes did NOT show to those users without rights. Did this change?

Also, while the plugin works to hide display of the Available widgets, it seems to now allow the display of widgets in Inactive Sidebars.

Between these two issues, the plugin is not meaningfully functioning in that a lower level user can drag an Inactive sidebar widget into a widget ‘area’ and voila, the widget would show on the front end.

How can I resolve this?


WLB 4.1.5 Widgets 1.0.4

That is not correct. If you look at the screenshot below you will see the View version 4.1.6 details and the Update Now link.


If you click the View version 4.1.6 details you will see this.


We also update the change log in Codecanyon when we release the update within wp-admin and in our demo site.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


mitchcan Purchased

Actually, with all due respect, my statement IS correct.

I perform updates from Wordpress / Dashboard / Updates. There, when you click on WLB ‘View version 4.1.6 details.’ the following comes up in a window:

“An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.”

The same thing happens if I try in Plugins / Update. This only happens with WLB and Calit. And both are licensed copies with the license in place.

I usually simply wait for the changelog to show up on code canyon. It’s not a big deal, but I assure you it is a correct statement.

Ok, I guess you are seeing something different than I am. Not sure why you see this when you click and we see what is depicted in the screenshots. Changelogs are updated both on plugins.righthere.com and on Codecanyon. ;)

What happened with the latest update.. that I no longer have the ability for a custom login screen?

If you would read through the Changelog we have for over a year announced that we as of the end of 2016 would remove the OLD login branding module. This was depreciated and replaced with the much better Visual CSS Editor on August 20, 2015.


May 26, 2016 we added a specific message telling the user that we would completely remove the old login branding module at the end of 2016.


And as of December 29, 2016 we removed the old login branding. Please go to Downloads and download the Visual CSS Editor and you will find a much better way of styling your default WordPress Login.


Okay fair enough… but:

"And as of December 29, 2016 we removed the old login branding. Please go to Downloads and download the Visual CSS Editor and you will find a much better way of styling your default WordPress Login."

I have been all over your site and this one. Can you provide a direct link or something? I cannot find it anywhere.

Go do the Download section of White Label Branding for WordPress. If you have entered your license key you will see this



RadCon Purchased

Hello Richard,

I confirm what mitchcan says: at my end too, I see a notification at the top of my sites back-end. It says that I must update WLB to 4.1.6 but I’ve just installed the latest version I downloaded from CodeCanyon. And I see no way to update through any of the WLB tabs. Is there a problem or an unusual delay to accept the new update at Envato’s end?

Best regards,

Please do not list your license keys here publicly. They can be abused and if this happens they will be disabled due to abuse. If you need any help submit a ticket at our Help Center.


RadCon Purchased

At least, you could see that my licenses were valid. It’s not a problem that I AM having but a problem that YOU HAVE. The same happens with different sites hosted at different hosting companies. So, unless my licenses are not valid anymore, something unexpected is happening.

We have thousands of customers updating their plugins from inside wp-admin every time we release updates. I’m sorry you are experiencing issues. However, the issue is most likely related to your server. We will need to review. If that is not possible you will have to wait until the update is available on Codecanyon and then you can download it.


“Go do the Download section of White Label Branding for WordPress. If you have entered your license key you will see this”

Did this, downloaded, and turned on. Now what? I still do not see how to customize the login.

Apparently you have taken something very intuitive and changed it for the worse.

I’m sorry you find it so hard, but honestly, did you really look around? We use the Visual CSS Editor in all our plugins that allow customization (Calendarize it!, White Label Login, White Label Branding, Multi Level Push Menu).

When you turn on the CSS Editor you will see it in the toolbar (top left)


Please notice that this was changed over a year ago and we wrote in the changelog that would we remove the old branding module.

If you have any further questions please submit the question from the profile where you purchased the plugin or submit a ticket at our Help Center.


Falk1987 Purchased

Hi, how can I change the admin menu? I would like my client admin, but has no access to selected plugins. So I want to remove the selected points.

thank you

Thank you for buying the plugin. By default, ALL users with the user role Administrator will have access to ALL menus, ALL plugins, and ALL themes.

Access to the different menus in WordPress (wp-admin) is controlled by WordPress Capabilities. I would recommend you to read a bit about the WordPress Capabilities.

You then use the Role and Capability Manager in White Label Branding for WordPress to check or uncheck capabilities from the different user roles. This will allow you to customize the access for each user role.

You can also edit an individual user’s profile and in the bottom of the profile, you can enable the Role and Capability Manager for the individual user. This will allow you to customize the capabilities for the individual user.

In the WLB Settings > Branding menu you can choose to hide different menus from users. E.g. the Plugins and Themes (Appearances) as well as update notifications and other WordPress nag messages.

If you use the WLB Settings > Options > Advanced Settings and then the WLB Administrator feature you can add the usernames of the Administrators that is supposed to see everything.


This will allow you to hide messages and menus for some administrators (if you do not add the username).

In the knowledge base in our Help Center we have multiple posts explaining how you can provide access to specific menus and plugins using the Role and Capability Manager.

I hope this makes sense to you.


lfirth Purchased

How do you change the colour of the border around the WP Login form? I’ve been through each of the menu options in CSS Editor -> WP-Admin -> Default WP Login and I can’t find it anywhere. You only seem to be able to change the border radius of each corner.

Thank you for buying the plugin. I see that this CSS selector is missing. I’ve asked our lead developer to add support for this as well as being able to remove the shadow on the login form.

