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its not working on mu .. branding feature not working on mu

Please notice that there is a special version for WordPress Multisite. You have purchased the White Label Branding for WordPress. You can install it on a WP MS site, but it will only work on the main site. You need the White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite to use it on the main site and all subsites.

Please, can this Plugin hide anything for users, and also show anything specific to them, for example, Is it possible to hide everything for a user except one category, or hide everything except one plugin?

Knowing that, I have been using the latest versions of WordPress, woocommerce and avada theme.

And What is the difference between this plugin and the other White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite, although their price is it?

Thank you,,

Thank you for looking at White Label Branding for WordPress. Please notice that the WLB MS version is specifically for WordPress Multisite. If you look at the screenshots you will see that it has features that are specific for WordPress Multisite. E.g. like the branding of sub sites controlled from the main site.

WLB has a built in Role and Capability Manager which will allow you to tweak the capabilities for each user role and even for individual users.

I would recommend you to read a bit about WordPress Capabilities so you understand how this works. You can add or remove Capabilities from specific user roles or individual users. which will then either restrict access or allow access.

WLB is solely for the wp-admin (and the branding of the default wp login).

If you want to restrict access to a specific category based on a user role you will need the Post Categories by User Role. This will work fine together with White Label Branding.

WLB will make it possible to restrict or allow access to a specific plugin, but if you want to restrict access to terms in Taxonomies then you also need the Post Categories by User Role.

Please look at the screenshots for both plugins and feel free to ask if you have any additional questions.

Excuse me for bothering you ..

But please answer me yes or no:

Does your plugin do an adminimize job, in addition to customizing each user, not generally?

Thank you,,

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand that question. You can customize the capabilities for both User Roles and for individual users.

If you look at the screenshots you can see all features.

Excuse me because I’m tired of you .. but all because of my bad English.

I’m using Adminimize Plugin and I’m totally satisfied with it, but I’m here because Adminimize not addicted to each individual.. I have many employees in my online shop, and I want to assign every employee a role in the site, to see and control things and so completely hidden him .. and so on..

I know that your plugin has other features, But that’s what I need in my work. does it provide?

Thank you,,

No worries :) The White Label Branding for WordPress will allow you to tweak the WordPress Capabilities. WordPress Core feature and any plugin you install use Capabilities to control who has access to the features.

In some cases, plugin developers do not add unique capabilities to their plugins but simply rely on the default WordPress capabilities. This makes it a little bit harder to restrict access as you will also lose access to other plugins or native WordPress features that share the same capability. I hope this makes sense.

With WLB you are able to tweak the capabilities for EACH individual user if you want. Most people just do it by User Role, but you have the power to do it by an individual user as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.

i want change dashboard so is not Wp-taste, my goal is:

1) white branding label all text inside of dashboard WP, including white label for name plugin, like BuddyPress, i can change to “AnyName” 2) i want to restrict author or non admin to see specific menu 3) change theme or background as user want for him/her dashboard

will work with this plugin ?

White Label Branding for WordPress has a built in Role and Capability Manager, which lets you tweak the capabilities for each user role including custom user roles. It also lets you do this on an individual user level. You can rename menus name. You can use the Visual CSS Editor to change the styling of the default WordPress login and the wp-admin colors, styles and fonts. This is just some of the many features. Check out the screenshots and you will get an idea how comprehensive this plugin is. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Can I create access like user1 : plugins a,b and C; user 2 : plugins : f;g and h

You need to understand how WordPress Capabilities work. https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities White Label Branding for WordPress has a built-in Role and Capability Manager, which makes it possible to tweak the capabilities meaning access to features and plugins.

All our plugins have a unique set of capabilities which makes it easy for you to tweak access, but some plugin developers just use the default WordPress capabiliites. E.g. manage_options is a typical Administrator capability. And if you remove this from a user role because you want to restrict access to a feature (plugin) you will also lose access to all the other features using the same capability.

You can tweak a lot of things with White Label Branding for WordPress. Check out the screenshots and you will get a better idea what is possible.

Many customers use the plugin to tweak what access the different user roles have to features in wp-admin.

Hello, very interesting plugin, I like love the direction you are going. May I ask how can I reset everything, I see others ask the same and you can reset some things. But I want to just start over, with a clean slate. I do wish your css was just a custom file, I can make edits much faster this way. Plus change things way beyond the scope of whats provided. Other than this, keep up the great work, it’s somewhat rare to find a tool that is seamless and plays well with everything. (o;

Go to the WLB Settings > Navigation. I’m pretty sure the Custom Menu is set to 1, but you didn’t add any URL.

Someone is super smart, I missed that one, issue solved 100%, thank you. (o;

Great! Glad I could help you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Is there a custom left Navigation setting by Role “Manage XYZ Capabilities” REF: admin.php?page=white-label-branding-cap

I would like to be able to turn off links in the menu to avoid a mistake made by the user doing something they should not, thus breaking thiings.

The Role Manager is not clear / simple yet as to what controls what, “still researching”, maybe too many options. I did create an entirely new Role to avoid breaking a working Role or for the need to use the Emergency Admin restore button.

Looking at other Access control plugins as well to see if they do anything differently.

Maybe I’m missing something, have any detailed docs on how it all works?

Thanks again.

The Role and Capability Manager uses WordPress Capabilities to control the access to menus and features. It is important that you familiarize yourself with this https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

If you go to the WLB Settings > Navigation > Sub Menus you will see the name of the capability that the menu and sub-menu uses. Then you simply go to the Role and Capability Manager and uncheck the capability if you want to restrict access or check it if you want to allow access.

