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Hi, i want to buy this plugin. can I only show woocommerce, products and pages in the dashboard menu?

You can by tweaking the capabilities for user roles limit what they have access to. So the answer is yes.


brendym Purchased

Why is the codecanyon version still not updated to 4.2?

I believe the 4.2 was just approved. You can download it from Codecanyon. And you can always update from inside wp-admin to the latest version.

Let us know if you need any help.

hi, i had made the purchase, after i download the ZIP file and open, which one is the plugins item ?

This is because of your computer automatically un-zipped the zip-file you downloaded from Codecanyon. Just zip the folder and then install the plugin.

Hi, we just bought this plugin and it does not block Elementor or Divi page builder from the “Manage Admin Mgr Capabilities” view capabilities. This plugin does not work as advertised. Can you please issue us an immediate refund today for we need to purchase another plugin that actually does? thanks

Sorry, but you are wasting our time!. We reached out to you and offered our help and we referred you to the website of the developer that created DIVI Builder. They offer an option to achieve what you are looking for.

We approved your refund even though you are not entitled to it.

“you are not entitled to it.” what?? Any customer that is mislead by promotion of a simple plugin that should do its job – hide plugins from view by specific user roles is entitled to a refund. So many codecanyon developers need to wake up! If you get serious and run you plugin like a business then there would be no need for so many customer complaints and low reviews. If your plugin is suppose to perform a task like hide plugins from view, then make it the BEST plugin it can be and THOROUGHLY test it, which you did not. DIVI builder, ELEMENTAL, and VISUAL COMPOSER are the most popular page builders. By now you have not tested your plugin with them??? Don’t blame your customers. Make a better plugin and CONSTANTLY test its feature compatibility so customers dont have to waste time submitting tickets. Most people hate submitting tickets for simple things that should be working. thanks

You never reached out for help. You purchased the plugin and one hour later you asked for a refund. We always try to do our best to help our customers if they run into challenges.

Dealing with WordPress Capabilities is not a simple task. We experience often people do not have the patience or attention span to read our examples on how you restrict access to menus or how you grant access to different user roles by tweaking the capabilities of the different user roles. Many plugins do not have a set of custom capabilities and depend on the native WordPress capabilities.

Our plugin is more than 7 years old so believe me it is thoroughly tested. And you can hide any plugin from the wp-admin menu as ALL plugins are depending on WordPress Capabilities.

This plugin is just not for you.

Hi, I’ve just started using the plugin & immediately noticed the limitation on of the admin menu icon customization and that I couldn’t upload my own icons. This feature (custom icons) is one of the major reasons for purchasing the plugin (or any white-label plugin), I couldn’t find a way to upload my own icon sets, is there a way to do so? if not, could you introduce this feature in the near future please? Thanks in advance.

We currently do not allow for adding custom icons. You can do it with custom CSS, but it requires some knowledge of CSS. We have had some requests for adding custom icons or bigger icon packages.

When I chose to hide admins from users list, below is the error upon saving the settings, what’s going, please help me.

403 – Forbidden The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory or you do not have enough permissions to access the resource

You will have to submit a ticket at our Help Center and provide us with wp-admin access. I’ve not seen this error before.

I get it. If you want fancy widgets and graphs then the other plugin is for you. I did login and take a look and they do look nice, but I don’t know how useful they are. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out again.

I prefer features above than look so I can live without fancy widgets and graphs for sure – will let you know once I purchase it over the weekend for sure :) Cheers

We will be here if you need help. Have a nice weekend.

Presale question: Does your plugin give a possibility not to allow new user/subscriber go to the dashboard but just be on the page where he started login process? Almost all similar plugins forward the user to the dashboard.

We do not have this feature in this plugin. We have this in the White Label Login for WordPress. And the two plugins work great together.

When customizing the login page, changes made to the “Bottom Links” are not persisted, hence reset to default when the page is reloaded

Please submit a ticket to our Help Center and provide wp-admin access. This is most likely a conflict with a third-party plugin. We can fix this for you.

hi, is it possible to show only published pages? and hide Prive pages?

Not sure what you mean. Are you referring to Hide private pages in wp-admin? If you tweak the capabilities of a user or user role you can uncheck the Edit Others Pages, Edit Others Posts.

If a Page is not published it can be in Draft mode or Scheduled.