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Will this plugin work on a single site (non multisite) website. I’m thinking of going back to a regular wordpress site and wondered if this will still work.

The White Label Branding for WordPress and WordPress Multisite share 90% of the code, but the Multisite version has specific feature only available on Multisite. I know the the normal version will not work properly on WP MS. You can try and use the WP MS on a single site, but ideally you should use the version created for Single site :)

Hello. For 9 months now we have a unsolved problem (#3875) and 11 days ago I sent to you another message with a new conflict with etm and so far no one has answered. ticket #3875

I see since you submitted this ticket we have been communicating with you and replied 6 times. I talked to the lead developer today, which tested this in our Multisite test and we can’t recreate the problem. This means it is specific for your server. Please let us know if we can test this in your site.

.. you can just reply to the ticket! Than you.

Hi Our wordpress site have added HTTPS (SSL), but some plugin not satisfy, then Google say that our wordpress sites are unsafe. Do your plugin satisfy the conditions of HTTPS (SSL)?

White Label Branding for WordPress is entirely in the wp-admin. We have multiple customers running https and have not heard about any issues.

Thanks for your reply.

Does it change the admin slug “wp-admin” when in the dashboard?

No it does not. If you want to change the wp-admin and wp-login.php as well as change the styling of your login you can use the White Label Login for WordPress. White Label Login has 18 different modules that you can enable if you need the features. These can be individually turned ON or OFF for better resource management.

The White Label Branding has the option to change the default styling of your WordPress login, and you can customize things inside your wp-admin.


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Are you going to be updating this soon to include some of the new features available in the single site version? Thanks in advance.

Yes we are working on it. I will talk to the developers and see when we can push this update.

Hello – I’m interested in your plugin but your demo doesnt work and some of the links in your listing are broke. Do you still support and develop/update this product?

If so, how do I access the demo?

Best, IC

Hey RightHere,

Thanks for the reply…

1 ) Does is support custom taxonomies?

2 ) So you can hide per post type or (hopefully) custom post type?

3 ) Are you releasing an update anytime soon?

Best! IC

I clicked on the “live preview” button… but where is link on your site to the demo?

We do not provide a login to a demo for this plugin neither for our White Label Branding for WordPress. Because some users think its so funny change things that break the site.

White Label Branding for WordPress and White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite share 90% of the same source code, but the Multisite version has a Multisite menu with features specific for WordPress Multisite.

This is the Multisite specific menus




All other features are shared between the two plugins. I don’t think you fully understand what White Label Branding does. It is a plugin for customization of the wp-admin. Things like styling, colors, fonts can easily be changed with the Visual CSS Editor. You can change the styling of the default WordPress login (wp-login.php) with the Visual CSS Editor. And then you can do a lot in reference to branding like hide all WordPress related messages (check out the screenshots where we show the entire interface).

You also have access to a Role and Capability Manager which makes it possible to tweak the capabilities for each user role as well as individual users. This makes it possible to allow or restrict access to menus.

This plugin is NOT restricting access to specific Taxonomies and Terms. If you want to restrict which Taxonomies (and terms) that each user and user role has access to you will need our Post Categories by User Role for WordPress. This also supports custom taxonomies.

If you want to allow or restrict access to Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Archives and Categories (native WordPress) then you need our Pages by User Role for WordPress plugin.

Both plugins work perfectly together with the White Label Branding for WordPress (and Multisite).

Reading your question again it sounds to me like you would need the White Label Branding for WordPress and the Post Categories by User Role for WordPress, but I could be wrong.

I hope some of this information makes sense to you.

I’ve a presale question
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one real site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check for updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your plugin on my localhost and on a real site at the same time (simultaneously)?
Will I be available all the features without entering any key in the localhost?

Thank you for looking at White Label Branding for WordPress. You will have no problems with using the plugin on your developer site and in a live site.


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Is it possible to create a role at the Network level and have that role define in every subsite?


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Hi Guys,

When will this plugin be updated? I see the single site plugin updated every time but the multisite version is not following the single site version.

Can you please update this one also?

Thank you

Best regards, B.

I’m really sorry you are actually right. I see now that we have only made the latest updates available from inside wp-admin and not on Codecanyon. This is clearly a mistake.

The latest version on Codecanyon is Version 4.0.8 from January 8, 2016, but we have released 6 updates since. The latest on October 21, 2016.


