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Hello. Congratulations for the game! I want to buy, but I have some questions: - I can customize everything? - I downloaded your game to test. Saw that you can purchase to remove the ads. If I buy, I’ll also be able to do this? Sell for my account? - Can I translate the whole game for the Portuguese? - Can I create more levels? - Whenever you update the game, you will pass this update to buyers? Thanks for attention!

I forgot to ask: can I change the name of the game?

Hello. I need to delete the screen: P.S. i (heart) you! How to make?

Hi App is crashing a lot on various devices. It crashes on splash screen many times but once starts it works fine. Please see these two crash reports. 1)Device: Moto G (gen2) Android Version : Android 5.0 Report:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.util.List org.onepf.oms.appstore.googleUtils.Inventory.getAllPurchases()’ on a null object reference at com.badlogic.gdx.pay.android.openiab.PurchaseManagerAndroidOpenIAB$3.onQueryInventoryFinished(PurchaseManagerAndroidOpenIAB.java:356) at org.onepf.oms.OpenIabHelper$17$1.run(OpenIabHelper.java:1435) at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(Handler.java:739) at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:95) at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:135) at android.app.ActivityThread.main(ActivityThread.java:5312) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:372) at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit$MethodAndArgsCaller.run(ZygoteInit.java:901) at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit.main(ZygoteInit.java:696)

2) Device: Moto E(Gen 1) Android version: Android 5.1 Report: * * Build fingerprint: ‘motorola/condor_retaildsds/condor_umtsds:5.1/LPC23.13-34.8/12:user/release-keys’ Revision: ‘p2b0’ ABI: ‘arm’ pid: 20616, tid: 20825, name: GLThread 8737 >>> com.bbkp.findtheway <<< signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0×954c4008 r0 954c4008 r1 954b0014 r2 00000048 r3 00000008 r4 b8780020 r5 954b000c r6 9de117d0 r7 954c4008 r8 00000014 r9 b884e488 sl 954b0000 fp 00000000 ip 00000000 sp 9de11790 lr a67b3e64 pc b6e36618 cpsr 60050010

backtrace: #00 pc 00013618 /system/lib/libc.so (__memcpy_base+76) #01 pc 0000de60 /data/app/com.bbkp.findtheway-1/lib/arm/libgdx.so (Java_com_badlogic_gdx_utils_BufferUtils_copyJni___3FLjava_nio_Buffer_2II+88) #02 pc 001329db /data/dalvik-cache/arm/data@app@com.bbkp.findtheway-1@base.apk@classes.dex

Please look into this matter and give necessary solution.

Remove IAP if you don’t know how to setup it.

Its not about IAP its about app is crashing in various devices. How to resolve that issue. Above code is crash report which we got from our users. Help if possible

Did you follow the steps inside readme file? The second error you posted does not make any sense. The first one is about IAP i guess.

how can I change background color ?

uygulama hakkinda bir kaç soru sormak istiyorum hocam skype adresinizi iletmeniz mümkün müdür?

Hi, how to do I can fix error. Please add me email: numm44@gmail.com

You should add dependencies about the gdx pay like in readme file.

Nice… Thank you.

Hi, I have this error

Error: Expected resource of type id [ResourceType].

What is ID?, >> adView.setId(12345) <<, How to do I can find ID to change it.


Thank you.

You can leave it like that.

I’m have that error when I Generate Signed APK.


Öncelikle yapt???n oyun için tebrikler bir Türk’ün elinden ç?kmas? beni daha da sevindirdi. Projeyi android studio’ya çekti?imde gradle ile ilgili hata al?yorum senkronize edip tekrar tekrar kurmama ra?men çözemedim Android Studio 2.1 kullan?yorum mevcut yard?m videosu eclipse göre haz?rlanm?? bunun Android Studio versiyonunu da ç?kar?rsan sevinirim aç?kcas? ald???m oyunlararas?nda en çok bu ho?uma gitti henüz yay?nlayamam?? olmak beni rahats?z etti

Tesekkurler, dosyalarin icinde android studio icin de bir rehber olmasi lazim. Hatanin resmini paylasirsaniz buradan da yardimci olabilirim,

Dosya içinde dökümantasyon var ama yetersizdi genede uygulamaya? çal??t?rmay? ba?ard?m yaln?z analytics kodu ekleyece?imiz bir yer yok galiba uygulamada manuel olarak m? eklemeliyiz SDK y? ?

Harici SDK’leri kendiniz eklemelisiniz evet.

Hi I got this error Error:(94, 1) A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘Which Way’. > Could not find method android() for arguments [build_1n72ju3azfqi7gyfqeodj1gib$_run_closure7@78cc6431] on root project ‘Which Way’.

it is in build.gradle android { compileSdkVersion ‘Google Inc.:Google APIs:23’ buildToolsVersion ‘23.0.2’ }

how to solve it?

Hi, I’m having the following problem when I’m importing the project in Android Studio: Failed to sync Gradle project ‘Which Way’. Error:failed to find Build Tools revision 23.0.2.

I have already edited the build.gradle and added the android dependencies… Can you please help me out with this? Thanks.

I managed to fix the problem. Thanks.

Hello, Can you please help me with this setBounds size and positiong ?