Hi there, as @paulhale said, the new way of customizing the Login Screen is very confusing. Even us that we use your plugin on all our sites and know css find it confusing. Even though you had changed this over a year ago as you are realizing most people didn’t even pay attention to it as the original way to style the login was versy simple and intuitive. Also there was already a way to add admin css under branding so I really see no point of this change. I’ve already rolled back to the earlier version as it makes no sense for us to loose prior styling and start again on all of our sites. Your theme is great and also the updates but this one for sure is a fail. Please consider reverting this section back to the way it was. Thanks

I’m sorry you find it not intuitive. Let me try and explain the thoughts behind our actions.

The old login branding did not have any WYSIWYG. Is that intuitive to you not being able to see the changes you apply before you actually load the login?

When we removed the old Color Schemer for wp-admin, which used the same concept as the old login branding, and introduced the Visual CSS Editor nobody complained. This was already done in February 2015.


The Visual CSS Editor is used throughout all our plugins that allow for CSS customization. It uses a similar concept like the WordPress Customizer where you can easily change settings and view the changes immediately.

Then in August 2015 we completely removed the old Color Shemer and you had to then download the Visual CSS Editor if you wanted to apply your custom styling to wp-admin.


Then in May 2016 we added a message to the remaining old Login Branding feature that it would be also be removed by the end of 2016


And in November 2016 we made the old login branding OFF by default so that new customers would download the Visual CSS Editor and use the WYSIWYG editor for customization of the default WordPress Login.


And finally, on December 29, 2016 the old login branding module was completely removed from the plugin. We want to keep the code optimized and clean.


We will continue to work on improving the plugin and add features requested by customers. We do appreciate your support and your feedback. However, I highly doubt that we will be bringing back the old color schemer. Generally feedback has been very positive in reference to the Visual CSS Editor in the plugins where we use it.


Hi there. Thanks for including all the screenshots, inlcuding the last .gif. 1. It seems odd you say mostly everyone likes it as all I see over the past couple of days are comments regarding the same complaints and you answering them similarly. After seeing the gif I realized that for some reason the left control bar was missing from my sites (maybe an incompatibility). It does seem easier so I give you that one, however I would have to check for the issue on the next update or next time I have. I would suggest then to somehow transfer css changes done before this update and apply it to the new panel. Also this panel should show when the “login customization” tab is clicked so people don’t get lost and frustrated trying to find your “download” modules. Thanks

Ok, we have received 3 maybe 5 comments about this. And taken into consideration that White Label Branding is used in more than 30,000 websites with 5,000+ sales. I don’t think it’s bad.

If you can’t see the accordion menu on the left side of the Visual CSS Editor it is most likely due to a conflict with another plugin or your theme. If you go to to the CSS Editor menu in WLB Settings you will see a troubleshooting tab \\

Try and load Bootstrap in the footer, Scripts in the footer. If this doesn’t help then try and enable the Load alternate accordion.

Let me know if you can get it to work. If not we will need to take a look at your site.

Merci pour la mise à jour ! Thanks for the update!

Thank you for supporting our plugins! Happy New Year.


kenetork Purchased

Hi, The login customization panel is not working at all I am using WP 4.7 and I tested the last version with 2 different websites and problem remains. Please help me with this, what is happening?


kenetork Purchased

I can see just a blank page when I click on login. :/

Please read this comment https://codecanyon.net/comments/15213437 – make sure you read the Changelog before you update the plugin. This is changes that we announced more than a year ago. ;)

Hello Mate! I have a little problem with WLB. Take a look at this picture. http://barreoblique.ca/fichiers/wlb.png

Thanks for the help!

Not sure what you mean, but we really appreciate your feedback and thank you for supporting our plugins. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

I say that I must be treated with respect and courtesy, not letting myself believe that I made a mistake when your plugin had a problem. Quite simply.

We do truly appreciate your business and that you brought this to our attention. If you were led to believe something else then I apologize for that.


Why not add templates already create? This can help a lot of people

Thank you

Thank you for buying the plugin. Not sure what you mean. Add templates for what? If you are referring to the colors and styles in wp-admin – we provide a Visual CSS Editor, which requires no knowledge of HTML or CSS – you simply change the values and you immediately see the color changes. You can create whatever you want .. the combinations are unlimited. We feel this is better than just providing some pre-defined templates.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

I made a purchased because of the Login option in wordpress. We can put our own brand instead of wordpress. Our clients have access to login and it would be much better to see their own brand instead of wordpress logo.

It is very frustrating that the support just replied to me and gave me the link to download the new plugin. After downloading the new plugin, it messed up everything!

No login option and I was told that they are now using Visual Css Editor for WLB. I immediately went to the License tab and put my license. Then proceed to the download tab to Download the Visual CSS Editor for WLB. The Download blue button is highlighted. After downloading, I got a message of “Add-ons will be activated for all sites.

Now that I couldn’t find the Visual Css Editor Tab, I sent a message to the suppor last Thursday and it is very frustrating that until today, nobody was replying back to us. This new update ruined our own brand and was replaced by the WordPress Logo. Protecting our own brand is very important specially with our clients. But WLB was not concern about it.

Now, any updates or shall we look for another provider of the plugin instead? Your support is very poor!

Please notice that for over a year we have been announcing the recent changes that we have made.

Please read this https://codecanyon.net/comments/15213437 – and you will understand why these changes happened now.

I would suggest that you actually make it a habit of reading the change log then you would have been aware of these changes for more than a year.

I’m sorry that you are frustrated, but it should be very easy for you to restore your logo.