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Cand you make a detaild manual or tutorial about how to maket work on android studio..your manual is dedicate tu eclips and hase lake of info…is very hard to fallow ..you must quest what is the next step to take…so the manual is not so helpful….i spend alot of hours on the internet search for answer for small things you dont mencinet on your manual….so please make a solid and specificat manual or video tutorial white the exact steps to fallow …for a complete noob.thx

Yes my good friend creativegia is my ID (UK) my icon is a blue background and a rembo light ball

Thx my good friend

This guy is great ,i have on my list for long long time ,so i am un idiot,my skype dont show me the his ID for some reaseon..so i whas panic….sorry his a good guy

where i search location….how detect distance and route between search location & current location…...............android 7.0 launched when will compatible with

will i get android studio project…not eclipse

of course man.it is android atudio

previous qn?????

Hi, I just pucrchased the code and you sent me the old version!!! I was expecting the version you displayed on playstore i.e https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOKGC0j-bPU. Wheres the source code. I hope its just a mistake.

you did not read my description? my version on playstore is full version.it is not version on codecayon.i have said in my description.please check again


kb123 Purchased


I have rename package, and install apk sucessfully but the map is not working. The places, distance and text direction are OK, but the google map only show blank. Please help..


kb123 Purchased

Finally.. I found it!. It works perfect now. Thank you.

I need the full version one please..

let email me to.My email is baodotrung@gmail.com


kb123 Purchased

email sent..

Hi, I’m interested in buying the full version, you could contact me at: helpdevs@gmail.com, thanks

i need Traffic App Solution/Platform that road users can use to help each other beat traffic by informing them about the traffic conditions, thereby providing others with information with which they can use to make smarter decisions about routes to take.

Hello,Thanks for this great app

I have a problem showing INTERTESTIAL ADS that it will show off the app.

I want to show INTERTESTIAL ADS sweatshops within the app. Can you help me or not.

Thank You


I didn’t receive the update file but i’m apologize if it now improving.

thank you

Bro.sorry i am busy.Tomorrow i will send you update file

ok,thank you

whats difference between MAP_KEY and API_KEY (on powerpoint slide) – are they different for some reason. I only see 1 key on my google account. thank you

It is same now?MAP key is also API key.it is API key in restriction mode, API key is normal key without any restriction

Hi, I need the full version one please..

contact with me via email baodotrung@gmail.com


I am interested too in the full version, but I don’t understand:

what is the difference between codecanyon version and the full version?

And where is the full version available to buy?

Here on Envato is not the full version that can be seen in the screenshots?

let contact with me via email baodotrung@gmail.com