Hiding a menu doesn’t restrict access to it. If you know the direct URL to the menu you can still access it.

I would recommend you to check some of the articles in the knowledge base. If you have any specific issues submit a ticket at the Help Center and we will be happy to assist you.

Ok thank you for the advice.

You are welcome. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Is there a way to selectively hide plugin / theme modules on the edit product woocommerce page? Thanks

Please notice that White Label Branding is for the wp-admin not the front end. There is no way to selectively hide specific products in the wp-admin.

You can use the Pages by User Role for WordPress and restrict access to Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Categories (Taxonomies). I believe that WooCommerce products are custom post types. This means you can reverse the features in Pages by User Role and restrict access to Products in wp-admin based on the users User Role (and even for individual users).

I see you have multiple plugins and some are offering similar features but then they have not been updated in many months. Is this your most updated plugin and the best plugin to use to help manage the wp backend and the login and registration pages? We would like to customise our login and registration pages mainly. But some of the features listed here may also come in hand in the future. Also we are looking for a plugin to help us create guided tours and instructions on how to use features on our site and i have seen you have a plugin for this but it was last updated in 2016. I would prefer to use something that has been looked after more recently and is more up to date. Do you have a newer version?

Thank you for looking at our plugins. If you check out the screenshots for White Label Branding for WordPress you will see that it is for the wp-admin and for customization of the default WordPress login. Most customers use this plugin for customizing capabilities for each user role, which controls the access to features in wp-admin. This can be done by user role or by the individual user.

The Multisite version has features that are specific for WordPress Multisite when it comes to branding (styling) of main site and subsites.

The White Label Login for WordPress has extensive features for styling the wp-login.php. Take a look at the demo site and you will get a better idea. The plugin has 18 different modules all related to the login. These modules can easily be turned ON or OFF depending on whether you need the features for your website. The plugin works perfectly together with White Label Branding (which is mainly for the wp-admin).

The jQuery Website Tour plugin is a plugin that allows you to create tours in wp-admin or the public part of the website. We haven’t added any new features for a while, but the plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress.

If you have any specific questions about a plugin please let us know.

Hello Guys,

I see this in my query monitor, can you please advise? Php Errors, Thank you.


If you submit a ticket at our Help Center we can assign this to our lead developer. And then we can track it much easier.

Wordfence continues to say the following: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/SITE/public_html/wp-content/plugins/white-label-branding/includes/class.plugin_white_label_branding.php on line 140


Could you please submit a ticket at our Help Center and provide wp-admin access so we can review this. Remember to include the URL where you see this occuring.

Hi, excuse my English, I speak Spanish.

Is it a license per domain or with a license can I have multiple domains?

According to License Terms from Codecanyon https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard you need a license key for each domain. However, remember that you do not pay for updates every year. You only need to renew your support subscription if you want us to help you (after your 6 or 12 months of support subscription has expired).

So, with a license if I can have multiple domains, but I have to pay the value annually for the support?

Is that so?

No, the license terms from Codecanyon clearly says that you need a license for each website. You do not need a support subscription to keep updating your plugin. You get free updates for life, but you need a license key for each domain.

We allow you to enter the license key on ONE developer website and ONE live website. I hope this is clear. Let me know if you have any other questions.


drmagoo Purchased


Wp admin says there is a new version 4.1.9 but the download on Code Canyon says Version

Are you going to upload a new version to Code Canyon?

Thank you

Yes, it will be available for download on Codecanyon.net within 24-72 hours. Meanwhile, you can download the update from inside wp-admin if you have a valid license key.


mzimzi Purchased

Enjoying this plugin so far..

Quick question:

What is the best way to limit the capabilities of a “contributor” so that they can only add/view their own posts in the wp-admin dashboard, not everybody elses which have been previously published within the wordpress dashboard.

Please advise :)

If you look at the WordPress Codex https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities – you will see a number of capabiliites related to editing.

  • edit_others_pages
  • edit_others_posts

If you uncheck these then the user role can not edit other users Posts and Posts.

Ans you might also use the

  • delete_others_pages
  • delete_others_posts

mzimzi Purchased

Thanks for the tips, will try it out..

But is it possible to hide all posts as well from being shown? In other words, only display the contributors own pending/published posts. Nothing more and nothing less…

WordPress does not have any capabilities that hides posts or pages from other users. You can use our Pages by User Role for WordPress to hide (restrict access or allow access) to Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Categories (terms in Taxonomies). This was originally built for the front end of WordPress, but you can reverse the features to work in wp-admin. The plugin works great together with White Label Branding for WordPress.


Can you hide plugins from other administrator users?

Thank you

In the plugin item page we provide screenshots of all screens. Go to WLB Settings > Options > Advanced Settings tab and enable the Role and Capability Manager.

Once this is done you will find the Role Manager in your menu where you can edit the capabilities for each user role. If you want to edit the Capabilities for an individual user then look up the user in WordPress and edit the profile. You will then get access to all the capabilities for this person.

the license does not work delete the domain name

Thank you

Not sure what you are talking about. If you need help with your license key please submit a ticket at our Help Center and provide both wp-admin access and your license key.

Hi for some reason I am putting in my login and password and its just looping back to the login screen? So if someone access a page it asks for a Username and password they enter it and it loop back for them to login again?

I have tried redirect which works but I want them to go to the pages they access not the redirect page?

I have just realised when I login it takes me to WP-Admin even through the link is for a page, the user settings are subscriber and show no toolbar.

The reason there is a loop back is that I am using Hide My WP but I have not request that link to go to wp-admin?

There is no redirect action in White Label Branding for WordPress.