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Hi, tutorial video? Thanks

No there are no video tutorials. Refer to the grey boxes in the plugin and the articles in the Help Center knowledgebase.

I am very interested in purchasing this product, but I do have few concerns. I need to know how compatible this product is with premium level wordpress themes purchased from other third party word press theme developers? Will your plugin conflict with themes with alot of features and/or a theme with other plugins? Can you address any of these concerns if there is any to worry about on my end? Thanks

Thank you for looking at White Label Branding for WordPress. Please notice that WLB is for the wp-admin and not the frontend of your website. It is very rarely that there are any theme conflicts. In some cases there are compatibility issues with third-party plugins, but we always work with the customers to solve any issues.


mitchcan Purchased


We’re looking to bump our server to PHP 7.0. A site scan by our host reported WLB to not be compatible with PHP 7.0. Is that the case? Are you planning on making it compatible with 7.0 soon?


That is strange. Most our plugins we updated to support PHP 7. White Label Branding was updated in May 2016 to support PHP 7.


Please submit a ticket at provide information about the issue. We run PHP 7 on our developers server.


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I thought I had read that you were 7.0+ capable (I have Calit too), but the scan reported a possible issue (for both). It was a warning, not an error, so it may likely still be fine. I’m going to test roll out 7.0 in the next few days, I’ll let you know if it breaks. :)

I will ask our developers to do a scan Monday. Thank you for letting us know.

Hello, I would like to purchase this item but I have one question. Can I disable Google Authentication Code check? Thank you.

Thank you for looking at the White Label Login plugin. Please notice that the plugin has 18 different modules, and only if you need a feature should you enable it. Thus, the Google Authenticator is not enabled by default. Nor is the Google reCAPTCHA enabled by default. Let me know if you havea any other questions.

I have the plugin and was wondering am I able to restrict access to certain pages on the backend to different roles with this?

Are you referring to restricting access to features added by plugins and native WordPress features? You can tweak the capabilities for each user and user roles, which will then either allow or restrict access.

I would recommend you to take a look at the WordPress codex https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

In our knowledge base in the Help Center, we provide some articles which explain how you allow or restrict access.

For instance I want a user to only have access to the about page, services page, certain posts, etc…..

Ok if you read the article that I referred to and the information about how Capabilities work in WordPress you will see that this is not how White Label Branding for WordPress works. You can allow or restrict access to menus (plugins and features), but not a specific page or post. An individual page or post doesn’t have a capability you can set in the Role and Capability Manager.

You might want to take a look at our Pages by User Role for WordPress. This plugin will make it possible to allow or restrict access to Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Categories and Custom Taxonomies. This was originally meant for the public part of the website (not in wp-admin), but we have added a feature that will allow you to reverse the features, so you can use them in wp-admin. This means you can block access to pages, posts, custom post types and categories based on the user role of the user.

I hope this makes sense.


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Your plugin is working to hide menu itens like pages, but I can still access by url. Am I doing something wrong?


ipuiuna Purchased

Never mind! I founded a solution in role manger.

If you HIDE menus these are just hidden, but if you know the direct URL you can still access the page (URL).

If you use the Role and Capability Manager in White Label Branding, which uses WordPress Capabilities you can effectively restrict access to menus (pages etc.).

Check out the articles in the Knowledge Base in our Help Center.

Hi there,

Error: I found error on Custom Role “Super Admin” that I created and everything works fine before.

When I update to the latest version I cannot upload any file (photos like jpeg, png etc.) and it returns “File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be… etc..”

Temporary Solution: I found a temporary solution that I switched back all user to “Administrator” or “Author” which these are standard WP-Role and I can upload all those kind of files.

Hope this can be fix on the next update as my Custom Role is not working as what the plugin does before and maybe some other bugs are there exist on the latest version of the plugin.


Please notice that there is nothing higher than Administrator in WordPress. Only in WordPress Multisite, there is a Super Admin. If you created a custom user roles and call it Super Admin it doesn’t get higher access than the Administrator.

From what you write I can’t tell what exactly is wrong. Please submit at ticket at our Help Center and provide a detailed description of what it is you are trying to achieve with the custom user role.

Hi there,

It is a Custom User Role and I call it as Super Admin as it works fine on the previous version of the plugin and now that Custom User Role that I created as “Super Admin” is having a problem while trying to upload a photo or any file that returns an error saying “File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be… etc..” that error occurs after I’d done the update of the plugin to the latest version, while switching back to any standard User Role of Wordpress I can upload normally without having an error only on that Custom User Role “Super Admin” I created is a problem now.


I’m sorry, but this doesn’t sound like an error that is related to the User Role. No other users have reported the same problem. You will need to submit a ticket at our Help Center and provide details about what it is you can’t do. E.g. upload file logged in as user XYZ and provide login credentials. We can then get our developers to take a closer look.

Also remember to have a valid support subscription. Thank you.

presale question: is there a way to restrict access to certain category for editors ? i need to have post category thats only editable by administrators [ so only admin can post in that category or edit posts inside it ]... is that possible ?

No, this is not what this plugin does. You can restrict access to specific menus, based on the User Roles and the Capabilities. And you can do this by a user as well. That is of course only one part of the plugins many features.

If you want to restrict access to a specific category in the wp-admin you should look at Post Categories by User for WordPress.