I will ask the developers to get the Codecanyon version up to date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well the reason i asked is that my multisite version of which i own several licenses did not update since then. Not even in the wp-admin. So i was wondering what was going on. Anyway i am glad the plugin will be updated shorty. In the meantime i will have to figure out though why my wlb ms did not show any update at all. Thanks !

Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will provide you with the latest version. We will make sure the version on Codecanyon is updated, but please remember it takes up to 72 hours to update.


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Checking in guys – I did send an email your way via your help center, but it looks like the version available here is still many versions behind – we’ve started seeing the ‘update your plugin’ warning but it’s not possible to actually update it via the WP dashboard. Is it possible to get the version here updated?

What is your ticket no? It is available on Codecanyon within 48-72 hours.


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Thank you for the quick response – my ticket number is 7422. Tried adding it to a local site just so I could update via WP and then download it/move it to our multisite but saying that the package is not available. Is it possible to get the latest version emailed rather than wait 48 – 72 hours? Thanks!

We have replied to your ticket and provided a download link. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for supporting our plugins.

I just downloaded the plugin to get the updated version but it’s still the old version downloading from here.

It has been uploaded to Codecanyon today. It should be available within 48-72 hours. Meanwhile you can only update from within wp-admin if you have a valid license key.

My Wordpress install wants me to upgrade to 4.1.6, but the latest version here at codecanyon is 4.0.8. When can I expect to be able to download the latest version?? [Nevermind. This question has already been asked. my bad]

If you submit a ticket I can send you the new version immediately. It will most likely take 48-72 hours before it is on Codecanyon.

Did that already. Yesterday. Ticket #7472. No Response

Sorry for the inconvenience. We sent you a download link.

Latest update broke my login screens  photo login_zpsupti2vmn.png

Not sure what is going on. I’ve tested the latest release on our developer site and it works. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will review.


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Per the user above – had the same happen to me – had to revert. However, not sure if it helps, have debugging on on our staging server and have this notification:

white-label-branding-multisite/includes/class.wlb_dashboard.php:364 - Undefined index: screen_id

Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will review this asap.


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The updated version shown is 7 January 16, and having bought it a while ago, despite numerous updates to this plugin, this is the first time we have received an update notification in the backend.

Just re-download the version from codecanyon and the change log showed the downloaded plugin is Version – January 6, 2015 (2016?). The current version should be 4.1.6. The developer should do something about the discrepancies in the version in Codecanyon and we were in the dark of the subsequent updates since our purchase.

Please notice that it will take 48-72 hours before the latest version is available on Codecanyon. You can currently only update from within wp-admin if you have a valid license key.


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Have a valid licence, but it states update not available. The current version in codecanyon is a very old version (Version I don’t think it has any new version uploaded in codecanyon since that version.

If you can’t update from inside wp-admin wait for the update on Codecanyon. As I mentioned it will be available within 48-72 hours.

RightHere states “If you can’t update from inside wp-admin wait for the update on Codecanyon. As I mentioned it will be available within 48-72 hours.” That was 3 days ago – Still no update at codecanyon. I have a valid license, but trying to update within WP gives me an “Update Not Available” even though the plugin is telling me there is one. What is the problem here??

I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will provide you with a download link immediately.

Did that already. Yesterday. Ticket #7472. No Response

Sorry for the inconvenience. We send you a download link


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Hi, I cant get the latest version of this plugin. I left a message in the support section. Can you give me a direct download link?

Please submit a ticket at our Help Center. We have submitted the update to Codecanyon as we found a bug.

has this update been fixed? Do i need to submit and ticket for updates?

It has just been submitted. It should be available as soon as Codecanyon review team has approved.


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White Label Branding update 4.1.6 is available! Please update now

I am unable to update your plugin neither automatically nor manually because the new version isn’t available on codecanyon yet. Can you please either fix the auto update or upload the new version here, please ?

Thanks in advance

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, some sites (multisite installations) have a problem updating the plugin from inside wp-admin. We can immediately send you link to the latest version if you submit a ticket at our Help Center.


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The latest download is NOT available on CodeCanyon for Multisite. Please tell me how to get the most recent version. I want this to auto update. Very frustrating that it can’t.

Unfortunately quite a few WordPress Multisite installations are experiencing issues with updating from inside wp-admin. We are trying to identify the issue. Normal single site WordPress installations don’t have any problems updating when the license key is entered. We can send you an update link immediately if you submit a ticket to our Help Center.


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The ticket was submitted right after I submitted this comment. Still waiting for a reply on that.

What is your ticket no?