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How to hid WP Bakery Page tab entirely for the use role editors?

It hides everything under WPB but it still shows the WPB tab in the user role even after hiding everything in the nav > sub menu section

Let me talk to our lead developer and test this on our on website. Sorry for the inconvenience. This could be because WPBakery Page Builder is not following the standard way of adding menus in WP.

We have a fix for this issue and will release an update within the next 1-2 hours.

How to disable Tools tabs in user role ?

Sorry, but I’m not sure what you are referring to. Tools tabs in User Role? Could you please explain.

Yup tools tabs in user Role.

You can use the built-in Role and Capability Manager and tweak the capabilities of the user role or individual user. This is the only way to effectively restrict access to menus in wp-admin. If you choose to hide the menu(s) the user can still access if he or she knows the direct URL.


If you go to WLB Settings > Navigation > Sub Menu you can find the capabilities that this feature uses


As you can see this is a native WordPress feature and uses edit_posts, import and export capabilities. If you uncheck the edit_posts in the capability manager the users with the user role or individual users will not have access. However, the user will also lose access to ALL other features using the same capability.

There is an article in our knowledge base which explains how you allow access or restrict access to menus.

This is also an important post to read about White Label Branding Multisite.

How do I use the three branding options in White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite?

Hope this helps you.


steviev Purchased


I have just purchased this product. The problem is that every time I input my license and save, when I leave the license page and go back to it, the license I input has been removed. Do you have a fix for this please?

Sorry for the trouble, but please go to our Help Center and submit a ticket. This is most likely a conflict with another plugin and we will need to review.

Can I ask whats the difference between this and the other Identical you have?


They do share around 90% of the same source code, but one as the name says is for WordPress Multisite. If you look at the screenshots you will see that it has a specific menu for Multisite features.

Good day, does this plugin allow me to hide specific plugins within the plugins area, e.g from my Plugins/Installed Plugins list.

The add-on which allows you to hide plugins from the plugin list is only available for the White Label Branding for WordPress and not the Multisite version.

Hi, Before commenting I’ve read many comments expressing confusion about the license. I think many are confused because you have 2 versions of this plugin, this one being for multisite which might be interpreted as useable on all sites in the multisite environment. I’m guessing that this is not the case and that an extended license is need to use on all sites in the associated with the multisite installation. Am I correct to assume this?

Also, I’ve read in the comments that the settings are a little tricky, one commenter said that the license needs to be entered into each subsite, is that correct?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

The White Label Branding Multisite is version that is created for WP MS. It has a special menu with settings for Network (Multisite). You can network activate the plugin and then it works on all sites in the network.

Does that make sense?

Yes. It does require the extended license though, correct?

The extended licenses is required if you charge customers (visitors) for using the website. https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard