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jademe Purchased

are the settings not stored on our server? Where are the database tables that belong to WLB, I don’t see a single table of WLB in wordpress database to be able to change values of WLB settings through WLB database tables directly in database?

Please help me locate database tables, if the settings are stored on remote server and are being loaded from remote server, then this plugin is for nobody…not just me..every thing should be operational and be controlled from our very own server and not be stored and be fetched from remote server.


jademe Purchased

I’m working on localhost, you said you would provide a script that does the job of restoring the admin capabilities if I post this query on your support board but even there you are asking me for FTP and wp-admin access, I’ve provided email for you to mail me the script, please can you send me the script attached to the same ticket I posted on your zendesk support system?

No, we did not say we will provide a script. We can NOT provide the script as it can be abused. We will fix the mess you unfortunately created by changing the Capabilities of the Administrator (while not creating a panic URL).

We will be happy to fix the issue on your website. It will only take us a couple of minutes, but we will need access.

Hi. I just bought this plugin. There is no documentation in downloaded file: where is it?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I’m not familiar with the Webba Booking plugin, but I would contact the developer of this plugin and ask them which capabilities this plugin uses to provide access to the different features. Not all developers add custom capabilities, which makes it much easier to define which user roles have access to the plugin in wp-admin. Many developers rely on the default WordPress capabilities like manage_options, which will provide access to many other features in wp-admin that you might not want your user to have access to.

I hope this makes sense.

Where can i find the rol manager?

Go to WLB Settings > Options > Advanced Settings and then enable the Role and Capability Manager. We have several articles in our Help Center Knowledge Base which explain how you can allow or restrict access to features using Capabilities.

Ability to add custom width & height for custom Dashboard widgets will be awesome? And check box to show or hide handlers for each widgets we make, will give us extra capability to customize admin dashboard to the user interface we would like to look like.

Please notice that the WordPress dashboard meta boxes are responsive. Why would you need to set a fixed width? This only breaks the layout when you resize the screen. I try to understand what you want to achieve.

There’s no file upload field to upload our own custom logo for admin login screen after downloading and installing visual css editor. Please review the item and supply an update.

We will have to look at your setup. The White Label Branding CSS Editor works just fine with WordPress 4.9. The minimum requirement is WP 4.0. If you experience issues please submit a ticket to our Help Center. Make sure you have a valid support subscription.



Does this support ninja forms? where i can provide other user roles access to ninja forms other than Admin?


Not sure what you mean. White Label Branding recognizes user roles created by other plugins. If you want to restrict access to Ninja Forms you will need to find out which Capabilities that this plugin uses.

Hi, How can I add a “Super Admin” role that can see everything? I would like to hide some features from administrator and different features for the other roles. I added the user Administrators like it says on your website but when hiding menu options it hides it from Administrators but not Administrator

What is your ticket no?

Hi, 10340

I’m sorry, but submitting a ticket with no information is not helping much. We ask for wp-admin access and in some cases FTP and we need a description of the problem. :)

1.) And please provide an option to turn off wordpress notifications of warnings, errors or just about anything that’s notification by plugins, themes or main wordpress system. And there should also be an option to turnoff notifications coming from particular plugin, theme and allow notifications from plugins and themes that are allowed to show notifications. This finishes maximum branding.

We do have an option to turn off notifications and warnings, but the challenge is that not all plugins that follow standard codex for showing these. However, if you have experienced specific warnings and notifications from certain plugins not being hidden let us know.

There is this notificatons about stripe for paypal for woocommerce showing minimum php required warnings and errors.

Do you have the plugin installed on your website where we can see this or are you referring to our demo website?

And there should be an option to find and replace or to remove external links (Call to actions or links to help or documentation of plugins and themes ). Because these links speak about wordpress again even after branding done.

Ok, please notice that we do not hide the fact that you are using WordPress. Nothing in the source code is changed. You can easily hide the WordPress menu in the toolbar with the WLB Settings > Navigation > Toolbar.

Hi. I have a small issue. The plugin works fine minus one big issue. When I activate the plugin, all other plugin updates are not shown in the Dashboard>Updates. As soon as I disable White Label Branding, the plugin updates appear and show as normal. Is this an issue others have experienced? Why would the plugin be blocking other plugins from being updated?

P,S, I would gladly update my support if there is a fix for this.

Thank you,


Make sure you have flipped the switch to Yes, so you are hiding all notifications.

The plugin is NOT blocking other plugins from being updated. You can still go to wp-admin/plugins.php and update plugins (a notice will show when an update is available). However, all the default notifications on the dashboard can be hidden. This is one of the features most customers are looking for as they do not want their clients to see the notifications on the dashboard.


Thank you for the fantastic advice. It corrected the issue. Thank you again and have a great Xmas.

I’m glad I could be of help. Merry Christmas.

Hello, I need a solution that will enable me to create 7 different custom user groups/roles, and when I add new content, i.e. pages, posts, downloads etc, assign which user groups can see that content. Will the role manager here allow me to do that in conjunction with your Pages by User Role plugin?

Are you referring to the wp-admin or the front end of your website? White Label Branding for WordPress can definitely create the custom user roles. With Pages by User Role you can set which Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Taxonomies these user roles should be able to view in the front end. If you want it is also possible to reverse the plugin to work in wp-admin.

Having a serious problem with your plugin right now… It keeps deleting the administrator role. I’ve used the self rescue a dozen times and when I finally get back into the admin, the administrator role is recreated, BUT with VERY limited functionality (most items are unchecked). I finally decided to create myself a super admin role and give myself that role so that when it happens again, I wouldn’t get locked out. Problem is some plugins and functions, literally need the “administrator” capabilities, so this is really just a temporary band-aid.

Have you heard of this happening before? Can you guys check somehow? I know you guys have a support/ticket system, but I’ve never received responses when I’ve used it in the past.

PLEASE reply back with some details on how to fix the problem or with a link to download a patch.

I’m sorry for your trouble, but this sounds really strange there is nothing in our plugin that deletes a user role automatically. You can NOT create a Super Admin in a normal WordPress installation. Only WordPress Multisite operates with a Super Admin. We need you to submit a ticket to our Help Center htpps://righthere.zendesk.com and provide both wp-admin access and FTP access so we can debug this. Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. I have gone ahead and opened a support ticket. https://righthere.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/10549

Hopefully you will be able to locate the issue.

Thank you for providing the ticket no. I will get our lead developer to check out this today.

i’ve just upgrade to 4.9.1 and upgrade the plugin to the latest, but the branding is not working, even i’ve turned it on from the branding options. any idea? thanks

Which feature is not working? You can’t access the WLB Settings > Branding? Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will review.


Im trying to load a template I’ve saved for the login screen but it doesn’t load anything?

Also how do you upload a custom logo to the login screen and under the custom logo section there isn’t an option to upload a logo?

Kind Regards, Harvinder Dhami

It sounds like you are using an old version of the plugin. Make sure you have updated the plugin to the latest version and use the Visual CSS Editor for customizing the default WordPress login.

I am using the latest version of the plugin along with the CSS Editor and there doesnt seem to be an option to upload a custom logo and I can save the template fine but I am not able to load it?

Yes, there is an option to upload a logo. http://cloud.righthere.com/1C172a1C0c2s

When you save a template go to Templates set a name. If you can’t get this to work submit a ticket and let us have a look at this.