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assoco Purchased

In Version, it seems the option in Branding > Screen Options does not seem to work. Whether the selection is yes or no, the Screen Options remain hidden for other User roles (other than Super Admin). In old version 4.0.8, there was no such issue.


assoco Purchased

Thanks for assisting.


assoco Purchased

Hi, Re #7804 wondering if anyone is still working on this as it has been awhile. I have deactivated plugins to test myself but not able to identify the issue.

I’m really sorry for the delay. I will follow up with our Lead Developer.

Would this plugin work along side Hide My WP? Main concern is changing the location of WP-Admin and it conflicting with your plugin.

White Label Login for WordPress Multisite doesn’t change the URL of wp-admin. We do not know of any conflicts with Hide My WP.


winalan Purchased

hi, i bought the script and tested and activated with a dev site… now wanted to use it for real site but the activation doesn’t seem to work. anyway you can help me activate it? thanks

According to Codecanyon official license terms, you need a license key for each site, however, you can without any problems enter the license key in two sites. If you experience any issues we can take a look at your site. You can submit a ticket at our Help Center.


kpott Purchased

Hi in my wordpress install it’s always saying the a new update is available. I can’t seem to find a more recent version than what is found here. Anyway to solve this?

Please make sure you also update the Visual CSS Editor. All the branding of wp-admin and the Default WordPress Login is not handled in the Visual CSS Editor.

Yes I did and enabled, I don’t even know what that should add to my admin portion. I can’t see the login menu, nor do I have something to edit in the CSS editor.

Submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will review.

Hi, I register my license key, but when I try to download the add-ons, it keeps saying the product is not licenced. It even shows me on the right side that I have licenced, but I cannot go further. When I buy something the basics must work, I have no time to waste, with support for getting the basics working. I will request a refund.

There are saved settings inside that go here: http://plugins.righthere.com/downloadable-content/wlb3/, broken link, all of them broken links. If you sell stuff here, make sure it work, if it does not work, remove it from the market.

Nothing is sold on plugins.righthere.com. Add-ons are downloaded from inside the wp-admin where you have installed the plugin.

When I go to the downloads menu in White Label Branding Multisite this is the add-ons available. And they are free to all customers with a valid license key http://cloud.righthere.com/033I473C3n47

If you have the White Label Branding there are some additional add-ons (all free).

Could you please tell me where you find the link you are referring to?

Please provide the latest plugin update for download on CodeCanyon like every author is supposed to do for all of their CodeCanyon customers. There should be NO SUPPORT ticket needed for this SIMPLE task.

Please login to your account on Codecanyon and go to downloads. You can download the latest version – February 6, 2017.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

My bad, I had it mixed up with an older file! Thank you! I ABSOLUTELY Love the new CSS panel. One major problem…. I click “Save”, nothings saves, and the button is stuck saying “SAVING”  photo stuck-on-saving_zpsct33sbkv.png

Ok, that is definitely a conflict with another plugin.

We will need to review your site to determine what is wrong. If you disable, ALL other plugins do you still experience the issue? If this fixes it – you can activate one plugin at a time until you see the problem occurring again.  This way we can identify the cause of the problem and debug your site. 

If it doesn’t help deactivating all other plugins, then it might be a conflict with your theme. Try and change your theme to a default WordPress theme (just for testing purposes). Following this guideline can help us identify the cause of the issue and speed up things.

Nevertheless, we will need wp-admin access. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center.