I have this for logo image: title.setBounds(WhichWay.width / 2 – (WhichWay.height – WhichWay.width) * 3 / 10, WhichWay.height / 2 + WhichWay.width * 2 / 10 + (WhichWay.height – WhichWay.width) / 100 – 100, (WhichWay.height – WhichWay.width) * 3 / 5, (WhichWay.height – WhichWay.width) / 5);

I want to change logo with a bigger one and I’m unable to understand how to define the new size and position… Thanks.

I wrote these codes long time ago. I am not sure what I did in there now. You can remove those lines and put your own numbers experimentally according to parameters (title.setBounds(width, height, positionX, positionY).

Sorry, it should be (positionX, positionY, width, height)

Hello andropro,

nice game :), does it support android studio if not can you update it ! for levels there is any documentation about how to add more levels ? if i buy can i get PSD files so i can easily do reskin

Best regards,

lots of error, can’t run on android, can’t run on desktop. its pain in my head….. aaararrggghh

I get the error “The hierarchy of the type AndroidLauncher is inconsistent”. I have checked many posts on google but nothing seems to work. How can I solve it?

hi i get this error

Synchronize Gradle builds with workspace failed due to an error connecting to the Gradle build. Could not install Gradle distribution from ‘http://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-2.4-all.zip'.

error in opening zip file org.gradle.tooling.GradleConnectionException: Could not install Gradle distribution from ‘http://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-2.4-all.zip'. at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.DistributionFactory$ZippedDistribution$1.call(DistributionFactory.java:137) at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.DistributionFactory$ZippedDistribution$1.call(DistributionFactory.java:125) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.BlockingResultHandler.getResult(BlockingResultHandler.java:46) at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.DefaultModelBuilder.get(DefaultModelBuilder.java:51) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingclient.internal.DefaultToolingClient.executeAndWait(DefaultToolingClient.java:128) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingclient.internal.DefaultModelRequest.executeAndWait(DefaultModelRequest.java:79) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.BaseModelRepository$1.get(BaseModelRepository.java:95) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.BaseModelRepository.executeAndWait(BaseModelRepository.java:161) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.BaseModelRepository.access$000(BaseModelRepository.java:41) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.BaseModelRepository$2.call(BaseModelRepository.java:120) at com.google.common.cache.LocalCache$LocalManualCache$1.load(LocalCache.java:4724) at com.google.common.cache.LocalCache$LoadingValueReference.loadFuture(LocalCache.java:3522) at com.google.common.cache.LocalCache$Segment.loadSync(LocalCache.java:2315) at com.google.common.cache.LocalCache$Segment.lockedGetOrLoad(LocalCache.java:2278) at com.google.common.cache.LocalCache$Segment.get(LocalCache.java:2193) at com.google.common.cache.LocalCache.get(LocalCache.java:3932) at com.google.common.cache.LocalCache$LocalManualCache.get(LocalCache.java:4721) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.BaseModelRepository.getFromCache(BaseModelRepository.java:136) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.BaseModelRepository.executeRequest(BaseModelRepository.java:116) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.BaseModelRepository.executeRequest(BaseModelRepository.java:88) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.DefaultSingleBuildModelRepository.fetchBuildEnvironment(DefaultSingleBuildModelRepository.java:100) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.DefaultSingleBuildModelRepository.targetGradleVersionIsBetween(DefaultSingleBuildModelRepository.java:275) at com.gradleware.tooling.toolingmodel.repository.internal.DefaultSingleBuildModelRepository.fetchEclipseGradleBuild(DefaultSingleBuildModelRepository.java:171) at org.eclipse.buildship.core.workspace.internal.DefaultModelprovider.fetchEclipseGradleBuild(DefaultModelprovider.java:53) at org.eclipse.buildship.core.workspace.internal.SynchronizeGradleBuildsJob.synchronizeBuild(SynchronizeGradleBuildsJob.java:77) at org.eclipse.buildship.core.workspace.internal.SynchronizeGradleBuildsJob.runToolingApiJob(SynchronizeGradleBuildsJob.java:69) at org.eclipse.buildship.core.util.progress.ToolingApiJob$1.run(ToolingApiJob.java:73) at org.eclipse.buildship.core.util.progress.ToolingApiInvoker.invoke(ToolingApiInvoker.java:63) at org.eclipse.buildship.core.util.progress.ToolingApiJob.run(ToolingApiJob.java:70) at org.eclipse.core.internal.jobs.Worker.run(Worker.java:55) Caused by: java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method) at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(Unknown Source) at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(Unknown Source) at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(Unknown Source) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install.unzip(Install.java:214) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install.access$600(Install.java:27) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install$1.call(Install.java:74) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install$1.call(Install.java:48) at org.gradle.wrapper.ExclusiveFileAccessManager.access(ExclusiveFileAccessManager.java:65) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install.createDist(Install.java:48) at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.DistributionFactory$ZippedDistribution$1.call(DistributionFactory.java:131) at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.DistributionFactory$ZippedDistribution$1.call(DistributionFactory.java:125) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

Hi, how to upgrade sdk to new version, i use android studio

do we need both Eclipse & Android Studio to build this project ?

why is it always crashing 1st time opening it ?

please reply _